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What is King Solomon’s true net-worth today


The story of King Solomon is a popular one. He is a Bible character, and was the king of Israel after his father King David died. If there will be anything King Solomon is well known for, it will certainly be for his wisdom and wealth.

God blessed Solomon with incomparable wealth after requesting him what he wanted from Him(God). Instead of requesting for wealth, which would have been probably the most likely thing to request being youth, King Solomon asked God for intelligence to lead his people.

Solomon’s prosperity in today’s cash

God was amazed by his demand and decided to bless him with both wealth and wisdom. It was the primary source of his wealth. Solomon became the wealthiest King that ever ruled Israel and also the wealthiest in his time. This story will be found in the book of 1Kings 3:1-15.

King Solomon’s wealth was composed of a number of income flows. These huge incomes incorporated heavy taxations paid by the Israelites to King Solomon ensured were heavily taxed to the dismay and displeasure of his people, tributes paid by several kingdoms; gifts which included the popular visit of the Queen of Sheba who visited King Solomon to see for herself his much talked about wealth and splendour which was talked about all over the world.

While visiting, she did not come empty-handed, as she brought in great quantities of gifts which included camels, gold, silver and other valuables. A number of other individuals of note including Kings visited King Solomon, bringing along valuable gifts adding to the net-worth of Ruler Solomon.

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Historic recordings also point out the desire to see King Solomon from the Kings of other Kingdoms. These people all brought in big supplies of gifts that would become pleasing to the eyes of King Solomon.

King Solomon was also into trading and commerce and formed forces with other Kings, notably King Hiram who ensured that the partnership between them grow.

Converting King Solomon’s Gold Income into Figures

With a good ever-expanding network of trading and business that raked up to 25 tons of gold on an annual basis, King Solomon was stupendously rich. Calculating his gold earnings only, in this present-day statistics, with a ton of gold valued at $64.3 million dollars, using $2,000/oz. It, as a result, signifies that the forty years of his reign as king when converted will amount to $64,300, 800,1000. This is definitely part of what can make up King Solomon’s net-worth.

Combining all King Solomon’s asset, when converted making use of present-day currency, it equals an astonishing $2.1 Trillion. This is a figure nobody has attained.

How Much Was King Solomon Worth?

How much is 666 talents of gold worth today? Now, let’s calculate how much was Solomon worth during his time as compared with today. According to biblical records, King Solomon’s annual salary has been pegged at 666 gold talents.

A talent of gold converts to 33.5Kg which translates to 1109 troy ounce of gold. An ounce of gold worth $960.

From the calculations, King Solomon was paid $760 million each year. Also consider that he was in power for 40years. That’s more thence $30 billion. King Solomon’s wealth furthermore encompasses his investment, properties and asset like houses, land and horses.

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How Wealthy Was Ruler Solomon?

Today, Solomon’s net worth ought to be something close to $100 billion. His 700 wives and 300 concubines should have had depleting effects in the wealth.

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