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Facebook Money! How To Make Endless Money on Facebook


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Earn Money Online By Facebook Page
  • Earn Money by Selling Product on Facebook
  • Earn Money by Becoming Freelance Facebook Marketer
  • Become Facebook Influencer
  • Make Money Online Via Facebook Apps
  • Refer a Friend Bonus
  • Challenges/ Contests
  • Make Money Online by Selling Facebook Account
  • Make Money Online From Facebook Group
  • Sell Likes and Shares on Facebook
  • Earn Money via Facebook Ads
  • Crowdfunding
  • Get a new Line of work on Facebook
  • Buy Facebook stocks


Many people will jump at the opportunity if they see a sure way to make money from Facebook. Almost everyone has Facebook account and are using it for fun and entertainment. Therefore, they will be very happy to know and see a way or ways to make money from their Facebook profile, page or group account.

But is it possible to make money from Facebook? Yes, you can. You just need to know the various means through which you can do so and master just one or two out of them.

This book will expose you to various means of making money from Facebook. After reading it, am sure you will be able to pick one or two that you like and then use it to generate your endless income from Facebook. MILLIONS of people are using Facebook to earn a living online, why can’t you?

This book is a must BUY/READ for everyone with a Facebook account be it profile, page or group.

Earn Money Online By Facebook Page

There is enormous potential on Facebook to gain cash as much as could reasonably be expected.

So as to acquire cash online from a Facebook page, first and for most, you have to create a Facebook page and follow the beneath steps to begin earning money online from your Facebook page.

The most effective method to Make Money Online from Facebook Page

Step – 1: Find a Targeted Niche

You need to ensure from the first day that you are on it to gain cash from the Facebook page. To do so you should create a targeted niche that can possibly generate money. When you know that you can make money from it or that people love that niche then increase your enthusiasm and work rate of creating contents to that page.

For instance, you can consider creating Affiliate product showcasing page that will generate an attractive commission from sites like amazon, ebay, aliexpress and other online platforms that offer affiliate program.

Bringing in cash from Facebook is certifiably not a present moment or overnight work. It is likewise vital that you should have fundamental information on the field you are picking so you can compose something motivating and rouse your fan to like and offer your Facebook page and your substance.

Step – 2: Publish Inspiring Content on Facebook Page

After the creating your page, what you need to do next is to start creating meaningful and engaging contents that people will love and respond to. The substance you are sharing must be motivating, so that people visiting your page can watch, read and share the contents you are offering to them. The more vyour page fans and visitors are sharing your contents, the more money you could make from the page especially if the content shared is directly linked to making money.

It is realized that the Facebook page has less organic reach, so if you are not steady on posting valuable contents on the page, people will overlook your Facebook page.

It is important to ensure you have quite number of scheduled contents. On the chance that you are not accessible for quite a while ensure you scheduled some posts for that timeframe so that your Facebook page will be running. Just like any other thing and business in life, your facebook page need to be running and fresh with new contents so that your fans will like to be checking it for new contents.

There are some incredible platforms/tools (Buffer, HootSuite, and so forth) accessible online you can use to plan/scheduled your  Facebook posts and other web-based media posts as well.

Step – 3: Build Connections

If you are in marketing, you must understand that building relationships is vital. With these connections, you can get companies and other online brands and marketers that will offer you sponsored posts & collaborative promotions. With sponsor post, you get paid to write a post about any brand and share it on your FB page.

There are other ways, you can earn money online by sharing other brands’ links on your Facebook page. What you need is to keep creating connections and links with brands that need you’re your service.

Step – 4: Earn More Money Online

If you have many followers and fans on your Facebook page, you can surely make money by placing affiliate links on your posts. Some examples of profitable affiliate advertising platforms are amazon, CJ, Clickbank, Shareasale, and so on.

