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Igho Sanomi’s net worth


Igho Sanomi (full name: Igho Charles Sanomi) breaks into the list of the richest men in Nigeria this year, being the first new face among the total of 6 persons who make the list after missing the previous-year list.

The Agbor billionaire was born to a Catholic root, being the fifth child and also the first son of his father Dickens Sanomi and mother Mabel Iyaho Sanomi.

He is most known as not only a successful entrepreneur but also a philanthropist. public speaker, and geologist. For this, his business interests span over various fields such as oil, real estate, aviation, maritime industry, telecommunications, logistics, and power.


Picture of Igho Sanomi

Igho Sanomi’s background and launch to success

He was born to a well-educated father and mother with his father being a retired Assistant Inspector General of police in the Nigeria Police Force while his mother a former nurse and a yeye jemo of the Isotun Ijesha kingdom. Nurtured in such an environment, Iho Charles Sanomi II got a place in the University of Jos, Plateau State, and complete his education here with a bachelor’s degree.

After his years of accumulating experience and fame in the field, Sanomi joined Cosmos oil as an executive director who initiated many innovative ideas for the company to thrive. The soaring success urged him to found Taleveras Group in 2004 and then bought Agam Power in 2013, which are his most noticeable acts in the business.

Igho Sanomi’s net worth

As of May 2020, Igho Sanomi is of $1 billion net worth thanks to years of dedication to the oil field as well as others of his ventures. The whopping amount allows him to live in luxury.

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Igho Sanomi’s private jet

Igho Sanomi does not reveal much about his properties, information of his cars is still far-reaching. However, there was a huge scandal back in April last year when he was involved in a lawsuit claiming his debt to the Swiss bank, which forced him to forfeit his private jet to the bank.


Though tied to certain debts, his net worth is just huge

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