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10 Amazing Fruits And Herbs With Their Health Benefits


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Apple

Chapter 2: CUCUMBER

Chapter 3: GARDEN EGG

Chapter 4: CARROT

Chapter 5: CABBAGE

Chapter 6: AVOCADO

Chapter 7: BANANA

Chapter 8: GARLIC

Chapter 9: GINGER

Chapter 10: GRAPE



When God created humans, the foods he gave us are fruits. This shows how beneficial fruits are to the human health and overall existence. Fruits are an important part of our diets but it is also something we consume less. We pay much attention to foods that will full our stomach than fruits which are natural and highly beneficial to our health.

This book includes exclusive and amazing 10 fruits and herbs and their health benefits. This means apart from fruits, we are going to see some major herbs and the benefit they could offer our health and how they could even heal us of our illnesses.

Are you diabetic, hypertensive, cancer patients or have any other disease? You can definitely find one or more fruits and herbs in this book that will be of help to your health condition and which can help to even cure your illness. This book contains amazing health benefits of these 10 fruits and herbs which you could not find anywhere.

Are you a lover of fruits, this book will make you to love fruits and herbs more while expanding your knowledge about some fruits as well as adding to what you already know about your favorite fruits and herbs .

Many people are spending much money on orthodox medicine and hospital while they just need to know the fruits or herbs that could help them in managing and treating their health conditions.

Nobody will take care of your health for you. You are the one exclusively responsible for your health. I must tell you that to have good health, you must be consuming fruits and herbs here and there not just your usual processed foods.


These 10 fruits and herbs contain essential minerals and nutrients like healthy fats, protein, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, folate, vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, fiber, magnesium, niacin etc.

As mentioned in this book, these fruits and herbs could treat the following illnesses: liver problems, internal blood clothing, cancer tumor, constipation, arthritis and gout, heart diseases, kidney disorder, menstrual disorders, high cholesterol, cold, cough, virus, pneumonia, boils, blood pressure, diabetes, catarrh, asthma, weak erection/sexual weakness, intestinal parasites and worms, obesity, immune weakness, wound, tooth decay and ache, vision disorder, nervous disorder, poor appetite, pimples etc.

Without doubt, this book ’10 Amazing Fruits & Herbs & Their Health Benefits’ is a must read for everyone.

Chapter 1: Apple

Apple is one of nature’s most useful and nutritious fruit. Daily consumption of apple can prevent as well correct many health condition. The minerals and vitaminsof apple are concentrated mainly near the peel, so it is advisable to eat the peel. To obtain maximal benefit from apple consumption, it must be slowly and thoroughly chewed. Apple contain fat, carbohydrate, protein, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, vitamin A, B, B2, and C. It also contains Niacin, malic, citric and salicylic acid. Apple is useful in the following area:

1. For treatment of children’s diarrhea: apple is an excellent infectant for the stomach and intestine. It has the ability to absorbs toxins produced inside the intestine.

2. Prevent dental disorder: when thoroughly chewed, the acid content
kills germs present in the mouth. It contains a mouth cleansing property which no other fruit possesses. It is a natural preserver of the teeth and should be taken on all cases of tooth trouble.

3. For rheumatism and arthritis patient : the malic acid contained in apple neutralizes the uric acid which gives relief to the patient when rheumatusm and arthritis is caused by uric acid poisoning.

4. For proper functioning of the heart: apple is useful in the treatment of all types of heart diseases especially when combined with honey. A combination of honey with apple is a very useful, effective and efficient remedy for functional disorder of the heart. Apple contains potassium and phosphorus which help to relieve heart diseases.

5. To lower high blood pressure: apple is recommended as a supplement for the diet of high blood pressure patients because of its low sodium content. It also enhances increase secretion of urine which will help in bringing down the blood pressure level or to normalized blood pressure.

6. For proper food digestion: apple is known to be very rich in vegetable fibre cellulose which help to enhance free bowel movement. Apple is an effective remedy against chronic or habitual constipation when taken in the morning in an empty stomach.