Why Need A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page simply mean a profile designed for business, organisation, group or band rather than for individuals. Facebook fan page is built on ‘likes’ and ‘share’. when a visitor like or share a link or post, all of their friends will see it through their news feed. This help a business to be better expose to a much bigger and larger online community. Other benefits include:

Unlimited fans

In facebook fan page, you don’t accept people as friend rather they ‘ like’ your page and this make them to systematically subscribe to all your updated posts. The people that like your page are called your ‘ fans’ not your  ‘ friends’ as in facebook profile account. One of the advantages of facebook fan page over profile account is that you can have unlimIted number of fans unlike the personal/profile account which you are limited to 5000 friends.


Unlike the personal account where people have access to your profile. Facebook fan page is safe because your personal profile is not available or accessible to externals.

As a marketing medium

Facebook is simply good to get your business or product in front of millions of people within a short period of time with less or zero advertising cost. When you post contents and your fans like it, this will get to their wall and will be seen by all their friends and their friends can also like it and share it with their friends and the process continue like that. This may lead to a massive traffic and awareness to the product or business you are marketing.

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Indexed by search engines

Search engine are online platform such as,, and that we use to search for information on the internet. I know people think that it is only blogs or websites that are index by search engine but i can authoritatively inform you that fan pages are also indexed by search engines. Though, to take advantage of this indexing, your page must be regularly visited with large/massive number of fans.

It can perform multiple tasks

Facebook fan page can also performed some functions performed by websites and blogs in the sense that you can post and link to other sites including videos. You can also put the link to your affiliate market products or link to your blog or sales page to drive massive traffic to your business. It can also serve as a medium to interact and entertain your fans as well as passing some important information which are not business like. Politicians and those that need people’s support can use it as a propaganda medium.

Drive traffic to your website or blogYou can drive unlimited traffic from your facebook page to your website or blog by linking to your website or blog from your business fan page. Write articles or contents and put the link to your site at the bottom or ask them to follow the link in order to finish the reading of the content. You can also input a facebook widget on your website or blog to link to your facebook fan page.

To meet up with or beat the competitors

Many of your rivals are now creating and building a market through facebook fan page. Your rivals are not fools, they quite know what they are gaining from facebook fan page and their target for the future. It is better you join the trend earlier as catching up with them will difficult if not impossible.

It is absolutely free

Though fan pages perform some functions similar to blog and website but it is free, easy to set up, simple to use and maintain. It is free in the sense that unlike blogs or websites where you pay to get your domain name, you don’t have to pay to get your domain or URL name e.g it is simple to set up because you don’t need to have all those technical skill in HTML or Java to set up or design your page as this has already been customized for users. It is simple to maintain because you don’t have to pay for your domain hosting unlike in blog or website where one of the least fee you can get for hosting is 4 dollars per year if am right. Google host for free if you buy your domain name from them, though.

13 Ways You Can Make Money With Your Facebook Fan Page

This should be a good news to all Facebook subscribers. Almost everybody online has facebook account with huge friends. Most Facebook subscribers spent more time on their facebook page than other aspect of their life. Some people often post everything about their life on facebook. For such subscribers and others, making money with facebook account will be interesting and helpful. Though, you can still make money from your facebook profile account but it is better to create a facebook fan page and thus have access to unlimited ways of making money through facebook. This topic have bothered me for so long and am happy to come up with the following ways of making money with facebook fan page.

Cafe press

It helps you to sell t-shirts, hats and other customizable items for free on your facebook fan page. It help you to create as well as sell products created by others on your facebook page

Garage sale

Unlike other applications. Garage sale works with your profile page. What you have to do is to add garage sale to your profile page and list all items you wish to sell. Garage sale serves as intermediary by automatically billing the buyer’s, then inform you on when you have to ship the item bought. The only bill is the 5 percentage commission on the sales price.


This allows you to make money on your facebook page through 3 different ways . One is by answering other people’s question i.e helping them to solve problems. The second way is by teaching a language. The third one is by giving advice on the phone. All of these through your facebook page.


What you need to do is add your product to a lemonade stand and put it on your facebook page. It is free and easy.

Lending club

Lending club help you to lend your money out and receive interest from the loan. To ensure safety the lending club will take care of legal and trust issues.

