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Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) Net Worth


Osita Iheme is also another actor with a diminutive figure. He was partly introduced into Nollywood by Aki, and they acted alongside, where he played the role of “Pawpaw”. He hails also from the east of Nigeria and has a bachelor’s degree. He also has a foundation that inspires budding talents and has starred a lot of movies. He was also honored with the MFR honour by the then President of Nigeria, in 2011.


No matter how the appearance is, Osita Iheme conquers the film industry

Osita Iheme cars

He is rich and has quite a number of cars ranging from Toyota brand to Land Rover. Let’s summarise his car collection as follow:

  • Land Rover LR3, worth 25 million
  • Toyota Harrier, worth 50 million
  • Honda NSX sports car, worth 58 million

Osita Iheme had a lot of cars and buildings in the east of Nigeria

Osita Iheme house & other properties

The actor really knows how to enjoy his life when he spent around 100 million naira to complete his house design. Inside his mansion is luxury furniture acquired from overseas.

Besides the cash flow from the movie industry, Osita also makes money from the hotel business. He is reported to invest a lot of money into real estate as well as construct hotels to generate more profits.


A glance at one of Osita Iheme’s hotels

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