Chapter 2: CUCUMBER

The nutritional and health benefits of cucumber is awesome. That is why it is highly recommended for everybody to be consuming cucumber consistently. Cucumber helps to prevent, manage, control and cure many
diseases and infections.

Cucumber contains protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, fiber, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium among many other elements.


1. Cucumber freshing the skin:
Am sure everyone will like to have good and smooth skin. No those with fresh and smooth skin will like to maintain it to the optimum because smooth skin is a delight to watch and a sign of good living. Smooth skin is a sign that you are eating well and free of disease and infection at least. Eating cucumber regularly will give you that fresh skin that is a delight to watch. Therefore, anyone who craves for fresh skin or want to maintain already have one is encouraged to add eating of cucumber to their diet routine.

2. Cucumber is used in the treatment of ulcer:

Ulcer is a very serious illness and a very painful one. Those that have ulcer are the one that could explain how discomfort they feel anytime they feel the impact of their ulcer. And they can go to a great length to cure their ulcer or get rid of the pain they are feeling in their stomach immediately.
Cucumber is highly recommended for people suffering from ulcer as it gives immediate relief from the burning sensation in the stomach caused by ulcer.

3. Cucumber fights constipation:
Constipation is another painful sickness with a lot of discomfort when
it attacked the stomach. And i bet you no none want to have constipation. Cucumber helps to fight and overcome constipation because of it fiber content which helps to overcome hypotony which is the major cause of constipation.

If you are suffering from constipation it is recommended you take three cucumbers a day. Doing this will help you to overcome the painful sickness.

4. Cucumber prevent pimples:

Pimples is another painful and disgraceful disease. Though the pain ranges from slight, mild to severe, you will definitely not like to have pimples on your face.

In order to use cucumber to prevent pimples, it should be grinded and applied to the face regularly. When done in this way, it can also be used to eliminate pimples from the face or affected body part.

5. Cucumber is good to control obese:

Obesity is a serious disease. Though, you may be feeling healthy for now, but you will definitely not like the future consequences when it started to show itself in terms of diseases it could cause. That is why weight loss is a hot niche and a profitable market in both offline and online. Therefore, if you are obese, you are being advised to reduce your weight and slim down if possible.

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Adding cucumber to your daily diet can definitely help you to control your weight and free from the damaging effect of excess accumulation of fat.

6. Cucumber is used to treat arthritis:

Arthritis is caused by uric acid. Arthritis is also a very painful disease, which means cucumber is effective in dealing with painful diseases. This is possible in the case of using it for treating arthritis because it contains some properties which help to give relief from the painful effect of arthritis.

Therefore, cucumber is recommended for anyone suffering from the painful arthritis disease.

7. To control diabetes:

Diabetes itself does not kill but the complications from diabetes.
Diabetes patients will lack certain nutrients than the other people because they are restricted from eating almost all nutritional foods. Therefore, they need to have another source of supplement. Am authoritatively telling you that using only your diabetes drug is not enough, you need to have daily consumptions of supplement that gives you the normal daily requirement of vitamins and nutrient for the body to perform very well. Some people that are using their drug regularly still have undue high blood sugar and blood pressure.

Chapter 3: GARDEN EGG

Garden egg is a very good vegetable for healthy life. Garden egg is gaining more popularity now because of its anti-hypertensive and anti-diabetic properties.


1. Good appetizer

Garden egg is a good appetizer in the sense that when you are hungry and you eat a few garden eggs, you will quench your appetite. Garden egg is highly recommended for everyday diet because of it nutrients which can make you full and fill your appetite and when your appetite is reduced you will spend less on food as you will eat less.

2. Prevent obesity:

Garden egg can help to prevent obesity and accumulation of fat. Since, we said garden egg can quench or reduce appetite, this means the person will be eating less. And when you are eating less it will directly reduce the amount of fat you could accumulate. Obesity is uncontrolled accumulation of fat over a long period of time. Obesity is unhealthy as it is a major cause of high blood pressure, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

3. Garden egg strengthen body tissue: Garden egg consumption is a must
for everyone craving for good health and vitality. This is because garden egg help to build, repair and strengthen the body tissues. When your body tissues is down, your health will be down. Therefore, you need foods that will be supporting your tissues. As we are working, performing various daily tasks, we are using our tissues and they get worn out overtime. Eating garden egg consistently we help us to repair, build and strengthen our tissues.

