5 profitable businesses you can start with N10,000 that will give you constant money monthly

Do you want to start a business whose value does not exceed N10 000? Want a little starting opportunity from N10.000? This article will show you a substantial job, you can start from N10,000 and earn when performance is good. The companies mentioned here are convinced that they have made good money.

Today, billions of dollars of funds started with pocket money and are now popular all over the world. Now you can start small and grow. Any investment below N10,000 is called a “fourth small business”. Please read this article carefully to show companies that can start with N10.000.

The following is a list of business ideas smaller than N10,000:

(1) Livestock

Raising snails is a profitable business, and the starting price can be up to 10,000 NON. This job gives people the opportunity to make money at any time. Snail beef is the largest meat on the market. Tomorrow you can start your own family business with less money.

Detailed instructions for creating an N10,000 snail farm with a budget:

One species. Environment: Find a suitable place to grow snails. Nature should avoid odors and not become too dry due to snails.

b. Best Practice: Your work plan determines how your business operates, how your budget is spent, and lets you know how successful the snail farm is.

C. Choose the right soil: Choose the right soil for the snail, even if you lose eggs, you need to lay the right snail. Avoid excessive moisture in the soil. For example, the soil must be suitable. It must not be too dry or diluted with water.

d. Build an altar: You can now choose to decorate the house. The pencil is made with ribbon. The most important thing is to keep snails away from reptiles, insects, etc. As the protection of the enemy and the enemy. You can use coated wires or just do it.

e. Buy snails: You can buy snails at a price of N10,000. Buy directly from the farm or retailer. However, you can choose snails in the wild or in the woods. Snails eat papaya, pineapple, etc. Shrubs can be removed to bear fruit. This usually happens at night.

The advantage of snails is that they need less money.

(2) Blog

Creating a blog isn’t hard, but people can make millions of dollars with less money. What does it mean to be a good blogger and make money? Here:

One species. Learn more about the technologies available on the blog (pot, pot). Learn more about blogs, attend courses and run them under the guidance of an instructor.

b. Choose the right temperature – don’t try to imitate others. Choose the right temperature and eventually use it. The biggest mistake an ignorant blogger may make is adopting a better blogger.

C. Create your own blog: Have a webmaster or programmer lead / distribute the work. You only need N10,000 to have a challenging blog. Or, if you have experience, you can design and prepare your own model.

d. Write content: Your text should be original and should solve people’s problems. Avoid copying and pasting. Make your article important to readers.

Blogging is one of the most important ways to make money online. This is not a quick fix, but it should be a long-term investment project.

3. Ice cream business

It is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Before selling ice cream, you need to understand the tools, equipment, and methods of making ice cream. There are many factors to consider when opening a small ice cream shop.

What tools and equipment are needed to make ice cream?

You will need the following tools and equipment:

One species. Batara

b. smell

C. Sugar

d. Spoon

e. to think

F. Teapot

G. Column (size)

H. Fresh milk

Learn more about ice cream, invest and grow your ice cream business and make money.

(4) Self-employed

In today’s world, there are many opportunities to write both online and offline. Demand for these services is growing. You only need less than N10,000 to become a great freelance writer.

This is an important step in getting a life or part-time job. You don’t have to be a freelancer, but you do have to have writing skills to consider hiring. If you are interested in good writing and do not have writing skills, you can learn to write. You see independence not only as writing, but also as a great promise.