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Online Money: Top Sites And Strategies To Make Money Online


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Top 8 Survey Sites To Earn Money Online
  • NOTE: Earn daily money online like i do only by taking 5 minute tasks. Click to join.
  • 3 Strategies To Sell And Make Money Online
    • 3 Best Ways To Make Money With Google Adsense
    • 6 Ways To Turn Your Traffic Into Google Adsense Earning
  • 10 Step To Create And Make Money From A Wiki Site
  • 12 Ways To Get Online Freelance Jobs Through Forums
  • 14 Steps To Make Money with Epom Ad Server
  • How You Can Make Money With Instagram
  •  Simple Ways You Can Make Money From Bidvertiser ads
  • 5 Ways You Can Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Blog
  • 60 Sites You Could Make Money Online
  • 55 Sites To Make Money Online
  • 10 Online Survey Sites For South Africans
    • 5 Online Businesses You Can Start With That Low Capital
  • 7 Ways To Make Money Online
  • How to promote konga affiliate on your blog and make money in Nigeria
  • Making money With YouTube
    • 5 Ways To Earn From Your YouTube Channel
    • 8 How To Build A Successful YouTube Campaign
  • 23 Sports Magazines Paying Writers up to $750 Per Article
  • 10 Tips To Make Money From LinkedIn
    • How to monetize blogger platform with infolinks
  • 8 Top CPM Ads Networks To Monetize Your Site
  • 20 Ways To Make Money In Lagos Nigeria
    • 10 Strategies To Make Money With Twitter
    • Make Money From Gramfree
    • Make Money From Ebook Publishing


Making money online is the dream of everyone. Either you are an online entrepreneur or not, it feels and sounds good to be able to earn money online even if it is extra income. Many people have been able to do this including me.

This book will give you an insight into how you can unlock this multi-million dollar opportunity and be able to live the laptop lifestyle.

In this book, you will learn how to make money from various top sites such as survey sites, Google adsense, Infolinks, Linkedin, Amazon, Konga, Epom, YouTube, Instagram, Bidvertizer and many more.

You will also learn about different strategies and approaches that people have used and still using to pull millions of dollar online every day. Such methods include blogging, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, social media influencer, YouTube monetization, referral program, ebook publishing and so on.

I personal recommend this book for everyone that wants to know more methods of making money on the internet especially if you are a blogger.

The book is a must BUY/READ for everyone.

Top 8 Survey Sites To Earn Money Online

Taking survey online and get paid in exchange for your opinion or thought is another legitimate way to make money online.

The following are the list of top eight survey site to earn extra cash online.

Top 8 Survey Sites To Earn Money Online

1. Toluna – Unlike others, Toluna occasionally send you physical products to test which they might not collect back from you. And that does not mean they will not pay you for your survey.

2. SwagBucks – There are wide variety of ways to make extra cash beyond taking surveys on swagbucks. They also occasionally give out free Swagbucks at random just for being a member. You’ll get $5 as signing up bonus.

3. VIP Voice
After you join VIP Voice and have been taking a few surveys, you will be given a special survey that offers a $25 reward.

4. Ipsos Panel – Most Ipsos panel surveys pay a buck or two and only take 10-15 minutes. Ipsos rewards members with points which can be redeemed for Paypal or gift cards to Amazon, iTunes.

5. Harris Poll Online – is run by the Nielsen company and their pay is really nice.

6. ProOpinion – This is another great survey online company that pay really well.

7. Opinion Outpost – This is another legitimate online survey website and they oversee polls for governments, public bodies, and local businesses.

8. Inbox Dollars – has been online for a long time, legitimate and its pay is nice.

The above survey sites are legitimate and you could really make money online from them. My thought is that survey sites are most good for US citizens. Most of the best survey sites that really pay well are restricted only for US residents. However, if you are not living in the US you could still try the above surveys sites.

3 Strategies To Sell And Make Money Online

Many people want to sell their product online but don’t know what they need to do to succeed. This article will give you three ways or things you need to do in order to sell your product online and make that online money you have always dreamed of. Though, there are many ways and strategies to sell product online, this three ways are also part of them.
Suppose you’re a beginner to the universe of online deals and are hoping to profit on the web, however you’re beginning with a little startup spending plan. With the blinding abundance of data accessible for new entrepreneurs, knowing how to spend your restricted assets can be somewhat scary.

 3 Strategies To Sell And Make Money Online

1. Invest energy getting input on what you’re offering before dispatching.

Try not to depend on insistence from loved ones to approve that you have a one of a kind and attractive item or service. Odds are, these individuals are candidly connected to you, and will probably think each thought you share is the best thing. Getting insight about your new product from someone that is so close to you and someone that want you to succeed is very essential.

Get market approval from potential clients who aren’t in your group of friends.

It is better to test and get feedback from people about your product before you start producing or offering in large quantity. In this way, you will not waste money but have the opportunity to make the product better before it enters the market.

You should use different  approaches to get individuals’ criticism before fully launching your product. Reviews of the product by people before launching will let you to know whether people were seeing benefits in the product and maybe the product could fully satisfy their need. Review should also be conducted after the product has been launched to know maybe the product fully satisfy customers need.
Do not see criticism as a bad thing for your business, rather creates room for criticism and praise. Most people close to you sometimes may be afraid to tell you negative things about the product. However, it will be easy to tell you if you are the one asking for it if sincerity.

2. Have a site.

To properly succeed online as an online entrepreneur or business owner you need to create a website for your product or brand. This could turn out to be a place to convert many people to potential customers. A well-built website that centre around your product may turn out to be your greatest promotional and marketing converting sales and generating thousands of dollars to you every month. There are many product providers that are using only their website to make larger percentages of sale.

Make sure that you have a provision for collecting people’s email on your website. Having a large subscribers on your email list will go a long way in helping you to have a stable online business and sales. If you can make a minimum of 10000 email subscribers, then you are made.

You could create a website on WordPress because of its ease of use.

Register a domain name and host your domain with good hosting website such as namecheap.com and so on.

Decide and learn how you want to design and structure your website. Research and put series of plugins that could help you to achieve your aim of selling on your website.
One of the advantages of WordPress platform over blogger is the availability of plugins to achieve almost anything on your blog or website. There fully take advantage of it to make sales and take your blog or website to another level.

3. Know your opposition and clients.

To succeed online try to know how your competitors are doing it and try to emulate their formula. There is no need of reinventing the wheel. Follow the strategies that are working for your competitors and use it.

Then try to find out where the customers of your competitors are hanging out or where they are located.
For instance, if they get most of their customers from Facebook, look at how you could also attract their attention to your product or offer.


Google Adsense is an online advertisement program that display ads in accordance or in relevancy to the type of contents on your pages. Though, there are times that Google display ads not relevant to your content but their main aim is to display ads as relevant as possible to your web contents.

Let us see some of the ways you could Google AdSense properly and make money online through it.


1. It is important to display a quality and related contents in your pages. What i mean by related contents is contents that could be linked to each other. For instance, contents put on a site dedicated only to diabetes will contain contents that could be easily linked to each other. This sought of site is generally referred to ‘niche’ site. It will be easy for Google AdSense to display ads related to diabetes on your site if your site have enough contents.

2. It is not encouraging to design your website or blog mainly to earn or make money from Google AdSense. It is true that Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your website or blog but creating your site mainly for Google AdSense will make you a slave to Google AdSense and you will suffer the consequences of being a slave.

3. Make sure you like the topic you are writing about and that it is profitable online. Then focus on producing quality contents on a consistent basis. Blogging for Google AdSense will make you loss interest in your online career in short time because it will take time and lot of effort to drive enough traffic that could make you enough money from AdSense. For example, if you have chosen to blog about diabetes, make it a target that i want to have 365 quality articles at the end of a year, rather than targeting to be making lot of money from AdSense at the end of the year. It is that lot of articles that will make you earn from AdSense not your aim of making from it.

4. It is important to know that you can not make enough money from AdSense if your contents is not quantitative enough and on a particular niche. My advice is for you to target 365 articles per year on your blog or website and see the result. Don’t base your achievement with Adsense on 50 or 100 articles and on 6 months duration. Target longer number of articles or contents and longer duration. If you post articles consistently on a daily basis for 2 years on a particular profitable and highly searched niche, you will make money online and from Google AdSense.

5. Google AdSense is good for sites that use English as its language. Try as much as possible to avoid non-English characters on English pages. So that irrelevant ads on other languages won’t be showing.

6. Try to submit your blog RSS URL feed to blog ping services such as blogdigger, Technorati, Ping-O-Matic. Submit your articles to like 10 articles directories every week. Submit your post to Stumbleupon which is a powerful traffic driving website. Also use Flixya to drive massive traffic to your site.

7. Create a social media accounts for your blog. Try to build large numbers of friends and followers on Facebook especially as is a powerful traffic driven social media platform. Focus on one social media account that is easy for you to build followers at first and when you are successful at that jump to another.

8. Don’t encourage people to click on your google adsense ads and do not click on it yourself otherwise your account will be suspended.

9. Don’t mislead visitors by tampering with ads to look like contents.

10. Text ads is better than image ads. Text ads i think is better than image ads because text ads usually display ads that is relevant to your contents. And if your ads is relevant to your contents, it will be easy for readers to click on it. That is one of the advantages of WordPress blog because i notice that it is easy for Google Adsense to better read the content on the page and display relevant ads than on blogger platform. However, if you use only text ads  on blogger especially right when you are creating your Google adsense account, it will be better than using only image ads or image and text ads.

3 Best Ways To Make Money With Google Adsense

GOOGLE ADSENSE is one of the best ways to profit from your blog.
However, Google adsense earning is not easy to make for beginners when
you are just starting out. You have to put things right in order to
start making money from this famous Google ads program.

The following three points which i have gathered from my own
experience blogging online since 2012 will help newbies and those that
are still struggling to make money from adsense to see things from the
right angle.

3 Best Ways To Make Money From Google AdSense


I think the best way to set your expectation for adsense is by
setting low target. Have it in mind that you don’t rely on Adsense as
a source of income. That you just want to add it there for the beauty
it can brings. This is especially important if your traffic is still
low. Don’t put AdSense on a site with lower than 1000 visitors per
day. There is no miracle, you can’t make money with AdSense with blog
or website raking in traffic below 1000 visitors ( not pageviews).
Pageviews is different from visitors. If you are having 1000 visitors
, your pageviews should be above 3000 daily. So am talking about real
visitors to your site. In order not to let Google AdSense discourage
you from reaching your goal online or quench your blogging passion, is
better you don’t put it on your blog until you are having minimum of
1000 visitors daily. Any number below that you are joking and you
might get discourage if you are checking your AdSense account and see
no pennies.

This has really slow me down in my blogging career and am sharing the
experience with you so that you will know before-hand.

If you go into blogging because you read people saying you could make
lot of money from AdSense, they are not talking about those having
below 1000 visitors daily, they are talking of those blogs and
websites with thousands of visitors daily especially from search

That brings us to another point.


The best way you can make money from AdSense is by getting most of
your traffic from search engines particularly Google. You know Google
own AdSense, is their application. Therefore, whenever, someone go to
your blog through Google search, Google will be able to read your site
accurately and show relevant ads to such visitor. Apart from that the
server will be able to read the impression perfectly.

In a nutshell, those that are making huge money from Google AdSense
are the owners of blogs and websites with huge search engines traffic.

Another best way you could make money from AdSense is by having huge
number of followers on your social media platforms. Though, the amount
you will earn from social media visitors from AdSense will be lower
than that from search engines but you will make money if huge numbers
of your followers are bombarding your pages filled with AdSense ads.
For instance, there is no way you wouldn’t make money from AdSense if
a minimum of 1000 of your followers are visiting your site everyday.
In fact, my advice for anybody that has interest in blogging but have
not yet started is not to rush yourself into blogging. But, go and
develop or build a huge followers on one or some of the major social
media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. First,
it is better to concentrate your effort on one social media platform
that is easy for you to build. Though, Facebook followers is hard to
build but is one of the most rewarding social media followers in terms
of getting response to your post from your followers.