4. Garden egg boost the immune system:

Having a sound immune system is vital for our overall health. Most times we get sicked because our immune immune system is down. One of the things we should be doing concerning our health is trying to make sure that our immune system is not down. The immune system is like the national security forces that guide the country from foreign attack. Our immune system helps to fight foreign bacteria, virus, fungi and other harmful diseases and infection from invading our body. Therefore, regular consumption of garden egg is recommended for sound immune system for better overall health.

5. Garden egg is a good diet for hypertension:

Hypertension as a result of frequent high blood pressure is damaging to the body. Thousands of people are dying everyday as a result of high blood pressure and hypertension. Therefore, regular consumption of garden egg is recommended for everybody. Those who have not develop the disease can prevent it through regular consumption of garden together with taking care of their other activities and lifestyles that can increase their blood pressure. Those who have develop the disease can control it by adding garden egg to their daily diet routine and drugs.

6. Garden egg is a good diet for diabetes:

Garden egg can really help diabetic people to really controlled their blood sugar. The problem is lack of consistency. If you are eating garden egg consistently it will have a good effect on your blood sugar. Garden egg is good and highly recommended for everybody both young and old, whether you are diabetic or not.

Our modern diet means we consume sugar regularly, eating enough garden
egg will help us to manage and eliminate excess blood sugar from our
body. Garden egg will prevent us from developing diabetes and control
blood sugar in already diabetic patients.

7. Garden egg help the nervous system:
Garden egg assists the nervous system to perform it function properly. Once, the nervous system is down, then our health will suffer. Regular
consumption of garden egg is encouraged to boost proper functioning of
the nervous system and attain overall good health.

8. Garden egg ensures free circulation of blood:

One of the major causes of high blood pressure and hypertension is lack of proper flow of blood through the veins and arteries. Therefore, to ensure proper and free flow of blood, it is encouraged to be consuming garden egg regularly.

Chapter 4: CARROT


Carrot is a popular fruit, herb and vegetable because it is normally recommended by nutritionist to patients. Everyone knows that carrot is
good for the body.

Carrot is popular because it is an antioxidant and it contains protein, fiber, fat, folate, carbohydrate, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium and vitamin A, B & E.



Abundant consumption of carrot help to correct vision disorder. This is possible because carrot contains carotine (vitamin A) which is efficient in treating vision problem. Therefore, carrot is recommended for anyone that is having unclear, blurred and any form of disorder vision.

2. Carrot help to prevent tooth decay: Anyone that is experiencing
toothache will understand how painful it could be. To use carrot to prevent toothache or decay make sure that you are eating it after food as it kills all harmful germs in the mouth.

3. Enhances tooth growth:
Carrot aids growth in children that are eating it regularly or are given the juice regularly.

4. Carrot heals wound:

Applying carrot externally to wound will fasten the healing process. Crush the carrot or make it as juice and be applying it on wound. It will help the wounded part to heal very fast.

5. Carrot is used to treat skin disease:

Ground carrot into paste and use apply it the affected skin parts to cure skin diseases such as eczema, burns, wrinkles and all forms of skin diseases and infections.

6. Carrot prevent cancer development:
Vitamin A content in carrot is anticarcinogen. The vitamin content in carrot has a resistance against cancer formation and development. Drinking carrot juice has been confirmed as a medical research to cure the early stage of cancer development. Therefore, carrot is recommended for everyone both young and old. It is very healthful and nutritional. The early will add it to our diet routine the better.

7. Carrot eliminates intestinal worms:

Carrot can help to eliminate intestinal worms and parasites because it contains an essential oil which kills parasites. Carrot taken over an
empty stomach early in the morning is found to be effective in killing
and eliminating parasites from the body.

