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Richest players in premier


Below is the list of 10 richest player in the premier league

10. David De Gea

Lowest on our richest list is Manchester United’s goalkeeper. Yet do not pity him, the Spanish international has been playing in England since 2011. During that time the current world’s best ‘stopper’ made most of his £18m net worth.

And he is due to sign a new contract with the Red Devils which could see him earn £350,000-a-week. Not bad at all.

9. Daniel Sturridge

A figure of ridicule, unfairly, due to his constant injuries. No one is laughing now, apart from him; yep, all the way to the bank. Although, now I have seen him on this list I feel mildly envious.

An expertly talented and underrated deft-finisher. This former England forward’s total net worth is up £3m this year to £19m. So Mr Sturridge, get down the gym as soon as you can, mate!

8. Alexis Sanchez

Recently moving to United from Arsenal has boosted the eighth placed entrant. According to the Mirror he now amasses a mind-boggling £500,000-a-week.

In his bank account is £21m, up £5m thanks partly to his United bonuses. Surely he will be out to prove he is money well spent next campaign.

7. Willian

Chelsea winger Willian is becoming a real favourite in the elite English league. 2018 net worth for the Brazilian is £23m, this is an annual rise of £4m.

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While he isn’t the most appreciated of Chelsea players, he’s certainly a reliant player. He has bad spells but more often than not, he’s coming up with the goods from wide positions.

6. Juan Mata

This Spaniard is universally admired on and off the pitch. However, many may not be aware of his savvy business sense, Mata owns restaurants and more including lucrative sponsors. Known for his smile and bubbly personality, he’s a lot more business-orientated than people would imagine.

5. Paul Pogba

Flamboyant Frenchman sees finances fly. Yes, there could not be a list in Premier League football without mentioning the enigmatic midfielder. Even with monumental amounts spent on hair-dye, he is included.

The France midfielder is worth £25m, he has made £10m this year. An estimated £290,000-a-week is sure to keep his cash-pile increasing.

4. Theo Walcott

Former Arsenal and England winger Theo Walcott is a slightly surprising inclusion. He has not become poor since he left London for Merseyside.

During his time with Arsenal he made about £24m, adding roughly £2m from Everton recently. Signing for the Gunners in 2006, the 29-year-old has been making millions a year, for 10 years.

3. Mesut Ozil

German international Ozil is a good negotiator. Not a particular quick one; yet he got his £350,000 salary in the end.

Winning the World Cup is the 27-year-old’s standout CV moment, naturally. It is also significant in advertising, sponsorship and wage terms. In his time as a ‘top-pro’, Ozil has made £28m.

2. Eden Hazard

Belgian starlet Hazard may not be at Stamford Bridge next season. Chelsea have failed to guarantee Champions League football for 2018/19. While he has been there though, he has amassed a fortune of £32m.

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I expect Real Madrid to offer him an extra £100,000 improvement on his already quarter-of-a-million weekly haul.

1. Sergio Aguero

The richest player in the Premier League is the Argentinian goalscorer-extraordinaire. A whopping £48m saw him clinch top-spot.

Announcing his departure from Manchester City in 2020 won’t stop his earning capacity due to his training ethic. Moving back to Argentina will consequently earn him rather less than the lucrative China.

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