I hope you gain something from my article. See you next time.


For newbies about Google AdSense, creating an ad unit will be very strange and sometimes difficult. However, the following steps will help you to know how you could create your Google AdSense ad code by yourself and make money online through your blog or website.


1. Sign into your AdSense account. Go to AdSense, and click on My ads in the upper left. Make another Ad unit. In the primary screen range, under Content > Ad units, tap the +New ad unit button.

2. Name your advertisement unit. This can be any name that suits you.

Whatever name you choose to use for naming, make sure that you could easily understand it the next time you see it.

3. Pick a size. There are recommended sizes by Google. You may choose to follow their sizes or use the ones recommended by blogging experts. I think responsive is the best one to choose.

4. Set your ads sort. This decides the sorts of advertisements you will see on your site: text only; text and image/rich media; and image/rich media only. Some blogging experts recommended using ‘text only’ as it can easily blend with the contents on the page and Google ads server will be able to serve relevant ads into the body of the posts.

5. Make a custom channel. A custom channel gives you a chance to class ads units the way you like, for example, by size or area on a page.

You can track execution by custom channel, and transform your channel into a targetable promotion position so publicists can focus on their advertisements to your advertisement units.

6. Make your ads style. This gives you a chance to pick colors for the different parts of an advertisement: fringe, title, foundation, content, and URL. It additionally gives you a chance to pick corner styles, from square to extremely adjusted, a text style family, and a default text dimension.

It’s great practice to make an advertisement style that blends with the look and shades of your site.

You can utilize Google’s presets, or utilize your own particular custom settings. In either case, a specimen advertisement on the will indicate to you how the ads on your pages will show up.

7. Get the code for the advertisement. When you’re finished with the ads, save and get the HTML code for your site and place it whenever you want the ads to show up on your site.

NOTE: You can also use google adsense auto ads in which google will automatically place ads on any where they seem fit on your sites depending on the content of the page. That is what I am using on my site and I could say is good. However, you could use the ad unit you have created above on your side bars and footers.


After you have gotten your account approved by Google AdSense team, your work is not done yet. There are certain things you need to do in order to get the best out of your Google AdSense account. The following are the most effective method to design Your ad campaign and make more money from your blog.



 In planning any sort of advertisement campaign, it’s significant to know who your audience are. For instance, if you have a blog writing about diabetes. That means you know the kind of people you are targeting. You know you are targeting people who have diabetes and those who don’t have but have close relation or friend who has.
Consider who frequents your site, record what you feel are the most vital attributes of your viewers.


 While AdSense will auto-post adverts to your page with what they feel are important advertisements. However, it is up to you to utilize their tools to control the type of ads that will be shown on your site.
One of the ways you can control your ads is to set up channels. Channels resemble marks that give you a chance to amass your advertisement units your way—by shading, class, or pages. By setting up channels, you can get nitty gritty reports on the performance of the ads  units place on your site, and utilize that further bolstering your good fortune. For instance if the color of your theme or template is blue, it is better to change the color of your ads in order to blend with the blue color of your template.


Utilize one style of advertisement on one category of pages, and another style on another category. Track and look at the execution of the two styles, and pick the best one that perform most.

Analyze how ads perform on pages that emphasis on various things. For instance, if your pages about diabetes perform superior to your pages on weight loss, you should seriously mull over adding more to your diabetes pages.

On the chance that you are displaying AdSense on a separate sites, set up a channel to track each of them to see which is producing the most clicks.


Advance your advertisement situation and site outline. There are spots where promotions are more compelling, and places where they are less successful.

Advertisements that show up when you first touch base at your page i.e.”over the page” have a tendency to be more powerful than those that are beneath the page.

Advertisements on upper left have a tendency to perform much superior to anything promotions on the lower right.

Advertisements specifically over the content, and promotions that show up at the base of the page or more the footer have a tendency to perform extremely well.

More extensive and large ads are by and large more fruitful, as they are much simpler to see.

Also ads that show pictures or video have proven to perform extremely well.

Utilizing colors that supplement your site colors will make them more decipherable, thus more viable.

6 Ways To Turn Your Traffic Into Google Adsense Earning

To make money from Google AdSense, it is important to be able to turn your traffic into clicks. There are some principles you need to put in place in order to do that and that is what this article is based on.

In the event that you’ve been running AdSense promotions on your site for a long time and you feel that you aren’t making as much money as you could, this article will help you to know how you could correct this and start making that income from AdSense. The vast majority feel baffled that they can’t create the incomes they expected from Google AdSense, and this is down to low traffic levels and click through rates.

There are numerous approaches to transform traffic into AdSense earnings and here is a short rundown of them.

  1. The principal thing that you have to do is tune up your site’s posts. While for a few individuals this is easy and for some this will be hard because there is no time and they lack the necessary skills to make qualitative and quantitative posts.

To start, you ought to figure out what your site’s magic or keywords are. This is a fundamental strategy in SEO. A decent instrument to know your site keywords is SEO Density Analizer.

You ought to then take this rundown of words and hunt the Overture Search Inventory or Google AdWords Sandbox to figure out what different words could focus more on your pages or posts in order to take the advantage of search engines regarding that keywords.
Starting there on attempt to keep your site concentrated on the things that show up generally in the keywords proposals you get. Attempt to incorporate those decisive words, or if nothing else some related keywords as frequently as you can in the articles on your site.

In light of the way Google AdSense transact business, this is a certain approach to expand your income in light of the fact that you’ll show signs of improvement in the advertisements that shows in your AdSense banners.

  1. Another way you can turn your traffic into Google AdSense earning is to constantly add new pages to your site. This is essential, as the more pages you have, the higher the chance that you’ll get more pageviews and impressions on your advertisements.
  2. Another way you can improve your AdSense earnings is to pick the suitable adverts for your AdSense and the best areas for them. You ought to for the most part realize that among the best Google AdSense banner size were the 336×280 huge rectangle 300×250 medium rectangle and 160×600 banner.

Verify you pick the suitable or related advert to the contents of your site as making them excessively not quite the same as your site’s posts is certain to make visitors view them as mere banner and feel reluctant to click it or view it as if it have nothing to do with the site itself.

  1. Verify these banners are situated where they’ll create the most elevated measure of benefit. Most times, that area is said to be just before the start of your site’s post.

Pages with a long content body, is good for AdSense because visitors will stay long on the page. It is also advisable to put the adverts on below the contents in light of the fact that visitors would have finished reading the post and looking for something else on your site.

  1. You ought to utilize more AdSense units on your page if you have a great deal of content on your page. Simply make a point not to put many banners on your page as this may scare away visitors from clicking the adverts. Do not make the mistake of saying because you are making lower CTR and lower incomes then having more banners is the answer. Maximum of three units or banners is recommended by AdSense, so utilize them shrewdly.
  2. Another way to improve your AdSense earnings is to use Google AdSense Preview Tool that will give you a chance to picture what adverts would get served on your page and it can come in extremely convenient as a testing system.

There are other ways or things you can do on your site to make money from your traffic through Google AdSense. Which others ways do you know or that you have employed to make more money from your site from AdSense or take more advantage of your traffic.

10 Step To Create And Make Money From A Wiki Site

Making money online is the ambition of many people. There are several ways you could make money online such as affiliate marketing, survey taking, blogging etc. However, you should know that you could make money online by owning your own WIKI sites. The purpose of this article is to show you how to create, manage, grow and profit from a wiki site.


1. Register A Domain Name.
The first step you need to take is to register your domain name.

2. Get Wiki Software
The next step to take is to sought for your suitable wiki software.

3. Host Your Wiki

The next step is to host your wiki site. Find a good and reputable hosting platform with affordable price. A reputable hosting site is important because you should expect that your wiki site will be receiving huge amount of posts and traffic. If you hosting platform is weak, you will be disappointed as the site will not be able to cope during huge traffic surge.

4. Choose Theme or Plugin For Your Wiki

The next step is to choose a theme for your wiki. This is the design of how you want your wiki to look like. There are various wiki theme you could choose from but it is important to choose the one that will suit your type of wiki. For instance, educational wiki theme will be good for you if your are operating an educational wiki. There are also wiki themes that are good for niche wiki. You can also use a plugin. Either one can get your site set up with the proper structure and tools to create a wiki, but it’s important to keep in mind that themes and plugins come with their own pros and cons.

A plugin is a less intrusive option that works particularly well if you want your wiki to only be a part of your website or if you’re trying to adapt an existing site. Plus, it enables you to use any theme.

On the other hand, a dedicated wiki theme is the easiest way to structure your whole site as a wiki and to make sure it has the right look.

5. Sought For Contents

Since your wiki is on and running the next step is to find people who are willing to provide contents for your wiki without compensation.

This is a very tricky part because writing and providing articles is not easy and people want to get compensated for their work. Therefore, finding people who are willing to provide contents for free will be hard. However, you could find a way of compensating them other than financial reward.

You could let them know that they could benefits from the opportunity to place advert later on their posts when the wiki has grown.

6. Appoints administrators

The next step is to get administrators for your wiki. Prepare a clear goal and ambition of the wiki and let the administrators understand it. Some of the goals of your wiki is to get huge amount of contents that provide values, get huge traffic and then make money from the wiki.

Having a wiki could turn out to be very profitable especially if you have good administrators and huge number of content providers who are determined to make the wiki grow.

7. Monetize Your Wiki

The next step and purpose of having a wiki in the first place is to monetize it and make money from it. Therefore, look for ways to monetize your wiki. You could use Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, selling your own products such as eBook and more. You could also look for people that are willing to place direct advertisement on your wiki.

8. Get Traffic

Look for ways to get traffic to your wiki. You could post comments on high traffic website such as Forbes, Newyork times and so on. Embark on building huge backlinks for your wiki. One thing i have observed is that, high ranking websites are the one having huge amount of backlinks.

9. Be rugged

You should know that building a wiki from scratch and make it successful is tasking and slow. You should be ready to weather the storm till you succeed.

10. Sell Your Wiki

When your wiki is doing well, you could get offers worth thousands and millions of dollars from people willing to buy your wiki. You could decide to sell it and start another from scratch.


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12 Ways To Get Online Freelance Jobs Through Forums

One of the best ways to make money online is to be a freelance writer either on a particular niche or as a multipurpose writer. However, if you are new in the business of online freelance writer, getting job or site to write for may be difficult.

One such place you could get online freelance job is through forum. Actively participating in forums dedicated to freelance writer can help you to get freelance job easily and repeatedly.

Many freelance writers are using online forums as a source of getting work and projects and you too can.

The following points will enlighten you on how to get your next freelance job through forum and make money online.

Finding Freelance Forums
1. The first thing you need to do is to find forums that suit your own type of freelance job. Look for forums which the members will need your service. For instance, if you write about make money online, look for forum dedicated to how people could make money online.
One of the ways to get your suitable type of forums is to search for it from Google. For instance, go to Google and type ‘make money online’ forums. List of forums dedicated to making money online will be churn out and select the ones you like.

2. Look for forums of website you are writing for or will like to write for. Most big websites that use the service of freelance writers, have their own forums where members discuss issues, ask and solve questions concerning their services and the website. Therefore, join their forum. This could open a gateway of huge freelance jobs to you. Members of such forums could even share list of other websites that need freelance writers.

3. When you see a forum that you like, don’t just start posting directly but read the rules and regulations of the websites. Remember that you are joining the forum to make money by finding new and hot freelance jobs. Therefore, getting banned as a result of violations of rules and policy will be a set back.  Check whether you could advertise your service on the forum or not.