8. Carrot purifies the blood :
Carrot can serve as a blood cleanser because it is highly rich in alkaline element which help to purify and revitalizes the blood. The alkaline element help to eliminates metabolic residue. Anyone that feel he/she needs to purify his/her blood should be eating a lot of carrot as it is a proven blood purifier.

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9. For kidney disorder:
Carrot is good for the kidney. Too much uric acid can cause problem for the kidney and the body in general. The high concentration of uric in the body may be due to kidney malfunction or from other problem. In any case, the high alkaline content of carrot will react with the uric acid and neutralizes it and turn it to harmless substance. Therefore, anyone with too much uric and other acid in his blood or body due to kidney problem or infection should add regular consumption of carrot to his diet routine.

10. Carrot is good for diabetes patients:

Carrot is usually recommended for diabetes patients because it contains essential elements that regulate blood pressure and sugar. There is no worry of sugar in eating carrot and is high fiber content make carrot a must for diabetes patients.

Chapter 5: CABBAGE

Cabbage is not a common vegetable but is a vegetable or herb that is very healthy for human. Cabbage contains 2% protein, 5% carbohydrate as well as fiber, phosphorus fat, manganese, zinc, iron, potassium and vitamin A and B.


Cabbage helps to protect the body against virus, bacteria and other harmful attack because it has the ability to build up the body immune system. If your immune system is good, your body will be well protected against diseases and infection. Most of the diseases infecting us entered or developed in our body when our immune system is down.


Cabbage help to protect us from getting older than our mates. Nobody
want to get aged before time and even the old people want to be looking younger. If you are one of those people that care so much about their look then i recommend that you start adding cabbage to your diet routine.

Cabbage is used for treating constipation because the fiber in it help to propel proper bowel functions. Therefore, cabbage is recommended for people suffering from chronic or habitual constipation.


Cabbage is a good food for people suffering from diabetes as it helps to control blood sugar level in the body. So, if you are diabetic or you know someone who is, try to add regular consumption of cabbage to your diet or recommend it for the person you know that is diabetic.


Obesity is a major cause of many diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases, therefore it is discouraged. Cabbage contains a type of acid called tartronic which help to prevent the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat. Fat is the cause of obesity and when you do not accumulate fat, you will not be obese and you will avoid many sicknesses that goes with obesity.


This is possible because cabbage contains vitamin A, C & E which are
anti-oxidant and they help in the regeneration of the arterial walls.


Cabbage is recommended for people with high blood pressure as it will help to prevent one from having it in the first place and control it in people that have develop the disease already.


This is possible because it contains sulfoxides which help to prevent
and cure cancer. Regular consumption of cabbage will protect the body
against cancerous growth and help to stop and cure already established
one because sulfoxides is anti carcinogen.


Make sure you consume cabbage juice over empty stomach for five consecutive days to expel worms and parasites from the intestine. Too
much worms and parasites can be harmful for the body. Therefore,
consuming carbage regularly can shield the body from parasites.


Drinking cabbage juice of 200 to 250ml five times daily for two weeks will cure your body from gastro-duodenal ulcer.

Chapter 6: AVOCADO

Avocado contains 73% water and 23% fat including minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates and vitamin A, B, C and E.


1. It helps to reverse bad breath: bad breath is caused by bad bacteria inside the mouth. Avocado helps to eliminate this abnormal smell. Therefore, if you are a having bad breath or you know someone experiencing the malady, you can use or recommend eating of avocado to
such person.

2. Avocado reduces aging process: no one want to get old faster than normal. Therefore, regular consumption of avocado is recommended.
Avocado can help in slowing the aging process because it is high in
potassium and potassium help the body to get rid of toxins. Avocado is
a powerful anti-aging fruit since it is rich in vitamin C and E.

3. Avocado helps in the digestion process. This is because avocado aids the secretion of gastric juice which are essential for food digestion. This help to soothing the whole digestive process. Therefore, if you are having problem with your digestive system try to include avocado in your diet.

4. Avocado can be use in the treatment of skin infections. Avocado oil
is a powerful medicine in the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema. Women that are pregnant can also be applying avocado oil on their skin part where stretch mark can appear as avocado oil prevent pregnancy stretch marks.

