Bitcoin Finally Breaks $50,000

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin finally managed to climb above the $50,000 mark and hold the area on multiple time frames. The token saw an impressive pump of over 10% on Wednesday, as the coin climbed to $52,600.

Bitcoin hit a new two-week high before seeing a slight correction, which is still holding over the vital support line at $50,000. 

Someone Transferred 5 BTC Worth $234,000 To Fake ‘Elon Musk’ Giveaway Wallet

 According to a recent tweet by Whale Alert, someone transferred 5 BTC worth a staggering $234,000 in current market price to a verified scam address pretending to be that of Elon Musk .

Other top businessmen like Richard Branson, Bill Gates have seen their faces used to commit fraudulent activities. Even popular brands have also seen their accounts used to defraud the investing public.

In a June.9 report published by Bleeping Computer, several scammers hacked legitimate YouTube accounts and impersonated as rocket company Space X to defraud victims. The hacked accounts were recreated to look like Elon Musk’s Space X, and the fraudsters hosted Bitcoin giveaways for 80,000 who tuned in. Their effort was rewarded with $150,000 coming into their pockets. 

Musk has told his viewers to be careful whom they send money to in hopes of getting rich. He also said that Twitter was a viable incubator for these scams to grow. 

Nigerian educational system must refocus – Ex-VP Namadi Sambo

According to Namadi Sambo, Nigerian universities must refocus on building of graduates that will create and end poverty among the people and ultimately close the wide social inequality and promote social coefficient in the communities.

“As a nation, we must focus our educational system to one that shifts to prepare our students in different skills set; the one that empowers and creates job, rather for low pay jobs that has no value for nation building in the competitive world.

“We must pay attention on building skilled graduates that can provide jobs not only for themselves, but for others.

“No doubt, Igbinedion University must set the pace for providing value adding education in line with global best practice,” he said.

Sambo linked the prevailing insecurity in the country to the massive job deficit, which he said had translated to the increase in poverty and restiveness among the youth.

He described as apt and timely the theme of the matriculation lecture: “Refocusing Value Driven Education in the Digital Age Through the Lens of Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Global Competitiveness: Lessons for Nigeria”.

He said there was no better time to discuss value driven education in a vast changing world that shifts its focus on skills set demand than now.

“With the disruption in world economy due to COVID-19 pandemic and continuous search for job opportunities across the globe particularly in Africa, our education system must be value driven,” said the erstwhile governor of Kaduna state.

He however commended Igbinedion University for its continuing partnership with renowned actors and global players in the Information and Communication Technology such as CISCO Academy, Microsoft Academy, Mikrotik and Huawei, among others.

This, he said, was in line with the university policies in digital literacy and setting standards by producing change agents and job creators instead of job seekers.

“I am also aware that this university has been adopted by the NUC as a model for a nationwide entrepreneurial skill acquisition programme for Nigerian universities.

“This great effort of this institution deserves the support of all and sundry especially at this critical time that high unemployment rate continuous to pose greater challenges to our existence as a nation.

Sambo urged the new students to make their parents and this great nation proud by dedicating their precious time and effort to study, advising them to take advantage of the conducive settings and standards provided by the institution.

The Guest Speaker, Mr Justice Derefaka, stressed the need for the Nigerian education system to respond to the global change.

Derefaka, the Technical Adviser on Gas Business and Policy Implementation to the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, said that Nigeria was ranked low in graduates with requisite skills, experience and knowledge required by employing industries.

Nigeria, he said, needed to adopt strategies in educational reform to pick race with the accelerated technological changes by closing gaps and infuse a methodology and selection of instructional materials on curriculum for retainer system.

He corroborated the position of the former vice president that Nigerian students must be prepared well for the future in the area of creative thinking on how to create jobs rather than searching for white collar jobs.

Earlier, Prof. Lawrence Ezemonye, the Vice-Chancellor of the premier private university in Nigeria, said that the institution has continued to champion higher education revolution through innovation, entrepreneur and research since its establishment 22 years ago.

