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10 richest companies in the world 2020


1. Apple; since 2010 Apple has been the one most valuable companies in the world. The company makes popular products with high cost and value

And has managed to do what other companies could not do, the company is currently valued to be $927 billion. Making it the biggest company in the world.

Founders; Stave Jobs and Stave Wozniak created apple computer on April 1st , 1977 in Cupertino, California. For more than 3 decades apple computer was predominantly a manufacturer of personal computers, was along with apple 2, Mark anguish and power markline.

Jobs who was out of the company in 1995 and then returned to apple in 1996, the following year he become the company internal C.E.O and full become permanent there. He started with regional IMAX in 1998. The successful produce many products such as; iPad mucic player in 2001,comparic trading in upscale watches, pencils and cloud computing among many other projects.

2. Amazon; currently valued at $777 billion. It has successfully upgraded from online book market to the biggest retailer in the world, founder and C.E.O Jeff Bezos, a 30years old was working as ASRock trader on wall street when he took note of the internet revolution taken place in the mid 90’s.

The company later diversified into sealing of steaming contact, music, Audio books, softwares, vidioe games, electronic, furnitures, food, tour and and many more. The company also owns a publishing app, Amazon Publishing, a firm and television studio, Amazon studios and is the world largest provider of infrastructure services to AWS subsidiary.

3. Alphabet; Larry Page and Sergey Brin, when they first met they didn’t like each other very much but, in summary of 1994 Larry was considered a champion on computer programming at Standford University.

Sergey was already 2years at the programme, they both put their head together to find the world moist popular search engine Google. Initially it was not called Google but Backrub it was changed to Google years after finding the most world popular search engine.

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The business is currently valued at $766 billion.

4. Microsoft; on April 4 1975 at the time when most Americans do use typewriter. Childhood friend Bill Gates and Paul Allen find Microsoft, a company that make computer softwares originally based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Microsoft relocated to Washington state in1979 and even grew into a major multi national technology co-orperation in 1987. 30years old Bill Gates beginning the world youngest Billionaire, Gates And Allen start Microsoft which was originally called Micro Soft (micro process and software) Allen later quit his job as a programmer and want to another sector of computer.

Revenue of the company is $16,005 by the end of 1976, the company has come a long way. It has lots of windows and compatible application like Words, PowerPoint, Excell.

The company is currently valued at $759 billion and Bill Gates is still one of the wealthiest people in the world, despite the fact that he give out 20% of his Net worth to charity.

5. Facebook; Facebook has it origin history, it was found by a 19years old Mark Zuckerberg . Lunched the site on February 4th 2004. The called, the site has an instant hit at about 15yeare laster the site has become one of the biggest website in the world visited by more than 2 billion people a month.

The controversy surrounding Facebook began Swifty a week after he lunched the site. Mark was said to have stolen the idea from there seniors in Harvard University. This alligator boom into a full law suit, the senior file a case against Mark and Facebook for thieft and fraud.

Starting a legal order that was resolved out of court in 2010. A few years later the company was value to $541 billion dollars even after a year of controversy.

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6. Alibaba; the first none American company to break the top 10, is a Chinese company, multi national bodies which is specializing in commercial, retail , internet and technology.

In December 1999 two of the Thailand of sectors into groups of 18 people led by Jack Ma, start a wholesale online market place called Alibaba. It is one of the most divers and valuable co-orperation in the world, is currently valued at half a trillion dollars.

7. Berkshire Hathaway; by it name it is practically synonymous with it biggest success. It beging at early 1960s and it becomes exceptional as one of the largest bodies in the world.

The company homely own Gieco, Duracell, Dairy Queen, BN at Airway, Lubrizul, Diamond, Flight safety International, Pampered Chef, Netjets and also owns 38.6% of Pilot Flying jet,26.6% of the Kraft Heinz and a significant minority holder of American Exprea Wells Fargo, Coca cola company, Bank of America and Apple company.

Berkshire Hathaway is now worth more than $491 billion making not the 7 on our list.

8. Tencent; is a Chinese multi national company on the 1998 it specialized in many service and products, entertainment, official intelligent and technology. Both in China and globally. With the most capitalization of $540 billion mad it is sitting on advertising glo map just 18% of it total revenue in 2016 comes from online advertising it been compared with Facebook model which advertising make there revenue.

It is foundered in 1998 by Ma Huateng, better known as Peng Ma and 4 friends. It lunch it first product in 1999 a 3 PC based internet message called ICQ later renamed QQ. It secured 1 million users at the first year, the company listed to be $490 billion.

9. Jpmorgan Chase; is the largest bank in the United States and it is ranked by C.U.P Global as the 6th largest Bank in the world with the total asset as at 2018 to the amount of $3.534 trillion. It is the most valuable Bank by market capital.

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The history of Jpmorgan Chase it is said that it spend more than 200years and include numerous firms immerged to find today Buhimant. In 1799 Aaron Burr, he is a New York water supplier, the Chase Manhattan companies was much later immerge with Jpmorgan hence the name Jpmorgan Chase & co to form what the company is today.

Jpmorgan Chase is one of the largest asset and management company in the world, $2.789 trillion on asset and management. It is currently valued at $387 billion.

10. ExxonMobil; found in 1870 by a famous John D. Rockefeller. A standard oil company ExxonMobil have over come many challenges such as been broken down by the United States of America government in 1888. It organized angular America oil company to market oil in the British land and 2years later it acquired a major interesting fame that will become ESSC A.G in 1980.

In 1890 it gained control of imperial oil companies. The pattern of acquisition continued till it becomes the world most valuable companies, in 2012 since the oil prices has. Fallen and disrupted the significance in the ranking but it is still an extreme valued company and is the 10 largest companies in the World by it revenue.

It currently valued to be $344 billion

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