Some forums do not allow people to advertise their freelance service while some allow. These are the things you need to check for before joining the forums. This will allow you to avoid making mistakes in terms of violating the rules and regulations of the forums.

4. It will be good if the forum allow you to use a signature because the signature will let other members know who you are. You can easily get freelance jobs if the forum allow you to put your email address, social media links and many more. This will make it easy for people to contact you in order to give you freelance jobs

5. Create Your Forum Profile
If you see a forum that allow you to sign up, you will be required to create a user profile.

When creating a profile, make sure that you use the information you a using for your major online activities. For instance, use the username you are using for your freelance writing jobs. Blogs and social medias so that it will be easy for people to brand you with the name online.

 6. Make sure you upload your real photo to your profile. You can use personal photo or use a logo as your photo. What is important is for the photo to look professional, brandable and linkable with your other activities online.

7. Be straight forward and use right information when filling out your profile. You will be required to fill certain information such as your contact, professional, education and personal information. Make sure you fill out all the information.

8. Before you start posting it is advisable to read through other members posts before posting your own. Each forum is different fro each other in terms of how they operate and the atmosphere. This will also let you know the type of topics they like to discuss in that forum. For instance, if the forum is about make money online and they like to discuss about making money through AdSense than other online money making methods, it will be better if you could start posting about AdSense before moving to other topics after you are familiar with the forum.

9. It is advisable to introduce yourself to other members of the forum and give information about your background online and in the freelance job. You could even get hooked immediately and be contacted by someone who might just like your information and give you freelance job immediately or later.

10. The most important thing to get freelance writing jobs through forums is to post and participate consistently in the forum. Let people know that you love freelance writing and you are a professional writer. It may be difficult to get freelance jobs in the beginning but your consistent participation could make the difference. For instance, people looking for freelance writer may prefer to give the job to some with a huge contentss in the forum.

11. Remember that the reason you were on the forum is not to be posting and answering questions alone, you are there to get freelance jobs and make money online. Therefore, constantly be on watch out for freelance writing jobs. You could be checking “Marketplace” or “Help Wanted” page if the forum has one to look for new freelance job. Look for opportunities to let people know you are a freelance writer.

12. Many forums if not all will give you a page where like message box where people can contact you. It is advisable to be checking it reqularly for jobs. Some people who need your service may decided to contact you through your inbox or message box provided by the forum rather than through your signature.
Check your forum messages regularly. Most forums will provide you with a message center or inbox in which other forum members can contact you. In some cases, potential clients may initially contact you using this method, as opposed to using the contact information provided in your signature.

14 Steps To Make Money with Epom Ad Server

14 Steps To Make Money with Epom Ad Server

Do you know that you could monetize your site through epom.com Ad
Server. However, you need to go through some stages, steps and process
in order to register, create and display the ads on your site and earn
money as a result.

This article is about 14 steps that could guide you and teach you how
to properly create your first banner campaign.

When you are at epom.com, the following are the steps you will take to
activate and place your ads on your site and make money online through
your blog or website.


1. Click on the Advertisers tab.

2. Click the Add Advertiser button. Fill your Name, Contact Name,
Contact Email, Description (optional). After that click the Save

3. Choose an existing Advertiser, to add a campaign. Click the Add
Campaign button. Enter its Name and then click the Save button.

4. The next step is to add a banner by choosing an existing Campaign,
select a Banner Type, fill a banner Name, choose an Ad Unit and then
upload a Banner File. You will also need to specify the URL of the
landing page where the banner will lead to. After that, click the Save

5. You will need to create a new site placement. And you will do this by
visiting the Publishers tab.

6. Then click the Add Site button. Enter the site’s Name. You may fill
the following or leave them blank as they are optional: its URL , a
Contact Email address, and a Description. After that, click the Save
7. You will then choose an existing Site to add a Zone by clicking the
Add Zone button and enter its Name. Press Save button.

8. The next thing you will do is to select an existing Zone to add a
Placement. And select the Placement Type according to the Banner Type
you created earlier. Fill the Placement’s Name and choose its Size.
Press Save button.

9. The next step is to copy and paste the invocation codes shown on your
preferred ads space on your web page.

10. Visit the Advertisers tab to
Link the banner to the placement you created.

11. Then select an existing Advertiser/Campaign/Banner.
Move down to the Placements bar. Then Select the check-box next to the
name of the created placement to link a banner to it. Press Save

12. The next step is visit the Publishers tab, and then select the
Site/Zone/Placement and view the new banner in the Banners Probability
section, where all the banners linked to this placement are display.

13. By now the banner should have shown on the web page you have chosen to
display the ads or have added the invocation code.

14. The last step is to start making money from your blog. This is another
way to make money online through your blog or website.

How You Can Make Money With Instagram

Instagram is a famous online application for sharing photos and videos
with friends, family, colleagues, followers and business partners and
via social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Instagram application can only be downloaded and used on tablets and
smartphones but not on personal computer. Though you could check it on
computer by visiting instagram.com. Instagram is designed mainly for
sharing and editing pictures using different filters.

Instagram is simple and user friendly and you could share short videos
of 30-second duration.


The name ‘Instagram comes from the combination of “instant camera” and
“telegram”. Instagram was created in San Franscisco, califonia, USA,
by Kelvin Systrom and Mike Krieger, in October 2010.

Instagram, within short period of introduction, started getting the
popularity of online giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter. Why?
Because for the first time in human history, sharing photos could be
done instantly without the help of cables, software or flash drives.

Initially, Instagram application was made exclusively for iPhone but
due to high demand, it expanded to the Android world.

In December of 2010, just 2 months after its introduction, Instagram
reaches 1 million registered users but now has over 300 million
registered users.


Instagram is so famous that it has become the perfect social media
platform for turning followers to buyers. To make money from your
followers on instagram, you should aim to have a niche or targeted
audience and huge number of followers.


In order to have a targeted audience, let your account be meaningful
and directional. I mean let people know you for one particular thing.
Though, you may diversify because is a social platform but let your
posts represent your brand 80% of the time. If you are selling product
about ‘make money online’ or ‘diabetes’ for instance, let 80% of your
post be on make money online or diabetes and 20% on other aspect of
life like joke and funny or insteresting pictures.

What i mean is that people that will be following your account will be
following because they want to make money online or solve diabetes
Therefore, whenever you offer a product to them it will be easy to
generate sales because your followers are interested in what your
offering and 80% of them are potential buyers.


Another way to make money with instagram is that after you have
established a brand for yourself or your company, then start building
a huge amount of followers with a minimum of 10000. You will surely
make money when you have minimum of 10000 followers on any social
media be it Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And when you build it to
50000 followers and beyond, you are a ‘king’ of your online kingdom
and you are made already.

Even if your instagram account is not niche or audience targeted, you
can make money from your account with 10000 and above. You just have
to study your followers and see what they really like.

 Simple Ways You Can Make Money From Bidvertiser ads

Google Adsense is one of the best and most profitable ways to monetize your blog. However, that does not mean that Google Adsense is the only way to earn or make money from blog.

Apart from blog monetization method like affiliate marketing and selling your own products, there are other advertising networks, which are considered best alternatives to Google Adsense.

One of them is an ads network known as BIDVERTISER.

If Google Adsense does not work for you, your blog is denied by Adsense or Adsense banned your account, why don’t you try Bidvertiser.

What is Bidvertiser? Bidvertiser is a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising agency founded in 2003 and operate just like Adsense. Bidvertiser operate by creating a bidding system that allows the highest bidder to place advert on your blog or website unlike other advertising networks that display ads based on context.

Bidvertiser is a sure bet for site with huge traffic as advertisers will bid against each others and the highest bidders will be allow to display highest paying ads.

Bidvertiser is a Pay Per Click program and does’nt pay for impressions. However, you could earn extra revenue if the clicks on the ads on your site convert to sales.

You could use Bidvertiser ads with Adsense ads on the same page as both ads are different.

It is important to know that bidvertiser earning in terms of the rate of pay per click is comparatively lower than Adsense but get better with time as more advertisers get to know about your blog and the your ads space is occupied by the highest bidders.

You could choose from any of Bidvertiser type of Ads such as Banners, Inline Ads and Skyscrapers.

You could also make online by creating your own customized toolbar and distribute it.

XML Feeds is another way to make money online from Bidvertiser through placing Bidvertiser ads in your search results or web apps.


– Visit Bidvertiser
– Click on “Join Now – It’s FREE” button.
– Fill your account information and copy activation code from your Email and paste it into the proper field.
Your account will be approved immediately, and you can start putting ads on your blog.

To get started, click on ‘Add new Bidvertiser’ tab and enter your website URL. Now you’ll have to choose a category for your website.

Once you are done, you will be redirected to the Bidvertiser center where you’ll find all your ad units. Click on ‘Get Ad Code’ to get ad unit code.

Copy and paste code where you want to show the Bidvertiser ad on your blog. You’ll find Bidvertiser ad on your blog within few minutes.

Revenue stats update once in 24 hours during business days and once in 72 hours on weekends.
It doesn’t show the real time data like Adsense. It shows something call ‘Revenue Points’ instead of number of clicks and pay per click. Actually I don’t find it very user friendly.

Bidvertiser Referral Program –An Extra Way

As I said I’ll show you an extra way to make some extra money, I am going to introduce with you to Bidvertiser Referral Program. Yes, Bidvertiser will pay you if you can refer advertisers and publishers to them. All you need to do is, promote Bidvertiser on your blog. A lot of people are searching for Adsense alternative as it’s hard to get approved by Adsense. You can promote Bidvertiser on your blog as an Adsense alternative.

Here’s how Bidvertiser pays…
When your referred advertiser spends $10, you’ll get $5. When the same advertiser spends $50, you’ll get additional $20. When your referred publisher earns $10, you’ll get $10. When the same publisher earns $50, you will get additional $40. I am an affiliate of Bidvertiser, and it works great for me. Hope it’ll work for you too.

Bidvertiser Payment Options –How Will You Get paid?

Bidvertiser provides payment via check or PayPal on a monthly basis within 30 days after the end of each calendar month. Minimum payment amount is $10 for PayPal and $50 for check. If you have earned less then the minimum payment, the balance will be carried over to the next month and paid out once you have earned the minimum amount.

Bidvertiser is one of the top alternatives to Google Adsense.
BidVertiser Publishers Program is established in order to help online publishers to make money from their inventory by displaying ads of various sizes and shape on their sites. Like any other program of its kind i.e Pay Per Click, BidVertiser is easy and free to join. Unlike Google Adsense that only pays you for valid clicks on ads display on your site, bidvertiser pays you for valid clicks on the ads on your
blog or website and for conversions generated from those clicks.

Is not hard to display bidvertiser ads on your blog. All you need to do is to simply paste an HTML code into the spaces on your site where you want the ads to show such as sidebar, below and above posts and
ads will appear.

BidVertiser ads that show on your site are the ones that have the highest bid from advertisers. This will enable publishers to earn optimum money possible from the ads on their blog or website.

As time goes on, there will be an improvement on your earnings since your blog popularity will expose advertisers to the opportunity of bidding against each other on your ad space.

Signing up for bidvertiser publisher’s program is easy, all you have to do is to click on the publisher’s sign up form and fill in the required information.

It takes no time for bidvertiser ads to show on your blog. What you need to do is to paste the HTML code provided for you by bidvertiser on where you want the ads to appear and it will appear instantly. Once
ads started showing on your site, advertisers will start bidding on your ads, open the room for improvement on your ads overtime.

In order to display ads on your other blogs, it is advisable to create another BidVertiser Ad from within the Publisher Center. This will enable the new Ad to have its own price-per-click and tracking,
enabling the publisher to properly track the performance of ads on separate sites.