Why Nigeria is king of cryptocurrency trading

More cryptocurrency trading goes on in Nigeria than almost anywhere else in the world, reflecting a loss of faith in more traditional forms of investment, as Ijeoma Ndukwe reports.

According to the BBC, Tola Fadugbagbe recalls moving to Lagos from his small south-western town 10 years ago with dreams of brighter prospects.

Instead, the 34-year-old ended up in a series of odd jobs earning the minimum wage to survive – a typical story for many young Nigerians who are just trying to get by.

It was not until 2016 that online adverts for Bitcoin piqued his interest and he began his cryptocurrency journey.

“I started intensive research,” Mr Fadugbagbe told the BBC.

“I was spending hours every day watching videos on YouTube and reading articles about Bitcoin. I didn’t have much money so I started with $100 to $200.”

It was a decision that transformed his life.

At the time that we spoke, Mr Fadugbagbe, who now trades full time and teaches budding investors, said he had cryptocurrency worth more than $200,000 (£140,000) in his possession.

“I’ll soon be moving into my own house, which I’m building. I have a farm – a very big one – courtesy of cryptocurrency,” he laughs gleefully, unencumbered by concerns that he could be inflating an investment bubble that will one day burst.

“No Nigerian comes to cryptocurrency and wants to look back. It’s a big opportunity.”

Success stories like Mr Fadugbagbe’s have attracted millions of Nigerians to digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

A 2020 survey by data platform Statista revealed that 32% of Nigerians are users of cryptocurrencies – the highest proportion of any country in the world.

Benefits of cryptocurrency over physical currencies

Introduction to cryptocurrency

Since the past few years, there has been a buzz regarding digital money, or in other words, cryptocurrency. With the accelerating advancements in technologies, the world can now process transactions in a currency which can’t be seen or touched. It has no physical existing like bonds or cash money. This virtual currency is maintained on a series of computers distributed all around the world.

Cryptocurrency can be considered as the future of the financing industry. Unlike national currencies which are controlled by a centralized body, crypto is decentralized. This means there is no regulatory or government body that can put restrictions on the currency transactions or manipulate the crypto. This absence of limitation has proven to be a boon for many investors and traders.

Every transaction related to this virtual currency is managed over the popular blockchain technology. It’s a digital ledger which is managed and updated by a peer-to-peer network distributed across the world. This has been done to bring every crypto user at the same level such that no political or social conflict can arise.

How cryptocurrency is more beneficial than physical currencies?

Even when the use of cryptocurrencies has become prominent, its knowledge is still an obscure subject to many. With rumors flying in the air, it might be difficult for one to understand the efficacy and practicality of the crypto. For this reason, we have discussed here a few perks of the cryptocurrency and how it is different from the traditional money.

  • The transactional records of traditional currency are visible to the prying. This can expose you to the hackers, which is the main reason behind identity theft. However, every transaction regarding cryptocurrency is unique and occurs between two parties. The details are not disclosed, which will help you to avoid any form of cybercrime.
  • There is no middle man involved in crypto transactions. In the market, it is the buyers who directly deal with the sellers without any involvement. This makes the cryptocurrency transactions faster and more reliable. Also, the absence of a broker or a middleman has reduced the transaction fees to a great limit.
  • The crypto trade market is spread over the entire world. Exchanging physical currencies has lots of ups and downs. However, cryptocurrency trading is easier, lucid, and far smoother with platforms like the crypto engine app. With the help of the blockchain, international transactions can be easily made with no restrictions.
    Bitcoin- the life source of cryptocurrency Introduced in 2008, Bitcoin is considered to be the lifeline of crypto market even after a decade. It is the largest traded cryptocurrency in the whole world. As of 2021, the total number of existing bitcoin in the blockchain ledger is approximately 18, 630, 000, thereby taking up almost 40% of the global financial market.

