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How to make money: Entrepreneur and YouTuber Bushra Iqbal success story


She was just 10 years old when her father passed away and she had to face hard time in the early age. She was very hardworking and talented as well but lack of resources was real impediment in her journey. It was her hobby to do research about the natural ingredients and herbs and therefore she started a YouTube channel named ‘Home Remedies’ to share her knowledge with the people through this platform. She invested too much from her pocket in this YouTube channel for two years but still remained unsuccessful. One day, a friend suggested her to start her own brand as she has too much knowledge about home remedies and ingredients.

Then, she decided to establish her own page named IQ. It was named after her father IQBAL. She launched her own first product Hair Serum after thorough research. It was the time when no other brand was selling such a product but today many other brands are also selling it after the success of hair serum. Bushra struggled day and night to make her brand successful that she named after her father. Her hard work paid off and today she has 35 products with 100 % positive feedback and 83.5K Instagram followers. She has also participated in many TV morning shows including ARY, Hum Masala TV and TV One.

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