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Phyno’s Net Worth 2021


Born 1986 in Enugu by parents that were natives of Anambra, his passion for music just like many other musicians started at a tender age. Although he had the dreams of becoming a pilot instead of flying and navigating airplanes, phyno ended up as a pilot of music, He acquired a degree in public administration from the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Enugu.

The decision to go by the stage name “Phyno” was established as one of his folks threw compliments(phenomenon) at him following his performance, he then loved the name and decided to go with the “Phyno” from the “Phenomenon”.

The singer has released a couple of hit songs from ghost mode to Alobam and many others. The singer has also featured many top Nigeria artists like M.I, Ill-bliss, Timaya, and p-square. Phyno Fino has not looked back ever since he started his musical career; he has continued to release hit singles. And as a result, his net worth keeps getting bigger. The singer has also received awards for different categories some of these are;

Phyno Awards

  • City People Entertainment Awards where he won the 2014 award for the best rap artist of the year
  • Channel O Music Video Award
  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2013 – where his song that featured Olamide Ghost mode
  • Nigeria Music Video Awards
  • Headies 2013 – He won the best rap single rap single man of the year and parcel respectively.

Phyno Endorsements

Celebrities do quite a lot more than just acting and singing, some go into becoming ambassadors for a brand, just like other artists, phyno also has a couple of endorsement deals with some of the big fish in the ocean. These endorsements are a major wealth builder for these artists. Phyno has secured endorsement deals with Nairabet, Nigeria breweries, and Airtel Telecommunications, and some more.

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Phyno’s Car Collection 2020

The Bentley Continental GT


Phyno has always had eyes for British car brands. This is the newest of his car collection, not only is the car cute, it is also luxurious and a car with class. If it’s luxury you want, a Bentley gives it to you and so much more. The speed of a Bentley is nonnegotiable, no wonder it was recently named the fastest ice running car.  Some of its features include,

  • A Sense Of Speed And Presence

The sense of speed of a Bentley is one that can be described as on- point. Now let’s talk about the car’s presence; a preprogrammed exterior lightening sequence welcomes you on on-boarding the car. This lighting can be configured to your lighting mood.

The Bentley Continental GT
  • Innovative All New Performance

Bentley is a description of great innovation, it features a 6.0-liter w2 engine and a dual-clutch transmission of 8-speed, even with the high fuel consumption. It isn’t something to worry about as phyno is up and more than one that would worry about the fuel consumption of his car.

  • Variable Displacement Technology

This is a technology that allows one entire bank of cylinders to disengage at gentle throttle openings, reducing the number in operation to six and optimizing fuel consumption accordingly, without the driver even noticing.

  • Great interior and interior dimensions
  • Effortlessly Efficient

Phyno’s love for luxury is seen in his car choices. Other cars owned by Phyno are

Rolls-Royce Phantom


Toyota Avalon

phyno-house- Toyota Avalon

Range Rover

phyno-house- Range Rover

The prices of these cars cost quite a lot. Phyno also maintains a sexy body with charming 6 – packs

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Phyno’s Net Worth 2020

It’s no doubt that Phyno is the most influential indigenous artist and has made a name, acquired wealth, and a reputation for himself. Although, he made it to the list of our top 11 richest musicians in Nigeria. He has a net worth of about ₦4 Billion

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