Unlike Google Adsense where you can only display a maximum of three ads per page or post, you can place as many or as few ads on each page as you would like. However, having more than three ads on a page or post is not good for visitors experience.

Bidvertisers ads are available in different sizes and shapes. You could choose from the various ready-made templates of various ad sizes, such as banners, skyscrapers and inline ads. Publishers can also design or customize the fonts, colors, layout and size of their ads to suite the design of their site.


Like any other Pay-Per-Click program, the amount a publisher could earn cannot be predetermined. It depends on how much advertisers have bid for your advertising space. You will notice a consistent
improvement in your bidding, ads and revenue over time, as your site gain more popularity among publishers and advertisers. Also, there is an extra payment for each conversion you generated through clicks on your ads.

Bidvertiser payment are made on a monthly basis within 30 days after the end of each calendar month. Earnings are sent to publishers through check or PayPal.

BidVertiser will pay you through Paypal 30 days after the end of each calendar month that BidVertiser ads are running on your site but your earning balance must be equal or more than US $10.00. The balance will be carried over into the next month if you have not earned up to $10 and paid out once your balance reach that amount.


BidVertiser will mail you a check 30 days after the end of each calendar month that BidVertiser ads are running on your site but your earned balance must be equal or more than US $100.00. The balance will be carried over into the next month if your account’s balance is not up to $100 and paid out once you have earned that amount or more.
6 social bookmarking traffic driven strategies and make money

5 Ways You Can Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

You have to promote your blog for people to know it exist. Remember there are over 100 million blogs and website online. Therefore, no promotion = no traffic.

One of the best way to get traffic is to promote your blog on Twitter.
 Using twitter will give you the opportunity to reach out about 500 million twitter users.

If done effectively can drives thousands of traffic or visitors to your blog.

Below are 5 ways you can use twitter to drive traffic to your blog

1. Use Short, Provocative
Tweets of under 100 characters. Research shows short tweets get a 21% higher interaction rate.

2. Give your followers a taste of your blog post by include an interesting quote from your
article. Research shows that a tweet with a quote is 54% more likely to get retweeted.

3. Give numbers, figures or datas or what they call Statistics in your tweet. This can make you readers believe that you do research on your article and what you are saying is factual.

4. Use #Hashtags to your advantage. Hashtags are great way to connect with twitter users outside your Followers. You will do well if create your own #hashtag for your blog or a you want to promote a particular post.

5. Schedule your post.

You can schedule your post and spread it into like 10 times a day but make sure you are consistent on those specific time chosen by you for like 30 days. You can believe the effect. I have done it and it works!!!


Selling your own product is one of the best, if not the best, ways to make money online. Many are selling their product on Amazon and keep smiling to the bank.

However, you need to apply the following series of strategies to succeed selling on Amazon.



It is very hard for most people to buy things online because they will be skeptical about the product they want to buy. This is because they believe it will be hard to return it if they do not like it again.
Therefore, it is very important to write a proper and detailed description of the product you are selling online.


People like to have a proper look at what they want to buy. Therefore, display numerous images from different angles of the product you are selling online. Good images could prompt people to buy a product even without pre-planned.
That is why while surfing the internet, we sometimes stumble upon a beautiful or attractive product, say wristwatch and we will determine instantly to buy the product just because it image appeals to our brain.


Wiseness will make you to prepare series of possible questions and answers for your product. The buyers will have one or more questions to ask about the product they were about to buy. Listing those
questions and answers will help to seduce and persuade people to buy your online product.


Good reviews about your online product is one of the best ways to make money online from the sales of your product. That is why some online sellers pay bloggers and others to write good reviews about their


It is advisable to make sure that you open up a good communication between you and your customers. Some potential buyers, like me, will like to send a message to seller to see if they will get a response
before they buy a product. Communicating with your customer before and after they purchase a product is a major determinant of your online marketing and sales success.


Don’t just put your product on amazon and expect money to be rolling into your account. You need to promote your amazon product link massively through blogs, social networks like facebook, twitter, google+ and comments on other blogs and forums.


Everybody cannot buy your product. Your product can only appeal to a certain class of people. Know may be your buyers would be American, Asian, Chinese or African, young, old, rich, poor, healthy or sick.
This will help you to know where you can find them.

Putting all of the above strategies into use will enable you to make cool, huge and recurrent money as a seller on Amazon.


If you are looking for a way to make money online, affiliate marketing is something you could try. Affiliate marketing still and will continue to rank among the top online money making programs.

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make money online. A lot of bloggers and website owners are making huge percentage of their online income through affiliate marketing and you too could do the same. Affiliate programs involve promoting and marketing a third-party product in exchange for a commission on sales of the product.
If you are really serious about making money online, why not study how affiliate marketing works and how you could profit from it.



One of the strategies to make money from affiliate marketing is to choose a product that is good for you, your audience and for affiliate marketing. For instance, you should choose a product that will be relevant to your audience if you have a blog. You could promote anything on a multi-niche blog but promoting a diabetes product on a technology blog is off key.


The method you are using to promote your affiliate product matters when it comes to making money online. Though, promoting through your blog with huge visitors everyday could be a sure banker for success in selling your affiliate products, channels like social media, paid ads, and email marketing are also a proving ways to make sales from affiliate marketing.


It is advisable to promote the product that you have used before and have a desired result with. However, it is not possible to use every products you want to promote as an affiliate unless you will have a very limited products to promote. What you can do is to make a deep research about the product and what the people that have used it before say about it. This will help you to choose and promote a product with good reputation in the market, making it easy for you to make sales.


Another secret to affiliate marketing sales and success is to know the problem of your audience or what they really want and promote the solution to them, simple as ABC. Check for your ‘most read/popular posts’ and ‘search words’ through your dashboard. The search words through which people come to your site and your most read posts are clues about what your audience really wants from your site. Therefore, promoting an affiliate product that relate to the most searched words and top posts will definitely bring sales, or what do you think?


ClickBank is one of the best and largest affiliate platforms online. ClickBank manages thousands digital deals every day and its affiliates count into millions, meaning it is a well grounded affiliate website.

You can make money online through Clickbank either by selling your own product or by selling other people’s product. The act of marketing other people’s product in order to earn commission from sales is termed AFFILIATE MARKETING while the people marketing other people’s product to receive commission from sales are referred to as AFFILIATE and the product they are promoting is regarded as AFFILIATE PRODUCT.

Selling your own products on ClickBank is one of the best and simplest way to make money online. What you will do is to list your product with them and set the commission rate you are willing to pay to any individual or affiliate who promote and sell your item for you.

Try to make the best out of the traffic which people that are promoting your product as an affiliate are sending to your blog or website or any other page by having a good attractive, well structured and well planned landing page with a good Call-To-Action words or button. This will enable you to reduce your bounce rate and increase your sales rate.

Put ‘ Subscribe By Email’ or ‘ Join Our Newsletter’ form to make it easy for them to follow you. Surely, they will buy your product sooner or later.

Another way you can make money online through Clickbank is to sell other people’s products as an affiliate. The commission an affiliate receives from sales ranges from 5% to 75% depending on the rate set by the owner.

It is advisable that an affiliate promotes a product he/she is familiar with. A product you have used before or that someone you know has used before. It is proper to do thorough research about the product. This will reflect in your written, resulting in sales.

As an affiliate selling on ClickBank, make sure you are frank and reliable about your product. When you sell or are selling quality affiliate products, your buyers will be coming for more and you will be making a lot of money from something called RECURRENT SALES.


Selling your own products and promoting and selling other people’s product as an affiliate are the ways you can make money online through clickbank. Putting all the advises above into practice will help you
to make that money from Clickbank.

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60 Sites You Could Make Money Online

The end reason why people are blogging and engaging in one or two online business is to make money. The following 60 sites could help you to make money online.


1. PayU2Blog.com
2. LinkWorth.com
3. BloggerWave.com
4. Blogitive.com
5. Shvoong.com
6. 451Press.com
7. About.com
8. LinkFromBlog.com
9. BlogPostsForSale.com
10. LoudLaunch.com
11. BlogToProfit.com
12. PayPerPost.com
13. SocialSpark.com
14. Sponzai.com
15. SponsoredReviews.com
16. ReviewMe.com
17. Smorty.com
18. BlogAdvertisingStore.com
19. BuyBlogReviews.com
20. BloggingAds.com
21. BlogBurner.com
22. BlogsVertise.com
23. DayTipper.com
24. CreativeWeblogging.com
25. SheToldMe.com
26. Bukisa.com
27. AssociatedContent.com
28. Xomba.com
29. HubPages.com
30. FortitudeMagazine.com
31. Qondio.com
32. Triond.com
33. eHow.com
34. Tutorial9.net
35. InfoBarrel.com
36. Flixya . com
37. Epinions.com
38. DemandStudios.com
39. DeveloperShed.com
40. Gather.com
41. RateItAll.com
42. Examiner.com
43. ReviewParty.com
44. SharedReviews.com
45. SoftwareJudge.com

I will be writing a detailed article on each of these 60 sites you could make money online.

46. TheNewsRoom.com
47. BloggerParty.com
48. Senserely.com
49. SoulCast.com
50. Meshplex.org
51. ConstantContent.com
52. Suite101.com
53. DigitalJournal.com
54. Helium.com
55. WiseBread.com
56. Squidoo.com
58. WikiNut.com
59. RedGage.com
60. Through your own blog.

55 Sites To Make Money Online

55 Sites To Make Money Online

There are lot of ways to make money online. The following 55 sites are
some of the sites to make money online. You could try one or more of
them if you are serious about making money online.

You could make from the following websites termed ‘Get Paid To’
websites by performing simple tasks.
1. SwagBucks.com
2. Mypoints
3. Treasuretrooper.com
4. Elance.com
5. GangsterGreed
6. Thecashgrab
7. Squishycash.com
8. Get-Paid
9. Cashcrate.com

The following are the list of Pay To Click PPC websites where you
could make money online
10. Beezag.com
11. Freelancer.com
12. Signup.com
13. Wikiclix.com
14. DollarClicker
15. Jingit.com
16. NeoBux.com
17. Incentria.com
18. Varola.com
19. BuxP.com

If you are good at writing articles you could make money as a
freelance writer from the following websites
20. Liveperson.com
21. YouData.com
22. Odesk.com
23. Make that dollar

Photographers could make money through
24 Imgzzz.com
25 Shareapic.com
26 Fotolia.com
27 PixMac.com
28 ShutterStock.com
29 ImagePorter.com
30 DreamsTime.com

You could upload your files and get paid each time users download your
files through these websites:
31. Uploading.com
32. Depositfiles.com
33. Firefiles.org
34. Depositfiles.com
35. Sharecash.org

I have tried taking survey online as a source of income sometimes ago
but i quit because then i do not have my personal computer. You could
try the following website in order to earn money from taking survey

36 SurveyHead.com
37 OpinionOutpost.com
38 PineConeResearch.com
39 Mindfield Online
40 ACOP (American consumeropinion panel)
41 Greenfield.com
42 Synovate.com
43 Yourdailysurveys.com
44 MySurvey.com
45 SurveysPaid.com
46 MyViews.com
47 TestSpin.com
48 MyPoints
49 LighSpeedPanel.com
50 SurveySpot.com
51 TreasureTrooper.com
52 GlobalTestMarket.com
53 DollarSurveys.net
54 SurveySavvy.com
55 VindaleResearch.com

10 Online Survey Sites For South Africans

Online survey is one of the oldest ways of making money online.  However, it favors some countries than the others. Like I always said,  it favors Americans than other citizens.  Am glad to tell you that the following ten online survey sites are good and recommended for South Africans.

10 Online Survey Sites For South Africans

1.  Prize Rebel

This online survey site is recommended for South African because the registration is free. You can start right after registration. Points are awarded after going through the process, and these can later be redeemed for cards from PayPal, iTunes, and Amazon. You get paid through PayPal or direct bank deposit.