Advertising Based E-commerce

Marketers can create ads that take those that click on it to an e-commerce site. This is called direct-to-site ad traffic because when a visitor clicks on the ad on your facebook page they are taken directly to where you sell your product.


It is interesting to know that you can sell your product on ebay through your facebook page. Ebay and facebook? What an effective way to to make money for online sellers and affiliates.

Shop tab

The beat way to make money online is by selling product or products. shop tab enable you to have an online through throgh a parnership program  and you can upload the store on your facebook fan page. they have social sharing features like facebook like, share and will be given twitter posting support and pinterest support for product pictures as well as customizable text cals to action on all social buttons.they have three plan which are standard with 7 days free trial (500 products) $10 per month, expanded with 1000 products $15 per month and ultimate 5000 products $20 monthly, all with 7 days free trial.

Fan Marketing E-commerce

This involves selling to fans by posting from your facebook page to their news feed but is not as effective as fans acquired through ads.

Generating traffic to your blogIf you are a blogger and you are generating revenue from ads placed on your blog then try to create a facebook fan page for your site or blog, grow the number of your fans and regularly post new articles together with the link to your blog on facebook as this will help to increase your traffic as well as your revenue.

Selling Ad Space

Try to increase your number of ‘ likes’ by promoting your facebook fan page. You can then make revenue by posting products related to the culture of your page. Revenue can be make through direct advertisement charges from the producer of the product you are advertising or through commission on sales

Build your fans

Encourage your fans to help you to share your post with their friends. post anything that can arouse the interest of your fans or engage them in online discussion about the current trend of event or news.

Earn Money by Selling Product on Facebook

You can gain cash online by selling items on Facebook utilizing perhaps the best tool called ‘make an offer’.

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Selling Product on Facebook

You can include your item interface and give a coupon code to offer a decent discount on the item you are selling.

In any case, you can utilize an affiliate link to sell products from companies you have partner with and  earn a decent commission from any sale that your link generate.

Notwithstanding, you can include any paid affiliate links from any of the web based business organizations like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, or whoever gives a better than average commission on the sale they made through you.

Get More Cash-flow by Promoting offer on the Facebook

Give an appealing offer like 15-20% discount or purchase two get one free

Ensure your offer is serious or give high discount over your rivals

You can likewise advance this proposal by utilizing paid promotions

Earn Money by Becoming Freelance Facebook Marketer

You can win around $50 every hour by turning into an independent advertiser on Facebook.

Turning out to be Freelance Facebook Marketer

There are some particular aptitudes needed to turn into an independent advertiser on Facebook. The following are the aptitudes you have to ace so as to get fruitful.

Facebook Stats Analyst: In request to turn into an independent advertiser on Facebook, you should have the option to break down the Facebook information and anticipate/interprete the content performance as for every day of the week. You can possibly turn into a fruitful freelance/independent advertiser on Facebook in the event that you can investigate them effectively. Facebook has its own scientific to gauge your performance of a FB page.

Ready to Make Marketing Strategies and Decisions: If you make a showcasing effort for Facebook it can’t prevail without a decent arrangement and methodology. The fruitful advertiser knows the result of the campaign effort at the month’s end.

Ready to Create Facebook Friendly Content: In order to be successful on Facebook, you have to make Facebook-friendly contents. For instance posts with a specific character (40 characters) on Facebook get 86% more engagement than others. You should be ready to break down the content execution in each circumstance. Also, contents with picture also have more engagement than content with no picture. You should undertsnad that Facebook is a community with culture, therefore, try to understand what people really want there and give it to them. Contents that will perform very well on Instagram or Twitter might perform woefully on Facebook and vice versa.

Become Facebook Influencer

This is another way you could make money on Facebook. By utilizing your typical profile you can turn into an influencer.

Assume, you get loads of preferences and remark on your Facebook post. You can turn into an influencer and win better than average cash. This is an incredible method to begin procuring cash online with Facebook.

