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Net worth of N’Golo Kanté


N’Golo Kanté is a French professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Premier League club Chelsea and the France national team. Kanté is widely considered one of the best midfielders in the world.

He made his senior professional debut with Boulogne in 2012 and later he joined League 2 side Caen. Kanté joined Leicester City for a fee worth £5.6 million in 2015 and became a fundamental member of the club’s first Premier League title. He was named Leicester City’s Player of the Year in his first, and only, season at the club. The following year, he joined Chelsea for a fee worth £32 million and won the league; making him the first outfield player to win back-to-back English league titles, with different clubs, since Eric Cantona in 1992 and 1993

Kanté made his senior international debut for France in 2016 and was included in the squad that finished runners-up at the 2016 European Championship. Kanté was named the French Player of the Year in 2017, a first for a player from the Premier League in seven years, and 12 months later was a key member of the 2018 FIFA World Cup winning squad.

The humble man from France is one of the most well-respected footballers ever. He is known for his loving and giving spirit. He stays humble and shy and is never on the wrong side of any media story. In fact, despite being so good on the pitch – a World Cup winner, a Premier League winner, an FA Cup and a European Cup winner – Kanté barely ever makes the news!

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Net Worth

N’Golo Kanté has a net worth of $15 million. This does sound like a lot. It means he is a millionaire. However, if you equate it to footballers of his level, it is nothing. For example, Granit Xhaka, who has never won a trophy and is one of the most overrated players in the country, has the same net worth.

Whereas in comparison, is the best central defensive football in world football. He has also won 5 trophies – two Premier Leagues, one FA Cup, one Europa League and one FIFA World Cup with France in the last 5 seasons.


Kanté at the moment is the highest earner at Chelsea. He earns an amount of £290,000 per week. It adds up to an annual salary of £15,080,000. The new deal was signed back in 2018-19 for five seasons. So if Kanté sees out his contract, he will at least have earned £75,400,000 from his club salary.

However, Kanté does pay his taxes full-on and upfront, unlike other players. So he is likely to earn less. Kanté is one of the few footballers who despite the club’s offer chooses to pay his taxes direct. Footballers in Europe have to pay taxes but can legally pay less if they chose to not take their salary upfront and instead have it sent to an offshore account where tax cuts are lower.

Many players do this to avoid paying extra tax and earn more money. However, Kanté takes it directly to his count and pays the full tax.

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N’Golo Kanté has a brilliant story with cars. It was said that when he first arrived in England from France and moved into a house, he did not buy a car. When his coach and his team-mates asked him why he simply smiled and said – “I want to run to training every day and run back home after training.”

He bought one after he realized how cold the country can get and Claudio Ranieri almost compelled him into buying a car.

Sticking to his true nature, he could have bought an expensive and fashionable car but he ended up buying a Mini Cooper basic version.

He still has the car till today and drives it mostly. However, now he has an extra car – Ngolo Kante’s former team-mate Jamie Vardy has revealed that Kante had parted with his original Mini Cooper S. Vardy, who met Kante when Leicester took on Chelsea few months ago, said:

“The first thing that I asked him was: ‘Are you still driving your Mini Cooper, mate? He said to me that he had sent the model that he had at Leicester back to France but that he had bought a new Mini Cooper in the meantime!”


N’Golo Kanté has 6.7 million followers on Instagram. It is less as the star is very shy no matter what.


He has a paid partnership with Adidas football and this deal is worth about €15 million.

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