Chapter 7: BANANA

Banana fruit is very good for the body because of it compositions such as carbohydrate, protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin A, B and C.


1. Banana is used in the treatment of arthritis gout – This is possible because banana alkalize the blood thereby eliminates excess uric acid which can cause gout and arthritis. Therefore, regular consumption of banana is recommended for everyone both young and old as it can help to prevent someone against these painful maladies.

2. Banana is used in the treatment of anaemia – Banana can be effective in the treatment of anaemia because it is highly rich in iron which help in the stimulation and production of hemoglobin in the blood. Iron and hemoglobin are essential for good and enough blood in the body. Therefore, add banana to your diet routine.

3. Banana is good for pregnancy and lactation – Banana is highly rich in folate which help to prevent fatal nervous system malformation.

4. The protein contain of banana aid proper functioning and
reproduction of the body cells and whole growth of the body.

Therefore, it is good for everyone especially young ones who are still growing and pregnant women as it can aid proper growth of the unborn
child before and after birth.

5. Banana is good for treating diarrhea. Therefore, if you or anyone you know is experiencing diarrhea, you can eat or recommend banana for such person.

6. Banana is used to control stress – Banana can help to relieve someone of stress because of the high content of potassium.

7. Banana can help to normalize blood pressure – This is possible because the potassium in banana help to normalize the heart beat.
Therefore, regular consumption of banana fruits is recommended for
anyone suffering from high blood pressure.

8. Banana helps to prevent and control dehydration – This is possible
because the potassium in banana help to regulate body water balance.
Dehydration is a serious health issue on it own, therefore regular
consumption of banana should be developed. Anyone suffering from
dehydration should also start eating banana in order to reverse the

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9. Banana is good for treating ulcer – This is because banana neutralizes the excess acidity of gastric juices produced in the stomach thus help to reduce the painful effect of ulcer.

10. Banana is used in treating intestinal disorders. Banana is used in the treatment of all forms of intestinal disorders.

11. Banana is good for treating constipation because of the fiber content that enhances proper bowel movement and make a must in the diet of those suffering from chronic constipation.

Chapter 8: GARLIC

Garlic is one of the most effective vegetables and herbs that God created for treating various diseases. You may know that garlic is good for the health and for treating various illnesses but in this article you will be able to read about 15 health and herbal benefits of garlic.

Health and Herbal benefits of garlic

1. Garlic helps to prevent heart attacks: consuming about 4 cloves of garlic daily has been proven to reduce the chances of heart attack. Why wait till you have heart attack, start taking garlic everyday and prevent some diseases like heart attack.

2. Garlic enhances sexual activeness: garlic is recommended for anyone
having problem with his/her sexual power and activeness. This is because garlic contains nitric oxide which is a chemical involved in triggering erection.

3. Garlic purifies the blood: garlic helps to purifies the blood and enhances proper blood circulation by eliminating toxins from the blood which overloads and clogs the circulatory system. By purifying the blood in this manner, proper circulation of the blood is ensured.

4. Garlic reduces asthmatic attacks: garlic is an effective herb against asthmatic attack. This is possible because garlic dissolves the mucus which accumulates inside the lungs. Therefore, regular consumption of garlic is recommended for anyone suffering from asthma.

5. For cough and cold:
Garlic is an effective and proven herbal remedy against cough and cold. Try it consistently when you have cold and catarrh.

6. Garlic is used in the treatment of diabetes. This is because garlic helps in normalizing the level of blood sugar. Garlic also promote the excretion of waste products which enhances the condition of diabetes patients.

7. Garlic slow down cancer:

Garlic contain chemicals which are anti-cancer. Therefore, regular intakes of garlic is recommended because garlic reduces all stages of cancer development.

8. Garlic decrease the level of cholesterol in the blood: garlic helps to burn up the cholesterol level in the blood because it contains allicin. The best way to obtain allicin from garlic is by crushing it.

9. Garlic helps to control blood pressure. Garlic helps to regulate blood pressure be it low or high blood pressure. Garlic is highly recommended for hypertensive people because it helps to support proper flow of blood. In order to use garlic to control high and low blood pressure it must be consumed in high dosage.

