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Man is running 161 kilometres in 24 hours to raise money for the local food bank


Darius Sam has raised more than $6,700 for the Nicola Valley Food Bank by pledging to run 100 miles or 161 kilometres in 24 hours or less. (Submitted by Darius Sam)

Darius Sam is running 161 kilometres in less than 24 hours this Saturday in support of the Nicola Valley Food Bank in Merritt, B.C.
Sam, 19, wasn’t always a community-minded person; in fact, he said until five months ago, he had a bad reputation in the Nicola Valley and had fallen in with the "wrong crowd."
He made a New Year’s resolution to turn his life around, so he turned to fitness as a way to maintain discipline, even though he says he hates running.
"I don’t know what clicked," he told Daybreak Kamloops host Shelley Joyce.

"I just decided to change and I moved home and held myself accountable day in and day out. I think it was just self inspired. I had to pull that out of myself somehow and I’m still working today."
He felt that his fitness needed more of a purpose, so he and a friend brainstormed how he could use it to benefit the community. One morning, he stopped by the local food bank and saw a line of people waiting for it to open.

Darius Sam has been training non-stop so he can run 161 kilometres in 24 hours to raise money for his local food bank. (Submitted by Darius Sam)

"I didn’t know that that many people went to the food bank and they needed that assistance," he said. "I asked [a] lady on a scooter how she was doing, and she said, ‘I’m well but I’m really hungry.’ That struck me in the heart."

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