On the chance that you have a decent fan following on Facebook and you communicate with them by utilizing your own Facebook profile. You can begin winning cash by pursuing an influencer account on well known sites like and, and so on.

When you are done with the information exchange measure, you have to round out some additional data about your profile and you can tell them the sum you charge as an influencer. For instance, you can fix two or three thousand bugs for every post to help any brand on Facebook. Being an influencer is a big business online these days and is most suitable for people with decent number of followers and whom the followers are engaging well with the contents posted on the page. Therefore, if you want to make money on Facebook, try o build your Facebook page, profile or group to a reasonable amount of followers and start making that money.

Make Money Online Via Facebook Apps

There are endless open doors accessible to earn endless money from Facebook. Probably the most ideal approaches to acquire cash by Facebook is to turn into a Facebook application designer or developer. In any case, you can build up an autonomous application for Facebook.

In your own Facebook application, you can begin acquiring cash by putting pennant advertisements. Indeed, you can sell your own virtual products or services or you can get the ad from a couple of acclaimed gaming organizations like EA, Popcap, Zynga, and so forth. Many people are already making endless money from this method and you too can do the same especially if you know how to develop an app or get the service of an app developer.

Refer a Friend Bonus

There are many organizations that offer money rewards for a referral, with one of them being Rakuten. You can share an extraordinary connection on your Facebook page, and if any of your companions join through the connection you shared, you will get a money reward. Another one is Gramfree where you receive bonus for referring someone. There are many referral programs online which you can share with your friends, fans and followers on Facebook and earn a bonus.

Challenges/ Contests

There are numerous rivalries, challenges, and giveaways on Facebook. They are generally totally free, and you should simply like a page, share a post, or remark (which takes seconds). Despite the fact that you may not generally have the option to win money, you actually have an incredible possibility of winning prizes like kitchen contraptions or different hardware (and that can save you cash). A few rivalries considerably offer Amazon gift vouchers to the fortunate champ – and we as a whole realize that is a quite wonderful blessing since you can discover basically anything on Amazon.

Make Money Online by Selling Facebook Account

One of the greatest approaches to bring in cash online from Facebook is to sell your old Facebook account.

Selling Facebook Account

It is realized that Facebook gives more significance to the old Facebook account, so, many people are buying those old Facebook account to increase their reach on Facebook. This is another sure way to make money online through Facebook

Regardless, you can sell your old Facebook page, profile, and group account with a not too bad number of fan base.

Make Money Online From Facebook Group

There are more approaches to bring in cash online on Facebook. You can utilize the Facebook group to begin cash on the web. To do so you have to create a Facebook group with a fair number of members. Then make sure you are keeping it fresh with valuable and engaging like the blog post, picture posting, and so on.

Here are the manners in which you can gain cash by utilizing Facebook group

Sponsored posts

Paid reviews

Affiliate advertising

Selling your own item/book/services

Sell Likes and Shares on Facebook

This is right, you can begin earning cash online by selling your likes and shares on Facebook. There are a lot more things you can do with your likes and shares other than simply entertaining people on Facebook.

A wide range of organizations and individuals purchase likes and shares from genuine Facebook profiles and pages with huge number of likes and shares.

You can begin acquiring a not too bad measure of cash from Facebook by offering your likes and shares to brands to those who need them.

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Earn Money via Facebook Ads

This is one of the best approaches to make money from Facebook. As of late Facebook presents the video web-based feature on its platform. In the event that you make extraordinary contents and videos and people love watching your videos and you get great engagemets on your recordings, you can begin making money by putting advertisements on your videos from Facebook. This is perhaps the most ideal approaches to earn money online from Facebook.

You should know that Facebook favors longer recordings since they can embed more pertinent Facebook promotions and that can give you more money.

With regards to Facebook Partner Monetisation Policies, there are a few necessities that your Page and your videos must meet to be qualified for the program.

#12. Collaborate with Brands and Earn Money

One of the best ways to earn money via Facebook is collaborating with brands. There are several brands out there want to collaborate with influencer or pages with a decent number of the fan base.