2. LifePoints

Want to make money through online surveys in South Africa? Then try lifepoints because it offers a user-friendly interface, and one can start receiving payments within the first week of joining. The entire process is short and can take you up to 10 minutes to complete. Also,  you are automatically entered into a sweepstake draw just in case you do not qualify for the assignment.

3.  Paid Viewpoint

This is one of the top rated online survey sites for South African. The good things about the site is that it is rated top by survey police and offers rewards to clients for completed work. Members are allowed to maintain only one Paid Viewpoint account which must be validated at the time of registration and also during your initial withdrawal from your account. At the time of registration, members are thoroughly evaluated using a program known as TraitScore. To earn a TraitScore, you are required to provide information about your household, your buying habits, and demographic data. This is done to help safeguard your account. What is earned largely depends on the assignments taken and payments are made through PayPal.

4.  E-Research-Global

This is also a sure online survey site for South African. This site is open for registration to people from all over the world as long as one is 16 years of age or more. No fee is charged for registration. The company offers assessments that also include focus group discussions, questionnaires, and testing of new products. The site also permits clients to earn through referral links. The payments received depend on the difficulty of a review and the amount of time spent to complete it. Payments are made through PayPal, and the company allows you to withdraw as little as $2.00. As an alternative, payments can be made using Payza.com.

5. Brand Institute

If you a South African looking for sure online survey site where you can earn money, then try panel station. The site offers consumers opportunities to review products and services. It is free to join and you get awarded 250 points upon registration. The site presents users with a mobile app that can be used on smartphones. Most of them will earn you between 500 and 5000 points. Accumulated points can be exchanged for gift vouchers from well-known companies

  1. Panel Station
    If you a South African looking for sure online survey site where you can earn money, then try panel station. The site offers consumers opportunities to review products and services. It is free to join and you get awarded 250 points upon registration. The site presents users with a mobile app that can be used on smartphones. Most of them will earn you between 500 and 5000 points. Accumulated points can be exchanged for gift vouchers from well-known companies.
  2. Toluna South Africa
    This survey site is also recommended for South African. Joining is free. Individuals respond to online surveys for money that comes in the form of points for every review that is completed successfully. Clients are also allowed to take part in polls and testing of products. Payment per review is between 1000 and 5000 points and depend on its length. And the minimum payout is set at R100.
  3. SurveySavvy
    This another online survey you can make money from in South Africa. The number of assignments that a member receives per week is determined by their profile; you earn more by providing more information. The site also allows you to earn through referrals, and you can withdraw as little as $1 from your account.
  4. Clinchbucks
    This is a site that offers paid online surveys that can be completed in exchange for CB reward points.

In Clinchbucks, for every task completed, clients are paid in cash, gift certificates, or bitcoins. Earnings are determined by the amount of information provided in your profile. One can also earn additional rewards through referrals to the site.

  1. Global Test Market
    This is another online survey site that is good for South African. It is a popular research company that operates in different parts of the world. Account creation is free. The site offers rewards in the form of MarketPoints that can later be converted to cash. Also, earnings depend on the type of research and one can earn between 50 and 200 MarketPoints for each attempt.
  • money247.com.ng

5 Online Businesses You Can Start With That Low Capital

If you find it hard to do business offline because of high cost of start-ups, why not look at the following five online businesses that you can start with low capital or budget.
5 Online Businesses You Can Start With That Low Capital

  1. Sell customized t-shirts
    This is one way to make money online with a small money. Like drop shipping and affiliate marketing businesses which you will read about below, the inventory of products and shipping is through your supplier. Your own is to customize the designs of the products such as T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, hats, and many others with your own creation.
  2. Drop shipping
    Drop shipping is a very lucrative online business and is a good one to be precise. In drop shipping, you did not need to have actual products to sell. What you need is to be promoting other people products but it is the drop shipping company that will take care of the delivery thus saving you the cost for delivery. Your work is to find a customer and convert it into a sale, and the delivery will be handled by the drop shipping company.
    To make money online from drop shipping, first look for a reputable drop shipping company to work with. You can advertise and market the product for sale or buy the products from a drop shipper for a wholesale price, which is lower than the usual rates and promote it for sale. The delivery will be done by the drop shipper to the customer.
  3. Affiliate marketing
    This is one sure way to make money online. In affiliate marketing you pick other people product and promote. When someone buy through the link you provided, you get a specified commission. This is similar to drop shipping because you don’t have to take care of the shipping arrangement. What you need to succeed is to find and choose a profitable niche and look for affiliate partners from whom you can get any products be it physical or digital. After you have chosen a niche, it will be good if you can create a blog or website to promote the product.
  4. Blogging
    This article you are reading is a result of blogging. Many people are making money through blogging without spending much start-up capital. Make sure to create original, and useful contents to your target market. You need to update your blog regularly. For instance, I try to update this blog which is about making money especially online daily but you should update your blog at least once or twice a week, to drive the attention of your target visitors and search engines like Google, Bing etc
  5. Sell your own digital products
    Another low cost idea is to sell your own digital products, atleast it will save you the shipping costs. The digital products you can sell include courses, music, tutorials etc. One thing is that you must create a digital product that is useful and valuable to your target market. After creating the digital products, you can also offer them at your store, blog as well as advertising them on other platforms such as ClickBank, Amazon, eBay etc

7 Ways To Make Money Online

1. Blogging

One of the most famous ways to make money online is through

blogging. Bloggers,  especially news ones have became famous because of the rate at which they pull and push the internet through information. Like any other professions, there are bloggers who have acquired millions of dollars through their effective blogging practice. With the emergence of digital marketing and online brand promotions, the inclination towards bloggers has skyrocketed .

If you start your blog today and ‘ceteris paribus’ all things being equal, you might be earning thousands of dollars within 2 years.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the act of making money and promoting other people product online and receive a commission whenever your promotion turn to sales.  Many people are making money through affiliate marketing and is in fact one of the surest ways to make money online. Are you serious about earning online money? You can sign up with various online merchants such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Clickbank etc., and promote their products as affiliate and earn a stipulated commission if your promotion turn to saleswhich permit you to sign up and endorse their products. Through affiliate marketing, you are basically linking customers to sellers  through the creation of a simple website or affiliate link. You will be given a returns in the form of commission ranging between 4%-20%.

3. Online Surveys

Online surveys is one of the oldest way to make money online.  As I always say,  it is easier to make money from online surveys if you are from the USA , Canada and UK than any other countries. It is simple and easy most only require 5-20 minutes. 

4. Freelancer

Freelancing is the act of offering your skills online to potential clients and earn money. It is believed that after blogging and affiliate marketing, freelancing is seen as the most profitable online technique to make fast money online. 

If you are a graphics designers and web designers, data entry operator, digital marketing, video testimonials or a writer, you skill is required online.You sign up with websites such as UpWork, WorkNHire, and Freelancer.in, which serve as a ready platform to deliver active clients. You can offer to be writing articles for bloggers and charge them per article. Many websites and blogs need people that will be helping them to be updating their site through regular contents and articles. 

5. YouTube

Don’t get it twisted, people are making it big from YouTube. It is one if the hottest money making method around.  Lot of videos have been created,  uploaded to YouTube and lots of money have been made in return.  Comedy,  sport,  technical know-how and other areas like music has been exploited and make Money from through YouTube.  Is not late now.  The Chinese said ” the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago but the next best time is today.”  What that mean is that you too can join the YouTube money making bandwagon today and live the live of your dream. t present, YouTube is selling like hot cakes and is fittingly offering the opportunity to earn money online. 

6. Website Flipping

Website flipping can be described as the act of selling mini develop or well developed website for a profit.  The trader needs to develop a website, operate on it for let’s say 3-6 months, so that he/she can make money from it. Once you have achieved prominent income for almost three months, try to sell the website on auction through various portals like EmpireFlippers, Flippa etc. Some people are making almost 10-20 times the actual price. For instance, an owner sold a ‘nursing assignment help’ website operative since four months for 20,000$!

7. Domain Trading

Domain trading can be described as the act of buying domain name and sell it at a far higher price thus making huge profit in the process.  I was among those that attended the first internet training school in Nigeria and domain trading was among the various ways they taught us to make money online.  The first domain name is usually sold for $10 but when you want to sell it back,  you could sell it for thousands of dollar.  There was one of my domain names that expire after one year and I didn’t register it back.  When I wanted to do so in the next couple of days.  The registra has taken it and the domain is being offered for sale at $2800.  

How to promote konga affiliate on your blog and make money in Nigeria

You could make money online by promoting products online in order to receive s commission anytime you make a sale. This is called affiliate marketing. One of such program is  Konga affiliate. This is done by posting banner links on your blog. Many bloggers in Nigeria earns huge amount of money from Konga affiliate programme and you too can do the same. 

The function of this article is to teach you how you can promote konga affiliate product on your blog and make money in term of commission.  

By the end of this article, you would have learnt everything that will get you ready to be making money from konga affiliate programme using your blog.

Firstly, you need to Generate Konga Affiliate Links. This is done through the following steps:

(1) The first thing to do login into konga affiliate dashboard here  > http://konga.postaffiliatepro.com

(2) Click on the “Promotion” in the menu

(3) Clik on the “Campaign”. Here you will see the list of campaigns as shown in the picture below.

(4) Now select which campaign you will want to promote. Let say Phones. You will see the following labels:

(a) Banner Name: for instance, Phones 160*600: This means that the banner size will be 160 by 600

(b) Per Sale / Lead : 3 % – this means that you will only be paid of you send someone to buy the product you are promoting.
(c) HTML Code: This is the code you will copy to your blog.
(d) Share buttons: You can click on the share buttons to share konga affiliate products on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

(5). Now click on “Get Banner Link” to reveal the banner codes in HTML. An html code will shown in a box beneath. This is the code you will place on your blog for it to display the banner.

How to Embed Konga Affiliate Links on Your Blog
The next step is put or embed konga affiliate links on your blog.
If you are using blogger;
(a) Copy the konga affiliate banner code as explained above
(b) login into your blogger dashboard
(c) Click on the “Layout”
(d) Click “Add a Gadget” button in the right sidebar, as shown in the picture below
Now paste the konga affiliate banner code you copied on the HTML/JavaScript space provided. You will then have something like as shown in the picture below;
Click on “Save”. Done!
The banner should be showing on your blog.
How to Promote Konga Affiliate Links on WordPress Blog
If you are using WordPress:
(1) Get the Konga affiliate banner link as explained above
(2) Login into your WordPress dashboard
(3) On the dashboard menu, navigate to Appearance > Widgets.

Making money With YouTube

YouTube is a great way to make money online. A lot of wise onliners are making huge amount of dollars online through YouTube videos. Though, making money from YouTube is not easy as it sounds as you need to put in place some procedures. However, when you have a reputable YouTube channels with lots of daily visitors, you could make money from it via the following ways.

5 Ways To Earn From Your YouTube Channel

  1. Offer access to unlisted recordings

As a YouTube publisher you have the option to mark your videos as unlisted recordings, which implies they won’t appear in your channel or list items. You can then offer them through another medium, for
example, another video or a blog entry.

On the other hand, in the event that you would prefer not to have those recordings on YouTube by any stretch of the imagination, then host them on Amazon S3.

  1. Paid reviews/surveys

You can likewise make money from YouTube by offering the generation of a whole video that surveys or reviews a publicist’s item or showcases their advantages.

