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Top 10 AdSense Paying Blogging Niches


We all know that the class of work we are doing will go a long way in determining the kind of money we will make. That is why people respect those working in industries like oil, banking, sport and entertainment because they know they are mutibillion dollar industries.
The same thing is applicable to blogging niches and their means of monetization such as Google Adsense.

Here is a comprehensive list of high paying blogging niche
1. Download niche
This web niche concerns the download of certain materials like E-books, pdf files, and several other paperworks.
Many bloggers so not pay attention to this money spinning niche but bet you is one of the best niches for Google Adsense.
2 . webmaster tutorial niche
This niche is known to belong to early days blogging gurus. Is a niche based on website tutorials and teachings. Putting up what you know about blogging in a website should go to this niche.
The basic keywords you use to search google while searching stuffs as a beginner blogger are all related to this website niche.
This specific website niche pays good with google Adsense and also offers a very vast search volume for its keywords all round the blogosphere as it is a must do for upcoming bloggers and pro bloggers to always search for things online
3 . Health niche
Health is wealth they say. It applies to Google Adsense also. Health should be a very profitable niche for AdSense because people are willing to pay huge price for getting solutions to their health issues.
Health niche involves every part of health niches like disease and cures, ailments and remedies and also health science news.
4 . Insurance niche
The insurance niche also pays bloggers in such niche very very well with google Adsense.
The insurance niche deals with various types of insurance on goods, cars, health, and property insurance. Google takes exception in this specified niche as a web visitor may buy insurance from their ads and you will get extremely paid as a publisher.
5 . Education niche
Education niche is as well one of the best google Adsense paying niches as it endorses a very long tail keyword.
Education niche is also among the best paying website niche for Nigerian bloggers as its CPC (cost per click) on ads is relatively high.
6 . Web Hosting Niche
This is another very prpfitable Adsense niche. You could try creating a web hosting niche blog to make good money from AdSense but you should be ready to write good quality and long contents.
7 . Finance and banking niche
Bloggers in the Banking and finance niche really make good money from google Adsense publishers because their niche involves money. This is especially good for retired bankers or anyone with goo background knowledge on banking and finance job.
8. How To Make Money Niche
This is the kind of blogging niches where the blogger teaches people on how they could make money either online or offline. Is a paying niche for AdSense because it involves making money.
9. News
This can only be profitable for AdSense if you are a successful news blogger seeing millions of pageviews per month.
10. Video
If you are a Youtuber with a lot of pageviews per day. I mean thousands of pageviews per day, you will definitely make money from Google AdSense.

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