    Even though the knowledge about the formation of bitcoin is still in the dark, this hasn’t deterred the traders and investors to make transactions with this particular virtual money. Like all other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is also a decentralized currency whose balance is managed through a peer-to-peer network on the blockchain.

    Pros and cons of bitcoin


  • Bitcoin has a high level of liquidity, which helps the traders convert their cash money or assets into this currency with no hassle.
  • As bitcoin is not subjected to any rule set by centralized authorities, your currency will never lose value.
  • Bitcoin still being a new currency is highly volatile. This is what attracts the traders mostly, giving them more opportunities for making money.
  • No verification or document history is needed to open the bitcoin wallet and trade the currency.
  • Not every crypto trading platform will accept the bitcoin.
  • With trading solely in bitcoin, you are losing opportunities to make money by dealing in other cryptocurrencies.

Popular cryptocurrencies in 2021

Yes, bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency even in 2021 and it has the largest volume in terms of the blockchain transactions. But, this doesn’t mean you cannot try knowing and dealing with other cryptocurrencies. So far, more than two thousand cryptocurrencies have been introduced to the world.

On this account, it’s your duty to learn more about the cryptocurrencies. This way you will never miss any opportunity of making profitable trade deals.


Etherum was introduced in 2015 as an open-source software platform. It facilitated the development of DApps and SmartContracts. Etherum has its own cryptocurrency, also known as ether, which allows the traders to initiate transactions without any fear of security or limitation. Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world after bitcoin.


Consider a coin and put Etherum on one side. If this is the case, the other side is Cardano. It was developed by an expert team of cryptographers and coders, one of them being Charles Hokinson. Cardano has its own blockchain which was launched after hundreds of experimentation and research works. This is what sets Cardano apart from other cryptocurrencies and that also in a positive way.


Introduced by Charlie Lee, this open-source, decentralized network distributed all across the globe. Litecoin is similar to bitcoins on many levels, and that’s why most bitcoin traders also deal with litecoin. Just like the name suggests, LTC transactions are super fast as it has impeccable block generate speed. Thanks to the market cap value of around $10 billion in 2021, LTC is considered to be the sixth largest cryptocurrency.


Stellar was first launched as an institutional blockchain which several enterprises to make large and sumptuous transactions easily. It offered a fast and reliable software interface where cryptocurrencies can be traded within minutes. It’s official currency is named as Lumens or XLM. With an approximated market cap value of $6 billion, Stellar is now one of the most used open-source platforms for both individual and enterprise crypto traders.


With zero inflation rates and higher level of encryption, cryptocurrency has become the face of future global market. it is offering traders ample number of opportunities to make profits from digital currency trades. With now several thousand currencies available, one will have lots of options for trading swiftly without any hassle.

7 Reasons Nigerians Trade Bitcoins the Most?

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin are the future of the new generation. This rapidly increasing cryptocurrency is swiftly making its way through Nigerians. At present, Nigeria is the world’s fastest-growing bitcoin market. Researchers believe that Nigeria is going to be the country with most trading in bitcoin. It is intriguing why Nigerians have shown such huge support for it.

Depreciating Currency

Naira, the national currency of Nigerians, is facing depreciation which is leading their economy to a downfall. It is believed that Naira will continue losing its certainty in the future as well which is why it has lost its worth in the eyes of Nigerians.

Thus, bitcoin proved to be a savior for the people who were falling into the pit of poverty. One of the users of bitcoin in Nigeria says, ‘Crypto is a way for Nigerian youth to overcome poverty.’ People trade Bitcoin to make a living.

Dodging the Government

There is a ban on trade with China in Nigeria so people take the help of bitcoin to dodge these trade restrictions. Smooth and easy exchange of money can take place anywhere through cryptocurrency.

Lately, in October, Nigerians faced police brutality at a protest. The backbone of the protest was the enormous funding from its support. Thus, the government immediately placed a ban on protesters from using local payment. Bitcoin proved its worth at this point as people ultimately shifted to use it as currency for funds.