This technique can be exceptionally lucrative, but you have to make sure that you only review a good product and which could be beneficial to your YouTube subscribers or visitors. Reviewing poor product and given it good recommendation could spoil your reputation if your viewers try it out and found out that the product performed below your recommendation. They will not want to buy from your recommendation

  1. Sell your own items or administrations

On the chance that you maintain a business that offers certain items or administrations, you can draw in more clients by making a video that advances those offers and transferring it on YouTube. Making a YouTube video of your product will enable viewers to see the true picture of the product, which could induce them to buy the product.

  1. Audit affiliate items

In case you don’t have your own product, you can still make money from YouTube by reviewing or auditing other people’s products. There are two ways to make money on YouTube by auditing other people’s product. One is by earning commission from sales of the product whenever your YouTube viewers buy through the affiliate link you provide when you review the product. The second way is to collect money directly from the owner of the product you are reviewing on your YouTube video.

Putting affiliate links inside your video portrayal is a decent approach to profit from other people’s items or administrations, you can profit by devoting an entire recordings to affiliate items.

A decent approach to support your profit with this technique is to make a video of you utilizing the item and the outcomes you got.

  1. Offer the channel for sale

Much the same as a business owner can choose to sell his business in the wake of developing it, you also can choose to sell your YouTube channel. You could make lot of money if you offer to sell a youtube
channel with huge number of followers, subscribers and with thousands of organic search traffic from Google because channels that draw in web index traffic are more important than those pulling in visits just
from subscribers.

8 How To Build A Successful YouTube Campaign

How To Build A Successful YouTube Campaign

YouTube is for everybody, from individuals to business owners. For
individuals it is a video sharing device for sharing fun and
entertaining moments of their life with fans, friends and family.
While the platform is used by business owners to communicate to the
public, advertise and demonstrate their products or services to

YouTube has gained popularity because of the ease of shooting, editing
and posting videos from computers and smart phones.

  1. YouTube Videos by individuals

Creative individuals can shoot video of anything that does not violate
the principles guiding public policy and well-being. For instance, a
man shot a video of himself raising football for many minutes without
the ball hitting the ground, exhibiting different skills during the
process. The video went viral on YouTube.
My friend and I were in one compound doing something. He then imagined
that a very wicked bull dog they have on that house suddenly escaped
from his cage and started pursuing him. I said I will take out my
phone and take the video clip of him and the dog running around and
then upload it on Facebook. Those are interesting video about your
life that people will like to watch.

  1. Business YouTube videos

Should always be business related. You can shoot video about how
people can use your product or enjoy your service. You can use YouTube
videos to explain or simplify the technicality of your technological
product. You can take video of your satisfied customers giving
testimony about how great or helpful your products or services are.
Let your video be interesting enough. Pay attention to your
introductory part because it will go a long way in determining whether
your viewers will continue watching the video or not. Don’t let it
look like ‘ it’s not interesting in the beginning but the end is
superb or it’s interesting in the beginning but I don’t like the way
it ends.’
Let your video be interesting from the start to the end.

  1. Create playlist

To Make your contents more user-friendly, you need to organize your
video into different playlists. With this, viewers will see your
videos as a unified and organized videos rather than a dis-jointed and
unrelated ones. Your viewers will have a good experience watching your
videos because they clearly understand the purpose of each and every

  1. Share other people’s video

If you watch a YouTube video that caught your interest, you can share
it with others on your social media pages and with people visiting
your blog or website. With this you are popularizing your self and the
original owner of the video. This is what social networking is meant
to be after-all. Such people can even pay you back by sharing your
In reciprocal. With this you always have something interesting for
your audience, helping you to keep hold of them and attract new ones.

  1. Always remember to Tag and Categorize your videos

Tagging and categorizing your videos make your videos look tidy, bring
in the targeted audience and is search engines friendly. Business can
categorize their YouTube videos under titles such as our business,
staff, success stories, testimony, awards, charity, social
responsibility, legal, business policy, management etc.

  1. Promote your YouTube videos

After you have created your YouTube video or videos, the next thing is
to promote it anywhere you like. You can embed your YouTube videos on
your website or blog. Facebook profile and fan page are also good
places to embed your YouTube videos.
This will give your videos the needed exposure as visitors to your
website or blog and your social media fans, friends or followers will
like to check out your channel.
You can also use online paid advertisement to promote your videos. You
can use Google Adwords or Facebook ad to promote your video viral on
the internet.
Another way to promote your YouTube videos is to put your Your YouTube
channel or link on your business card and other promotional materials
like flyers, stickers etc.
It is even a common thing nowadays to see people promoting their
YouTube videos and channel on national TV, radio and newspapers.
No doubt about it, the more promotion you give your videos, the more
traffic you can drive, the stronger your brand name and the more
successful your YouTube campaign could be.

  1. Monetizing your YouTube videos

Business and individuals can monetize their YouTube videos at least to
cover expenses incurred in shooting, editing, uploading and promoting
the videos. For some people monetizing YouTube videos is a great way
to earn a living online. You can sell spaces on your YouTube page
directly to advertisers or indirectly through Program like Google

  1. Monitor your video success

YouTube has an analytical tool that help you to know which of your
videos are attracting the highest views, the geographical location of
your audience, the links which generate the most views etc. This will
help you to concentrate on your strength and improve on your weakness.


Using YouTube can reveal the creative genius in individuals. While,
business can use it to compete favorably in today’s business environ.
Both individuals and business can monetize their YouTube videos to
cover their expenses as well as to earn legitimate income online.

23 Sports Magazines Paying Writers up to $750 Per Article

23 Sports Magazines Paying Writers up to $750 Per Article
Sports magazines are fun to write for. They’re generally
activity-based and prospective writers know exactly who their target
market is. The articles are usually clear-cut and editorial
timetables, often predictable. There’s also a wide range of topics
which can be covered around the different sporting activities.

If you play sports as an amateur or a professional, or you’re just a
writer who writes about sport, you’ll be excited about this definitive
list of paying sports magazines we’ve trawled the Internet to collect
for you.

1.Golf Tips Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Golf Tips Magazine is dedicated to golf equipment, know-how and tips
on golfing. They are looking for articles about equipment maintenance
and use, golf clubs and much more. They prefer you to pitch them

Pitching is done by email, and prospective writers should expect to
send a detailed proposal before starting any work.

  1. Adventure Cyclist

Pay: up to 60 cents per word

Adventure Cyclist invites writers to submit articles about travel
cycling. They prefer you to pitch them your ideas first before
proceeding with your article. They pay 30 to 60 cents per word. This
rate is negotiable.

This publication has specific editorial guidelines, so do check their
site keenly before writing. They also encourage freelancers to send in
photos with their work.

  1. American Snowmobiler

Pay: Unspecified

American Snowmobiler is a publication of Kalmbach Publishing and it’s
dedicated widely to snowmobiles and snowmobiling in America. They want
articles on the following: travel stories, sled modification stories,
how-to stories and personality stories.

They encourage freelancers to pitch them via email. Photos are also accepted.

  1. Blackbelt Magazine

Pay: $300

Blackbelt Magazine is a publication of Cruz Bay Inc. They focus on
publishing material on techniques, training methods, history,
philosophy, and health and fitness teaching in martial arts. They are
looking for articles of the following types: strategical or technical
skills and historical or philosophical matters in martial arts. They
expect each article to be no more than 3,000 words long.

Blackbelt Magazine prefers writers to pitch stories or ideas via
email. Features with photos are paid at a higher rate.

  1. Dirt Rag

Pay: 10 cents per word

Dirt Rag is a publication dedicated to off-road cycling. They are in
need of articles in the following categories: Product reviews, New
Gear, Racing, Interviews/Features. They expect each article to be no
more than 3,500 words long.

Dirt Rag is staffed mainly by freelancers, so do check their site to
see if you qualify to write for them.

  1. Golf Course Management

Pay: Unspecified

Golf Course Management wants articles that address problems faced by
golf course superintendents. These pieces should also share techniques
to help them do their job more effectively. They prefer you to pitch
them first – via email.

This publication pays upon acceptance of your article. Their
submission guidelines are quite specific, so read these carefully
before writing anything.

  1. Gripped

Pay: $250

Gripped is widely-read and stylish climbing publication. They are in
need of content for the following columns: Features, Northern Faces,
Area Profiles and Reviews. They expect each article to be no more than
2,500 words long.

Pitches and queries are to be made via email, but do check their
editorial timetable, as they may be open for freelancers only during
parts of the year.

  1. Powder Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Powder Magazine is a publication dedicated to skiers. They cover an
extensive array of skiing topics like back country, ski
mountaineering, park and pipe skiing, ski bumming, heli skiing,
racing, expeditions, personalities and trends, to environmental

Articles should not exceed the 2,000 words limit. They encourage
prospective writers to be familiar with the magazine before attempting
to write for them.

  1. Referee

Pay: 4 cents per word (or more)

Referee isread by sportsmen worldwide, and provides educational and
training materials vital to sports officials. They are in need of
content for the following categories: Features, Sports-Specific
articles and Columns. Each article is not expected to exceed the 3,500
words length.

Pitches, ideas and articles should be made via email. However, Referee
has an editorial schedule, so writers should make themselves aware of
details before sending a proposal.

  1. Shotgun Sports

Pay: up to $200

Shotgun Sports magazine is a publication that focuses on shotgunning.
Writers are required to have a first-hand knowledge of hunting and
trapshooting before submitting or pitching the magazine. They are in
need of content within the following areas: Test Reports, Think
Pieces, Round-ups, Historical pieces and Interviews.

They expect prospective freelancers to pitch ideas or queries via
email. They’ve published a detailed submissions guidelines’ page, so
do read this before attempting to write for them.

  1. Snowshoe Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Snowshoe Magazine is a long-running publication on snowshoeing. They
also publish technical tips for snowshoers. Their call for submission
is for content within the following categories: health and fitness,
destinations, competitive racing, advocacy (protection of the
environment and open space), equipment (other than snowshoes) and any
personal experience story. Articles are not expected to exceed the
2,000 words limit.

Emailed pitches are preferred, but new writers should expect to send a
short bio and a few links to previously published work.

  1. Sporting Classics Magazine

Pay: $700

Sporting Classics is an American publication dedicated to hunting and
fishing. They are in need of a wide range of content covering the
following topics: travel stories, hunting and fishing destinations and
many more.

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Sporting Classics Magazine expects you to pitch your story or ideas via email.

  1. Sports Afield

Pay: Unspecified

Sports Afield is an outdoor magazine, publishing high-end pursuits,
especially in North-America and Africa big-game hunting. They are in
need of content for the following topics: big-hunting destinations,
hunting adventure stories, rifle and caliber stories for hunting. They
expect each article to be no more than 2,500 words.

Emailed queries are encouraged. Freelancers can also submit photos to
this publication.

  1. Sports Collectors Digest

Pay: Unspecified

Sports Collectors Digest covers a wide array of material relating to
modern sports collecting. They are in need of content within the
following categories: Profiles, Feature Stories and Event Coverage.

Prospective writers can send their unsolicited manuscripts or pitch
the editor. However, this publication encourages freelancers to send
links to their previously published work when querying.

  1. Sports Spectrum

Pay: Unspecified

Sports Spectrum is a sports publication with a Christian twist. They
publish copies that help lead people to faith in Jesus Christ, and to
encourage Christians to grow in their walk – while focusing on
Christian athletes. They require writers to be Christ-centered, or
Christians and experienced sports writers.

They invite freelancers to pitch the editor with ideas. But would like
them to be familiar with the magazine before attempting to write for

  1. Triathlete

Pay: Unspecified

Triathlete Magazine is a classic, long-running publication, dedicated
to the sports of Triathlon. They are focused on multi-sport training
tips and programs, nutrition articles, gear and apparel guides,
athlete profiles and triathlon-related travel stories. They like
articles to be within the 1,200 words limit.

Pitches are made by email.

  1. Sports Fishing Magazine

Pay: $750

Sports Fishing Magazine is read by, and marketed to the serious
saltwater fishermen in North America and beyond. They are looking for
content within the Features and Departments categories.

