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How you could send money through WhatsApp


As we all know, Whatsapp is one of the most popular apps at least in occident.
The $19 billion Whatsapp acquisition deal by Facebook six years ago has evolved by allowing a payment feature recently. Probably you can’t use it right now because Whatsapp (or Facebook) is testing it only in India.
However, Miguel Ramírez from UX planet and his talented partner Alba Uceda decided to explore how a user could send money in just three steps with a consistency parameter of this Whatsapp’s functionality. They made two navigation flows in lo-fi wireframes according to the iOS app version. Let’s see.

The first version: send money with a button inside the chat screen.

First of all, the start point set is the home screen where the user sees all the chats available. The user opens the conversation of the person he wants to send the money.
Second, the chat screen shows the conversation flow. At the bottom regularly are the functions to write a message, take a photo and send a voice message. We suggest adding a euro symbol or money bag 💰 button between the writing box and the photo icon.

Third, the new screen divides into two blocks. In the top half shows different options send money as preset (i.e., 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€, 100€ and 500€). The bottom half shows the historical transaction log. The user selects the amount and sends it.

The second version: send money with a ‘code’ based on emojis.

By first, the user is on the home screen of Whatsapp. Opens the chat of the person he wants to send the money.
Second, the user writes the money emojis 💶 💶 to open and close the instruction and the amount of money to transfer (i.e., 💶50💶 works for 50 euros, and 💶100💶 for 100 euros). Then, press the send button to move funds.
Third, the user sees a look-alike chatbox, as Whatsapp uses when shares a location. This chatbox on iOS allows the user to take action. Android doesn’t.
To conclude
You can google the official feature to know how it works. However, we ideate a couple of ways to allow this process with the basis to practice design consistency, affordance, and usability, providing a relevant experience to the users.
Courtesy: UX Planet

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