Platforms which provide the transactions for bitcoins have a ‘moving peer-to-peer’ policy. Thus, these are decentralized so it allows senders and buyers to connect directly. Bitcoin platforms allow users to have a smooth transaction without the interference of intermediaries. It implies that even if your bank shuts down your account, they have no control over your bitcoin platforms.

International Restrictions

Apart from the restrictions imposed by their government, Nigerians also face immense restrictions internationally. PayPal, a world-famous platform for the international transfer of money is not open for Nigerians.

Not only this, the local banks also make international trade difficult for Nigerians by imposing high fees on it. Dollar deficiency places a leading role in international restrictions for the inhabitants of Nigeria. In such times, the is the only way for them to overcome these restrictions. The more the restrictions grow, the more people shift towards bitcoins in future as well.

Ease of Use

The liquidity of bitcoin in Nigeria is also due to its ease of use. As time is going by, people are becoming more aware of this cryptocurrency. You can make payments or online purchases through the transfer of bitcoins online. Thus, you can use the bitcoin mastery app anytime and anywhere on your computers as well as smartphones.


Bitcoin purchases through third party apps allow the user a certain level of discretion as compared to other currency purchases. Adding to it, the bitcoin address changes with each transaction. Thus, this increase in the level of privacy led Nigerians to have a bend towards bitcoin.


Trading is secure with bitcoin which is a prominent reason for its rapid growth in Nigeria. The complete control over transactions and no hidden charges have made Nigerians rely on it for buying and selling.

If a seller wants to add some toll or extra charges to the buyers, it cannot be done without the consent of the latter. Thus, it is an open and shut trade securing the rights of both parties involved.


As the above-mentioned reasons indicate, Bitcoin is an ever-growing market in Nigeria. Since 2017, a 17% increase in bitcoin trade has been observed. Researchers also indicate that 2020 was the most powerful year of bitcoin in Nigeria as the highest volume of 20,504.50 was recorded in it.

Bitcoin: Elon Musk’s profile update sends the crypto on a short bull run

It was suggested that a new profile of Elon Musk that spotted the bitcoin hashtag is responsible for the latest bull run in the price of the largest cryptocurrency in the world.

The price of Bitcoin on Friday 29/1/21 morning jumped to over $37,000, about 10.2 percent rise in less than an hour following the profile update. The World’s richest man and CEO of Tesla is followed by 43.8 million Twitter users. He also has a growing reputation for making market-moving comments on the site.

It was also Musk’s tweet “Gamestonk” along with a link to the Reddit Wallstreetbets stock trading discussion group tweet on Tuesday that set off the retail trading frenzy for GameStop Corp which saw its share price surge by 50 percent.

The price of bitcoin has risen by over 300 percent last year, as some of the world’s biggest corporations sought exposure to cryptocurrency. The price hit an all-time high of $42,000 last in recent weeks.

The Musk may be short-lived as the price of bitcoin has since retreated to $36,663.

Broda Shaggi, Mr Macaroni others top list of digital content creators

Africa Polling Institute (API),  a research institute based in Abuja has listed popular comedians Broda Shaggi, Mark Angel Comedy, Mr Macaroni, and Taaooma as Nigeria’s top skit comedians and digital content creators.

Lasisi Elenu, MC Casino, Nedu Mallam Musa, Woli Agba, Omo Ibadan and Bosho also made the top ten list.

The Executive Director of the institute, Bell Chua, who disclosed this while addressing newsmen in Abuja, said that the findings were derived from a survey that sampled opinions of no fewer than 1,521 Nigerians.

According to him, the survey which was conducted between October and November 2020, was done using a stratified random sampling technique in selecting the respondents.

He added that the report, titled “Skit Economy: An Assessment of Digital Content Creators in Nigeria”, sought the views of Nigerians regarding the rise of comedy skits, their viewership, and who they considered their top skit comedians in the country.