You can start earning by posting content to support brands out there. If you have a good number of active and loyal followers you can earn a good amount by collaborating with brands.

If you want to earn more money with the brand collaboration you must post relevant content to support the brand.


With crowdfunding becoming more famous, Facebook made their own Fundraising feature. This probably won’t increase personal benefit, yet you can fund-raise for a personal cause – which is really great.

Suppose you create an online project you can’t manage the cost of all alone. You can make a Fundraiser on Facebook and get a portion of the expense from other Facebook individuals.

Get a new Line of work on Facebook

Facebook is likewise an incredible spot to find a new job. While that is not actually an approach to bring in cash – your new job will.

Quest for occupations utilizing the Facebook Jobs catch or look through numerous gatherings that extend employment opportunities and work involvement in specific organizations.

How To Get Your Dream Job Through Social Media Sites

Millions of people are going jobless throughout the universe while millions of graduates and other job seekers are also joining the train on a daily basis. So, it is increasingly hard to get a job, talk less of a dream job. To beat competitors, applicants need to adopt non- conventional and modern job-seeking methods that will increase their chance of beating other applicants to their targeted job.

The labour market is very competitive and challenging. One major reason for this is that supply of labour is much more higher than the demand for it. The supply of labour is growing in an arithmetic progression (AP) while the establishment of companies and demand for labour is growing in a geometric progression (GP). Tertiary institutions of the world are churning out graduates in their millions annually while the companies to take them are either non in existence or shutting down. Those that exist do not have vacancy spaces or are employing at a very low rate to the numbers seeking employment.

Let us use Nigeria as a case study. There are 36 states in the nation and each of these states has at least 2 tertiary institutions. Each states may have at least 2 of the following schools: federal, state, private universities and polytechnics, college of education and technical colleges. Each of these schools are churning out hundreds of graduate every year and the big question is, where are the companies to employ them?

In Nigeria, like in most part of the world, companies are at optimum capacity in terms of labour while some are shutting down due to epileptic power supply, unconducive business environ and unstable and unfavorable government policies.

In order to get out of the unemployment market, I advice that job seekers turn to the internet for solution. There are many opportunities on the Internet for job seekers. One of such is the use of social media like Facebook, twitter, linkedin and they are fast becoming key tools for job seekers throughout the globe.

Throughout the world, many organizations and companies are adopting employing labour through social network to complement the conventional methods of employment.

Job seekers the world over need to learn how to make use of social media sites to find that dream job. Applicants need to understand that online social medias are just a secondary phase of the old conventional face- to- face networking but is more faster and enjoy a wider coverage,thus, serve as a great tool to help find that job.

What you need to do

1. Update your accounts

Billions of people in the world already have one social media account or the other as a means of connecting with friends, family and fans.
Most organizations and companies also have an account to connect with their customers. So, I believe that all my readers will also have at least one account but if not, make sure you create a free account today. I advice you join the two most popular social media sites, Facebook and twitter. If you are really serious about getting a dream job, one network media you should also join is linkedin. It’s free, just write a good profile as if you are writing your CV and make sure you are active by updating regularly.

Know the right from the wrong

Don’t forget to include your qualifications, skills, experience, volunteer activities and other professional group you belong in your profile. Avoid the use of vague words, inclusion of bad habits, grammatical errors, religious or political sentiments e.t.c when setting up your profile.
Your profile picture should portray you as a responsible person. Mind your post or updates as it will show your real personality and character. Even most employers nowadays do view the social media page and profile of their potential employee to know who they really are.

Join, follow or like organizations and companies
Linkedin is mainly designed for professionals. So, join group that relate to your profession on linkedin. Follow companies you are interested in twitter because most companies now tweet their job vacancy on twitter. Also, join, like and follow organizations related to your career on Facebook. The reason why you should join these groups is to give you fresh update about any job vacancies as well as making you aware of the current trend in your field.

Buy Facebook stocks

You can earn money from Facebook by investing in Facebook stock. The organization is doing very well, so you should see a fantastic profit on your investment as time goes on.

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