10. Garlic is good for cell revitalization and regeneration: garlic helps to regenerate the cells because it is highly rich in vitamin C which an anti-oxidant.

11. Garlic reduces ageing process: This is possible because garlic contains selenium which helps to prevent aging prematurely.

12. Garlic is used in the treatment of boils: garlic facilitates the healing process of boils because the garlic juice when applied externally to boils helps to ripen, break and eliminate the pus.

13. Garlic is used for treating pneumonia: garlic is good for treating all forms of respiratory diseases including pneumonia because it contains essential oil called sulphide.

14. Garlic is anti-microbial

15. Garlic is anti-parasitic

16. Garlic is anti-biotic

17. Garlic is an immune booster

18. Garlic is highly rich in selenium which is useful in preventing and curing many diseases.

19. Garlic is anti-viral

20. Garlic is used for treating sore throat and many more…

Chapter 9: GINGER

Ginger is a very effective herb which is often overlook by many. This article will open our eyes on 12 major health, nutritional and herbal benefits of ginger.

Health And Herbal Benefits of Ginger

1. Ginger treat throat diseases like cough

2. Ginger treat cold

3. Another throat diseases treat by ginger is catarrh:
This is achieved by chewing a piece of fresh ginger after meal.

4. Ginger enhances proper blood circulation:

Ginger ensure proper flow of the blood as it fully support blood
circulation. And proper blood circulation can save us from many

5. Ginger lowers cholesterol
High cholesterol is not healthy for our body. Ginger helps to prevent
the various illnesses caused by high cholesterol.

6. Ginger helps to prevent blood clothing

This is possible because ginger ensure proper flow of blood throughout the body.

7. Ginger serves as appetizer

This is possible because ginger helps to enhance the secretion of digestive juice because of its essential oils.

8. Ginger rectifies menstrual disorder

Women with menstrual disorder are encouraged to use ginger to solve the problem. A piece of fresh ginger should be pounded or grinded and boiled in a cup of water and should be taken 3 times daily after meals.

9. Ginger contains calcium for strong bone and development

10. Ginger is rich iron which is essential for blood production

11. Ginger contains vitamins which are essential for healthy living
and prevention of diseases

12. Ginger is highly rich in phosphorus and other mineral nutrients.

Chapter 10: GRAPE

Health And Herbal Benefits of Grape

1. Grape helps in rectifying menstrual disorders

Grape normalizes menstrual circles. It can be used and effective in the treatment of excess flow, irregular or painful menstruation.

2. Grape reduces heart diseases

This is possible because grape contains phenolic which help the heart
to function properly. This can be achieved through elusive grape diet.

3. Grape corrects kidney disorder: grape helps to rectifies kidney
disorder because it is highly rich in potassium.

4. Grape rectifies liver problems:
Grape helps to detoxify and purify the liver by eliminating toxins from the liver. Grape stimulate glycogenic functions and production of bile.

5. Grape prevents internal blood clothing because it supports proper blood circulation.

6. Grape is anti-cancer

Grape contains anti-tumor properties which help to subdue the effects of cancer. It is proven that extracts of grape and cabbages juice can be used to control cancer development.

7. Grape cures acute constipation

Grape helps to cure acute constipation because it contains some cellulose and organic acid very effective against constipation.

8. Grape is used for treating arthritis and gout: Grape is very effective in treating arthritis and gout because it is alkaline in nature therefore help to neutralize and eliminate uric acid from the kidney.

9. Grape is rich in protein

10. Grape contains healthy fats

11. Grape contains calcium for proper functioning of the bones

12. Grape is rich in potassium which is good for the kidney

13. Grape is rich in zinc

14. Grape contains iron

15. Grape is rich in folate

16. Grape is highly rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A, B, C and others.


After reading this book, i know you must have gained more knowledge about the usefulness and benefits of these 10 amazing fruits and herbs and their health benefits. If you think that i try, kindly give a good review of this book for encouragement and motivation to do better.

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