The executive director noted that the study represented a novel attempt to understand ‘a seemingly under-research space’, which had so far contributed to the economic growth of the nation and the mental wellbeing of citizens.

“From the study, we found out that 67 per cent of Nigerians say they watch comedy skits, with 45 per cent saying they watch them once in a while and 29 per cent a few times a week.

“65 per cent of Nigerians consider comedy skits funny and entertaining, while 20 per cent consider them quite informative.

“An average of 88 per cent of Nigerians agree that comedy skits are useful in creating awareness on social trends, correcting societal ills, and creating job opportunities,” he said.

Mr Ihua added that the study also sampled the views of some skit comedians and producers. He said the findings revealed that the lack of financial assistance from the government and private sector were identified as key issues bedevilling the growth of the sector.

According to him, other factors include; high cost of production, poor electricity, and excessive taxes on social media platforms.

“Skit comedians, however, urge the government and private sector to support them, in order for Nigeria to reap the benefits of showcasing the country’s talents, as well as alleviating poverty through the creation of wealth and jobs,” he said.

11 businesses to consider in 2021

1. Car dealerships.  Have you noticed the number of shiny cars with clean tires on the road?  Either people are taking good care of their cars or they are getting new ones.  Previously owned cars look as good as new.  Car dealerships make money from selling new cars.  They sell used cars too and perform scheduled maintenance.  There’s big money in the latter two.

2. Pharmacies, medical diagnostic labs and family physicians.  All three are doing Covid-19 testing.  As the vaccines are made available to millions of Americans, isn’t it logical the places providing flu shots and COVID-19 testing will be administering millions of vaccine doses?

3. Stores selling exercise equipment.  Gyms have been open, closed and then reopened during different phases of the pandemic.  High tech exercise alternatives like Peloton and the Mirror have appeared.  Many people have wanted low tech, affordable alternatives.  Try buying dumbbells in your local area.  They are likely sold out.

4. Producers and sellers of PPE.  Masks and gloves were in short supply early in the pandemic.  Now they are widely available. There’s been lots of talk about how these essential items should be made in America.  Who makes and sells them in your area?

5. Printers.  Masks were in short supply.  Suddenly they were everywhere.  Your local printer can even produce logoed versions advertising your business.  There’s an idea that can catch on.  Someone needs to produce all those “Masks required to enter” signs and “socially distance” adhesive floor signs.

6. Shipping stores.  Shoppers can’t shop in malls when stores are closed.  Many people are apprehensive about returning to malls.  They might get other people’s germs.  Businesses can still fulfill your order, but they need to get the product to you.  Shipping seems the logical solution.

7. Online sales.  Some businesses have gotten into online shopping better than others.  It’s impractical for a company like IKEA, making heavy items.  It’s more practical for local businesses whose products can fit into a box.  Who comes to mind in your local market?

8. Food preparation services.  Many people don’t like to cook.  When restaurants are closed, some order takeout.  Others visit supermarkets and upscale delis offering prepared food in metal trays you reheat at home.  Who looks like their parking lot is filled on a Friday evening?

9. Liquor stores.  Yes, we were drinking more during the pandemic.  Alcohol sales are a regulated business, yet they do great volume, especially now.  Many are independently owned.

10. Jewelers.  The people who have everything can’t travel overseas until borders reopen, and they can’t go to expensive restaurants because they  are closed.  One of the next best ways to surprise a spouse is to buy them a new watch or a wonderful piece of jewelry.  Many jewelry stores are independently owned.

11. Auction houses.  There should be one or two in your area.  It’s a good business: You hold no inventory.  You earn commissions on the buy side and the sell side.  Your income rises with inflation.  The capability to include online bidding opens the sale up to the world.  They are usually independently owned.

Albert Einstein has been credited with saying: “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.”  You need to look around for the possibilities.