This publication expects you to pitch your ideas via email. However,
they have detailed submissions guidelines on their website, which all
prospective writers should study before attempting to produce work for

  1. Backcountry Magazine

Pay: 35 cents per word

Backcountry Magazine focuses on background skiers, courses and general
news on back country skiing. They are looking for content in the
following categories: Features, Destinations, Profiles, Mountain Skill
pieces and Personal Essays.

This publication accepts submissions with specific guidelines, so do
read their page before sending your proposal.

  1. Chronicles Of Horses

Pay: $250

Chronicles of Horses is a very long-running and widely
read-publication, dedicated to a wide array of horse-related topics
including, dressage, hunters and jumpers, foxhunting, steeplechase,
racing and much more. They invite freelancers to submit articles
within the 2,500 word limit.

Please pitch your idea via email before writing.

  1. Canadian Running

Pay: Unspecified

Canadian Running Magazine focuses on topics related to running in
Canada. They prefer content from athletes, coaches, sports doctors,
dietitians and most importantly, Canadians. They expect each article
to not exceed the 2,500 word limit.

Emailed pitches are welcome. This publication has a specific editorial
style, so do read their website before submitting any work.

  1. Cruising World

Pay: $300

Cruising World Magazine is a publication whose target audience is
interested in cruising and speed boating. They encourage freelancers
to submit articles within the 2,000 word limit. They expect you to
pitch your ideas via email.

There are specific editorial guidelines on their website, so please
read it for complete details.

  1. SAILING Magazine

Pay: $500

Sailing Magazine covers every detail of sailing, from learning how to
sail, to riding cruisers across the pacific. They are looking for
content in the following categories: sailing destinations, sailing
navigation, boats, maintenance and upgrades. They like articles which
do not exceed the 3,000 word limit.

They expect pitches to be emailed, and welcome unsolicited copies.

  1. USPHA

Pay: $100

USHPA is a publication of the United States Hang Gliding and
Paragliding Association, Inc. This magazine is dedicated to Hang
Gliding and Paragliding. They expect each article not to exceed the
3,000 words limit.

USPHA encourages prospective writers to email them with their proposal.
Source: writersincharge.com

10 Tips To Make Money From LinkedIn

  1. Make a LinkedIn group.

In order to make money from LinkedIn, it is important to create a group around a fascinating and pertinent niche or topic. You can email new individuals utilizing a custom welcome format when they join . Try to initiate people in your group to join your email by offering free stuffs for them if they join. You could also be sending them emails about things happening in the group once every week.

  1. In the event that you can’t move over individuals from your LinkedIn group to your mailing list, just
    keep in mind to duplicate the most vital email you send to your subscribers every week (if material) and glue it into a week by week group letter email.
  2. Include your free giveaway (e-book, report, white paper, and so on.) to the promotions segment of your LinkedIn profile. Individuals will be capable to navigate specifically to your landing page. You’ll see it in the right sidebar under “Suggested for you” when you go to your LinkedIn profile and click the Edit symbol.
  3. Try not to be enticed to include your LinkedIn contacts to you’re mailing list. LinkedIn does not offer the alternative to send out your contacts’ data through email.
  4. Offer Info Products

On the chance that you are advertising your own info products, LinkedIn can be an awesome spot to do it. Learning how to sell stuffs on LinkedIN could help you to get individuals into your deals channel and onto your business page.

  1. Make a free bit of content. Free video recordings, white papers, reports, and ebooks are an simple approach to get potential clients into your deals pipe. Offer a connection to your landing page with your
    LinkedIn associations and groups.
  2. Initiate individuals to a free online course.

Providing free online courses is a promising and one of the best ways to get people attention online especially into your mailing list. During that course you will be able to offer them your info products
and they will feel less reluctant to buy from you.

  1. Offer LinkedIn rebates.

Individuals cherish the thought of discount. Make a unique discount offer for your new item also, impart it to your LinkedIn networks and groups.

  1. Include your new item under the activities i.e projects and promotion segment of your LinkedIn profile. This area of your LinkedIn profile are the main ones that offer the capacity to straightforwardly connect to your site.
  2. Exploit the promotion area of the group profile page since all members of the group are potential
    buyers of your product. It is recommended but not compulsory that you promote product that relate to linkedin. Like ‘how to grow your LinkedIn networks to thousand’ and stuff like that.


Infolinks is one of the most ideal ways to monetize your blog and earn money online since it permits you to serve In-content/text advertisements on your site and will get paid for each legitimate click.

Infolinks naturally get the best-paying keywords from your posts and articles and underline them.

Every time, a guest drifts over one of these highlighted words, it demonstrates a promotion identified with that keywords.

At whatever point a reader taps on these promotions, you will get paid.

After signing up, you can without much of a stress tweak your Infolinks advertisements to show signs of improvement that will enhance readers experience and along these lines expand your income.

You can customize it in such a way that it will attract and be easy for visitors to click the links and ads because more clicks lead to more income.

The following basic tips will help you to improve your Infolinks advertisements and boost your incomes.


  1. Build Up Your Content

Having like 1000 quality posts will bring more traffic to your site than with 50 posts. This will also have a positive result on your income with infolinks ads.

  1. Match The Color/Link Shading

Pick a link coloring or shading that matches to your site shading. The shade of the In-text links of infolinks ought to emerge from the content shade of your pages. From the ads setting you could preview and improve how Infolinks In-text ads will be showing on your site.

Pick your links shading admirably. Let it suits your site’s hyperlink shading to get more clicks.

  1. Use Single Underline

You can set the highlighted lines on your pages to single or twofold underlined.

Infolinks serves better-paying promotions with twofold underlined keyword.

So individuals tend to utilize twofold underline, which gives an unmistakable message to your site visitors.

So it is ideal to make the underline single, so individuals think this as an ordinary link and this will build your CTR.

  1. Pick the Best Content Classification/Category

You can pick any of the content classifications from the given rundown. Pick the right classification for your site for better-focused and relevant ads.

You can without much of a stress change your current classification from ‘My Sites’ menu. Select a legitimate classification for your site and see the outcome.

  1. Make Use of Infolinks On/off Content – Infolinks Ads Placement Control

The position labels permit the you to control where to show the Infolinks promotions.

Expel the promotions from your header and sidebar utilizing the Infolinks On/off Text. So you will get more advertisements in your contents and this will expand your CTR.

  1. Moderate Links Per Page

Infolinks prescribe keeping the links per page to its maximum(12). They claimed that that will help you to get optimum attention and
clicks from your visitors. However, this is only good for sites with
lengthy articles. I advice you keep the ratio of your in-text links to number of post words to 1:100. That is 1 link per every 100 words. Don’t bother your visitors with an excessive number of advertisements.

  1. Related Tags for Better CTR

Related labels permit you to expand your clicks and income by including important educational labels inside your site’s content.

The Infolinks calculation will pick the best keywords for the page and show them as labels inside the Related Tags cloud.

  1. InFrame to Display Banner Promotions Infolinks InFrame will show alluring standard promotions in the edges of your site’s pages.

These advertisements depend on your category. So for better CTR pick the right class/category.

  1. Include more Websites

You can include more sites and online blogs to the same Infolinks account. So you can oversee each record utilizing one dashboard.

Definitely, you will make money from 5 highly traffic sites with infolinks ads than with one.

How to monetize blogger platform.with infolinks

Lot of people are embrassing the blogging or .com career and most of them started with or using the blogger/blogspot platform. Blogger is a free blogging service which was launched in 1999 but later acquired by Google in 2003. Blogger gives millions of people and companies a free opportunity to express themselves online through their blogging platform. Bloggers also allow publishers to earn from
their content. Google adsense is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to monetize blogger platform.

There are numerous ways you can monetize a site hosted with wordpress platform (great rival of blogger platform) especially via plugins of online advertisement sites.

Non-availability of plugins for blogger platform limit or let say make it rigid to monetize blogger platform.

Infolinks is one of the best ways to monetize wordpress blogs. Infolinks was an online advertising and blog monetization solution established in 2007. Infolinks provides InText advertising solution thus ensures the highest revenue sharing basis to all publishers.

Therefore, i ask this question on Google “can i use infolinks on my blogger blog?”

The answers i got show that bloggers using blogger/blogspot platform can as well monetize their blog with infolinks. Infact, infolinks have a widget specifically designed for bloggers using blogger/blogspot to
earn money online via their blog by displaying infolinks ads on their blog.

According to Tomer Treves, Infolinks Chief Marketing Officer, “Infolinks is pleased to provide the blogging community with an easy-to-use widget that generates an additional stream of revenue. Providing this Blogger widget was a natural step for Infolinks, as we fully support the bloggers community.
We’ll do anything we can in order to help bloggers monetize while sharing their thoughts and feelings with the online community.”

How The New Infolinks Blogger Widget Works?

When you install the Infolinks Blogger widget, the Infolinks algorithm scans the site and then converts the chosen keywords into relevant Pay Per Click (PPC) contextual ads which appear as double underlined hyperlinks within blog content. This ensure high conversion rates and good advertising revenues for bloggers.

Are you looking for another ways to monetize your site other than adsense? One of the best ways to monetize your site and make money online is through CPM ads networks. However, it is important to know that the only way you could make money from CPM ads is by having thousands of visitors and pageviews per day.

Below is a list of some of the best CPM ad network which you could use to monetize your site.

8 Top CPM Ads Networks To Monetize Your Site

  1. Exponential (Former Tribal Fusion)
    Publisher Reguirement
    500,000 unique users per month
    Minimum payment
    Payment Frequency
    Monthly,Net 45
    Payment methods
    PayPal, Checks

Revenue sharing 55%

  1. AdsOptimal
    AdsOptimal is one of the leading and most famous CPM publisher network online. One of the advantages of Adsoptional is that they accept new sites.
    They provide CPM, CPC, and conversion based ads. They also partnered with the top network like Google AdSense, Criteo, DoubleClick, etc.

It may takes 1-5 business days for their approval process to be completed. Once approved, you will get an activation bonus between $5 to $15.

  1. Epom
    Publisher requirement
    Accept all kinds of traffic.

Conversant(former ValueClick Media)
Publisher Pre-requisite
3000 page views per month
Minimum payment
Payment Frequency
Payment methods
PayPal, check, and direct deposit.

  1. Amazon CPM ads
    This is different from the Amazon affiliate program.
    Amazon CPM ads pay publishers per pageviews measured per 1000. They are part of the
    Amazon partnership program, but the down side of Amazon CPM is that right now it’s available for
    selected associates only.

However, you can log in and check whether you have the CPM option in your dashboard, if you already have an amazon associate account.

  1. Sovrn (Former Lijit)
    Publisher Requirement
    Minimum payment
    Payment Frequency
    Payment methods
    Type of ads
    advertising based on website
  2. PulsePoint
    Publisher Requirement
    Minimum payment
    Payment Frequency
    Monthly, net 45
    Payment methods
    Note: Contextweb and Datran Media
    are now PulsePoint.
  3. Advertising.com
    Publisher Requirement
    Huge traffic
    Minimum amount for payment
    Payment Frequency
    Payment methods
    Advertising.com is a division of
    AOL networks.
  4. AdPepper
    Publisher Requirement
    50,000 unique visitors per
    Minimum payment
    Payment Frequency
    Payment methods
    PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer
    AdPepper media provide CPM, CPC
    and CPA campaigns.

20 Ways To Make Money In Lagos Nigeria

Lagos state is a land of the husslers and one of the most richest and most populated cities in the world. Lagos is one of those shrouded place where you will ever be happy to stay. Most Nigeria Business
goliaths and commercial enterprises are found in Lagos.

