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How to make N10000+ weekly reading news on newsnaira

image_pdfimage_print is a news forum that runs an income program ( NewsNIP ) to help active members get paid while reading news and performing other activities online.

NewsNaira Income Program (NewsNIP) Participants has various earning options online.

  1. Active daily login:

When you login to your account daily on NewsNaira and spend at least 5–10 minutes on the website browsing and reading news, you earn 50naira or more depending on daily revenue share.

  1. Reading News:

You Earn While you read news on the site, You earn ₦2 per news.

  1. Commenting On Posts:

You Earn While you Comment On Posts on the site, You earn ₦3 per comment and you can comment as much as you Can (On different posts)

  1. Posting News:

You will earn ₦5 when you post a well constructed news article. You can post unlimited articles daily.

  1. You earn Extra 1,000 On each person you register through your link, if you register At least 10 people daily that’s 10,000 daily plus other earnings!(NOTE this is optional since you still get paid without referrals)
  2. Sharing Sponsored post on Social Media:

You Earn while sharing Sponsored posts on NewsNaira to Your Social Media account!

Sponsored Post Is posted regularly To share to Social Media Daily Depending on Daily ad Revenue.

In conclusion, You can be making more than ₦2,000 daily when you are serious in taking part in NewsNaira Income program.

Your referral earning, Daily login earning, Commenting, Sharing Sponsored Post, will earn you at least ₦10,000 — ₦25,000 naira or more every week.

Best part is Registration is free but to activate your account for NewsNIP bonuses, you will pay a one time fee of just ₦1,600.

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Payments are made using 2 methods

*Paystack — Online payment using your ATM card.

*Purchasing a coupon from one of the verified Vendors.

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