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YSL Just Launched A $299 Lipstick Pod


This lipstick pod was designed to help users create a custom lipstick shade in the color that they want. This is done by combining three different lipstick color pods that will squirt out the solution at the top, which when combined should result in the color that you’ve chosen. The gadget is accompanied by a smartphone app (for both iOS and Android) in which users can use to select the shade that they want.

It was designed in a way that users can upload photos to the app and the app will then help users choose a shade that will complement the outfit. It also has social features that will show what other users are using and will also show trends from so-called “YSL experts”. The pod will charge via USB-C and the company claims it will last for up to a week with a single charge.

The cost of the lipstic pod is $299, and will come with two sets of colors. Additional colors and refills will be sold at $100 separately and are verified through RFID. It is pretty expensive as far as lipstick is concerned, but if this could save you from having to go through a trial and error process, it might be a good deal.

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