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5 Indian Card Games to Earn Money

There are various mobile applications and websites that can house single as well as multi-player game for a fun-filled experience. These card game apps and website not only provide a source of entertainment, but a quick and exciting way to earn money as you play. These Indian card games online are licensed and safe to play on. Card games for two or a multi-player game can be your festival gala time with friends and family.  So here are top 5 card games online with which you can enjoy and earn money as well:

3 Patti
Quite possibly the most well-known games in the gambling club world is Poker. People from all around the globe especially in India love to play it. There is a pot put in the centre and players need to wager into it. The winner gets the pot. There are numerous tips and tricks to win poker. Essentially, Poker is of two kinds. Both have similar principles and systems and there are not many rules to keep in mind or Poker. Some of them include you to have five cards of a similar set, yet not all-in groups, this is called a flush. For Example, 10, 7, 6 and 2 clubs.

Another key rule to remember while playing poker is the Straight Flush. It is One of the most elevated potential hands in online poker. A straight flush comprises of five cards of a similar group in a grouping for example 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 of hearts and the highest positioning flush is A, K, Q, J and 10 of one suit. This is known as a straight flush or a regal flush.

A Full House is comprised of a three of a sort and a couple. For instance, three 8s and two 4s or three experts and two 6s.

Who is the Best Test Batsman?

  •  Virat Kohli
  •  Steve Smith
  •  Kane Williamson

It can be said that Rummy is one of the most famous and the nation’s favourite that tests the analytical and numerical aptitudes of the players. It requires a 52-card deck played amongst a group in addition to a Jokers for every deck. An extra deck is then brought into play if there are multiple players (up to 6). The cards in the game are simultaneously picked and discarded that allows players to make sets and groupings from the cards that come during every money play games

The basic rules of the Indian rummy include a game with 13 cards. At least one deck is required between 2 players and the deck can be increased depending on the number of players participation gin it. Each player is required to draw a card from an open or a closed card deck and then discard one to the closed card deck. To win the game, a player needs to form sets of one pure sequence and one impure sequence.

Poker is one of the most loved game by the country. The projected value is of the player and the opponent’s hand placement. It requires taking a calculated risk, identifying what the next move of the opponent can be and also luck. This game is not only exciting but requires your mind to make strategies to win. This might require more than the fun segment but concentration, critical thinking, and game win money

Online poker might look easy but it still is a tough nut to crack! Each player has given 2 cards faced down which they then have to use with a bunch of 5 community cards in order to form a pattern known as the best 5 poker hands. There are almost 4 rounds of betting that a player can use to put their chips down.

3-2-5 or Teen Do Paanch is a game that is extremely well known in India and its neighbouring countries. Common amongst all the age groups, this game uses a 30-card deck which can be made by eliminating cards of denominations groups from the standard deck. This altered deck utilized would accordingly incorporate all Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10’s, 9’s and 8’s. Also, the Seven of Spades and Seven of Hearts are added to the deck.

There are each of the 10 moves that need to be played, the players at that point decide whether they figured out how to succeed at least the same number of moves as needed under the standards for the game (three, two or five).

Very fun and easy game, Satte-pe-Satta requires you to get rid of all the cards that you have as soon as possible. With no definite rules or points to remember, this game is a fun activity which can be played with people of all age groups and can still be a lot of fun. Some ground rules require the players to discard all the cards but in a pattern. A standard 52 cards deck is used to play this game and it can be played amongst 3-8 players.

A person is initially chosen as the dealer for a particular round who then distributes cards in an unbiased manner. The first player that has the 7 hearts begin by keeping his card upside down on the table. The person getting rid of all his cards is declared the winner and the other player(s) left have the negative points equivalent to the number of cards left with them at the end of every match.

Final Thoughts! Promising quality time and monetary benefits as well, playing the card games online has been gaining popularity at a much higher rate than before. Not just as a leisure time, but these card games have deep-rooted in the culture. Available at every device, the best card games are now as easy to play as a snap of your finger from the comfort of your home!

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