When one English man visited Lagos, he said, everything in Lagos is Gold. He said even the sands in Lagos are money. The man is quite right, Lagos is the commercial city of Nigeria. It was estimated that
70% of Nigeria money are made in Lagos.

In a bustling city like Lagos, not each adolescent as what it takes to secure a good employment with
extravagant auto and a sumptuous house. As a result, Lagosians have gathered numerous ways to create job for themselves as they discovered that waiting for the government is a waste of time.

Today I will be indicating you portion of the ways you can make your legitimate money in Lagos state Nigeria.

  1. Agriculture : Lagos is a modern city but do you know that her residence still involves in one form of agriculture or the other. Not all foods in Lagos come from other part of Nigeria. Numerous youth participate in Poultry farming, vegetable cultivating, catfish business and more.
  2. Canteens and Eateries : Lagos is a bustling city, each one is on the go. If you are going out around 4am in the morning, you will be surprised to find people outside going to their places of work. This means they barely have time to cook. Therefore, food canteens is a very profitable business in Lagos especially if you in a busy location.
  3. Beer Parlour and Restaurants

This is a very moving and profitable business in Lagos because the residence love ‘faji.’ After the day hussle, some category of men like to go or gather at the beer parlour as a group and enjoy themselves.

  1. Recharge Card Centers : recharge cards selling business was so popular in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole in the early days of telecommunication in Nigeria as most people do not have access to GSM like today and the calling rate then was higher. However, recharge cards selling is still a profitable and triving business in Lagos especially in a busy area. Numerous people tend to take up this business since it require moderately low cash-flow and its simple to oversee.
  2. Lesson Centers : Nigeria graduates with great mind, embrace this business, when they are not utilized or thinks that its hard to get their dream work, they tend to utilize their insight to offer assistance to
    students seeking admission in higher institutions like Universities and polytechnics. By so doing, they acquire marvelous cash, particularly in exams period like WAEC, JAMB, A-LEVEL, POST JAMB etc.
  3. Digital Cafe : Lagosians use the internet for many things and most people do not have their own PC. Therefore owning a Cyber Cafe is a sure way to make money in Lagos.
  4. Saloon : barbing salon for men and beauty salon for women are sure business in Lagos when your shop is cited in a busy and populated area.

There are over 20 million people in Lagos and all these people must take care of their hair atleast once a month.

  1. Online business: you can start a blog where you post contents about how to solve the problems Lagosians and Nigeria are facing. Like posting how to solve Etisalat, Glo, MTN, Zaim problems. You can also write about banking issues. Nigerians like entertainment, so having an entertainment blog could be a good idea.
  2. Painting
  3. Cleaning
  4. All forms of vocational works like
  5. Tailoring,
  6. Bricklaying,
  7. Tiling,
  8. POP and Screeding,
  9. Carpentry and furniture,
  10. Electricians,
  11. Plumbing
  12. Pure water business
  13. Transport and lot more.


There is nothing sweet as earning free money on the internet or online. There are many websites that give you free money in form of bonus when you sign up or pertake in one or more activities on their site. This a way of promoting their websites or products through given out free gift cards or money.

This article will show you how you could make money online through Netspend.com. Relax, drink water as you are about to read about one of the surest way to make money online.


  1. Visit Netspend.com and open an account with the site.

The sign up mean that you are requesting for a prepaid, reloadable
card from Netspend.

  1. Create an account to get “Visa” Debit card.

Is a sure method and hundreds of people are making money through netspend.

  1. Your NetSpend “Visa” Debit card will be ready within 10 business days. That means your debit card will be ready for use anytime from the date you open it to the next 10 days.
  2. The next step is to login to your NetSpend account and activate your NetSpend card. This is after you have received your card.
  3. The fifth step is a trickish step but important. You need to load your card with a minimum of $40 dollars using PayPal, your bank account or other options given by NetSpend.
  4. After you have loaded your account with $40.00, NetSpend will credit your account balance with $20.00.
  5. As expected, the next thing you could do is to withdraw the $60.00 via ATM machines and you could decide to use it to buy items online or at your local store. It is important to know that you could use your card and the money on it to buy things anywhere you can use a credit card. And if you decide to keep the money in your NetSpend card, no problem because your money is safe.

Note: you’ll be charge $2.00 fee for a PIN transaction or a $2.50 ATM if you withdraw the money via ATM or cash back.

If you really want to earn money online and you have $40 to spend, then visit NetSpend and follow the above seven steps to earn $20 extra money.


One of the ways you could make money online through twitter is to promote affiliate products to your followers. The following tips will you to do things right and make your money online on twitter via
affiliate marketing.


  1. Certified Recommendations

To make money from twitter via affiliate marketing, it is advisable to promote a tested and certified products. An affiliate product is tested and certified if you or someone close to you have used the
product before. You should just suggest items that you have utilized or have had somebody close to you who you trust utilized, certified and ready to reccomend. When your followers know that you have used it before, it will add weight to your offer. Know that if you recommend a product that is not working, you will lose the trust you have with your followers on twitter and will be almost impossible to convince those buyers to buy from you again.

  1. Personalization Matters

It is better to let your followers know that you are the one promoting the product and that you involve directly in the affiliate promotion. Since they trust you, they can buy from you.

  1. Let Your Affiliate Products Be Relevant

In order to make money from twitter through affiliate marketing, you need to only promote products that are relevant to your tweets. It is this connection between your tweets and your affiliate products that could induce your followers to buy from you. Promoting an affiliate product that has little or nothing to do with what you regularly tweet about on Twitter is not recommended.

In case you’re going to straightforwardly promote your affiliate products on Twitter, ensure they are
significant and relevant to the nature of your tweets.

  1. Be Conversational

To make money on twitter through affiliate marketing, you to have a good communication with your followers. This will allow them to see you as someone they can trust. They will see you as a friend.

  1. Don’t Post The Affiliate Link Directly ( this is an option)
    It would be much more viable and less meddlesome with the way of life on Twitter to tweet a to a post you’ve composed on your online blog or website.
    Incorporates a straightforward Review and audit of the product on your web journal, give an adjusted
    audit, offer why the affiliate item is pertinent to your followers, let them know what benefits they might
    derive from the affiliate product.
  2. Control Your Promotion

In order to make money with affiliate products on twitter, you need to control the number of affiliate marketing tweets you are rolling out. Your followers will start to ‘switch off’ and ended up incognizant in
regards to your promotions on the chance that you hit them too much with promotional

10 Strategies To Make Money With Twitter

If you are interested in making money online, then you would have thought about how to make money from social media especially twitter. There are a lot of approaches to profit on the web, however not every
one of them are made equivalent. With Twitter, notwithstanding, there are more open doors than any other time in recent memory to create some additional income on the web.

If a lot of people are making money from twitter, why can’t you? The following list will show you ways you could make money from twitter.


  1. Gather information

This is the act of requesting thoughts and commitments from a huge gathering or group. Is a method of marketing that is very effective particularly with regards to online networking.

Since twitter is an online social media with the opportunity to build huge number of followers, crowdsourcing is a viable approach to get commitments from your followers so as to reserve your business or thought.

  1. Offer products

Another way you could make money on twitter is to offer a product to your followers. Let them know directly that you are offering the product to them, because you know it will be beneficial to them. When
offering products for sale on twitter, it is important to study your followers and what they could need. There are lot of applications that could do this for you.

  1. Produce your own particular Twitter-related app.

Think, think and think!!! Try to think about an app that people could need on twitter in order to make their online social media life and marketing more powerful, fun or interesting.

You can also think about how to improve already existing twitter apps. For instance, most twitter users will like to build their followers up to thousands and millions. If you could develop an app for easy twitter followers building or create a website where people link together and follow each others.

  1. Sell followers

You could offer followers to your followers on twitter. You could buy those followers from sites that sell followers and offer it to your followers on twitter and put your own gain. For instance, if you could get 5000 followers from sellers at $5, you could offer to sell it to your followers at maybe $7.

  1. Use Sponsored Tweets

Another way you could make money on twitter is to charge organizations for your Tweets via SponsoredTweets. Through sponsoredtweets you can discover marketers who will pay you to Tweet about their items for a charge you mastermind.

Simply ensure that you watch what you Tweet as an afterthought. Many people are earning through sponsoredtweets and i don’t see the reason why you can’t make money through it especially if you have huge number of followers and your twitter account is older than 90 days.

  1. Find potential buyers

Another way to make money through twitter is to use Twitter’s awesome search engine to look for people who might be interested in your product or service. For instance, if you are selling diabetes
products, you can search out potential buyers in view of their bios and what they’re Tweeting. Search for people who are tweeting about diabetes, especially those that are looking for a solution.

For instance, You can discover potential buyers by searching for terms like “need drug for diabetes” or “how to manage diabetes.” From there, you can Tweet at the individual and let them know of the product or service you have on diabetes.

  1. Hold a Twitter challenge or contest.

Contact companies that might be interested in promoting their brand. Then hold a twitter contest with winners going with one or some of the products of the brand. This will make a lot of your followers to be
aware of the brand products. For instance, you could ask your followers questions about a particular brand and promise to give maybe five people who get it right in the fastest time a product or money from the brand. Then collect an agreed amount of money from the brand as your service charge.

  1. Use YouTube.
    Another way you could profit or make money from twitter is to open a twitter account and be directing your twitter followers to videos you have created on a particular topic or solution. For instance, you could make video on how to increase your followers on twitter. Most people will be interested in that. Put Google AdSense on that video and make money from those that are going to view your YouTube videos.
  2. Create a niche blog about twitter

This is another great way to make money from twitter. Create a blog that only centered on twitter. What i mean is that you only write about twitter related articles. For instance, you only write about how to make money with twitter, twitter applications etc. You could also occasionally share the latest news and development on twitter, but let it be inform of articles. Post as many articles as possible with a target minimum of 100 with majority of the articles more than 500 words and at least twenty articles with more than 1200 words. Then build enough backlinks to atleast 60, according to alexa ranking, so that Google will rank your site and let you benefited from searches about twitter. Monetize your site with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. You could even develop your own ebook about your experience on twitter, or about how you grow your twitter-niche blog how you are making money from twitter or how you build your twitter followers from zero to ten thousands.

  1. Promote affiliate product

The best affiliate products i will recommend you promote to your twitter followers are products about how to be successful on twitter. Like “how to grow your followers on twitter”, “how to make money on twitter” and so on.

Make Money With Gramfree

Another money making site that i want to mention in this book is gramfree. Though, i will not elaborate much on it because is still new so i don’t know how long is going to last but am already making money from it. You need to do your own analysis and know maybe you want to do it or know.

Gramfree is not a quick money making scheme because you have to work before you can reap. You have to be performing tasks everyday. Tasks like rolling every hour, 5 rolls per day, watch 5 one minute videos per day, sign one smart contract per day, refer people and get 5 grams. Each gram is equivalent to $2 dollars. Before you know it you would have build your account up to 500 gram which is the minimum requirement for withdrawal and equivalent to $1000. If you are interested, click here to sign up.

Note: Anytime the program is not working anymore , i will try to update this book.

Ebook publishing

This is one of the surest ways to make money online. Am an ebook publisher myself with over 30 books on Amazon kindle and other ebook publishing platforms and am receiving my royalties monthly. This book you are reading is also part of my work. Am saying this to let you know that ebook publishing is real. The good thing is that ebook publishing is a field that anyone that could write good articles can enter.  My advice is that you should have at least 5 books ready before you publish your first book because you don’t know maybe it will sell or not. And if it didn’t sell you will get discouraged. However, putting 5 books out is a good way to really test the market. Some top sites you can publish your book are Amazon kindle which is the biggest, Smashwords, Draft2digital, Lulu , Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBook, Gumroad and so on. Read more about this online before going live. Nobody could tell you how much you can make from online book publishing since it depends on many factors including marketing

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