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From zero to millions, thanks to my wife – Dr. Bamidele Onalaja, MD/CEO of RevolutionPlus Property company


When you talk about a couple who have seen it all, you can easily use this couple as an example. The beautiful and lovely story of Dr Bamidele Onalaja, MD/CEO of RevolutionPlus Property company, and his beautiful and energetic lady, Mrs Tolulope Onalaja. She is the Executive Director of her husband real estate company ( RevolutionPlus Property).

About 6 years back, Dr Bamidele, who was a banker left his job and he was jobless for a year at home. He had always wanted to do real estate business before he left his banking job where he earned about #30 thousand monthly. During this had period of staying home, his wife who was working in a big firm was responsible for all the expenses at home. She didn’t bother her husband for money to take care of children. 

A few months after, the husband thought of going into the real estate business, but he was very broke. So, he got a large piece of land around Mowe in Ogun State, but couldn’t get money to secure land. He was worried and disturbed. But his wife went to see one of her rich uncles on his behalf and pleaded to borrow them some money so that his husband can secure the property and start his real estate business. Fortunately, this uncle of hers keyed into the plan and bought a larger part of the land and paid them huge. This was how they started RevolutionPlus Property company. Dr Bamide would always say, if not for her uncle she convinced to buy our property where we got capital to start our real estate company, I wouldn’t be where we are today. “I will always thank her”

A few years back, the MD, Dr Bamidele Onalaja spoke about how he started his real estate business with zero nairas. “First, Bamidele Onalaja is my name, the MD of Revolution Plus Property Development Company Ltd. I conceived the idea to float a real estate firm when I was working in a bank. The last bank I worked was Sterling Bank, where I was a Manager of a branch. It was actually a mortgage bank and it gave me the opportunity to know more about real estate. As at the time I wanted to start the business, I had no money. I registered the firm with zero nairas. Though, my story is the story of God’s grace because I started with zero nairas. When I approached banks, every bank turned me down. They were not ready to support my vision, but I made up my mind that, nobody would stop me from the vision I have. So, I started talking to friends, telling them to lend me some money. Many of them turned me down because they could not believe in my vision. But with God on my side, one of my wife’s uncles, I told him about my project/land and I took him there at Mowe. I pointed out the land to him and he said ok! Mr Bamidele takes this and that was my breakthrough in real estate. No bank agreed to lend us money and when I was leaving the bank I left with zero nairas, in fact, I was indebted, but because I was focused, determined and I have a wife who supports my vision from the scratch to finish, I have realised my vision.

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Every milestone achievement in my life is because of my wife. She pushes me, telling me you can do it. So, we started our real estate business from Mowe’s project. I think the first set of land we sold then went for 200 thousand nairas and it was later increased to 350 thousand nairas, that was in the year 2014. I left the bank in April 2014, April this year makes it the 3rd year. Revolution Plus is celebrating 3rd year and I can tell you authoritatively that, we have moved from zero to hero, from nothing to something big. Our turnover has skyrocketed far beyond my imagination. We are hitting billion nairas now in turnover. It can only be God because when I started, many people didn’t believe in my vision except my wife and my immediate family members. But I told myself that I wanted to provide affordable housing for people. Now, we have some products you can pay as low as 25 thousand nairas every month in Mowe and Agbowa Ikorodu. We have one that you can pay 50 thousand nairas every month. In Ibeju Lekki, we have a project you can buy/get at as little as 750 thousand nairas and 850 thousand or 1 million per plot. So, we provide affordable properties and we have grown big over time.

We still have other projects that we are rolling out at Bogije, Bogije is beside Coscharis motors, on the road to Eleko junction, it’s one of our latest projects. So, we are moving to other projects around the Shoprite in Shangotedo.

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He spoke about why his wife had to join him to grow the company. “I can’t even express how much she has been able to support me. Prior to this time, she was not working with us at Revolution Plus. She was running her business. She was into facility management, which she still runs. She joined us late last year and she has added much to the company. ‘I’m a site man’, most of the time I am on-site with Engineers, Project Managers and I also go out to bring products for the company to sell. I also take care of how to deal with land grabbers and government. So, her own (my wife) is to make sure that products sell and she also handles the administrative role of the company, consultant’s welfare, staff welfare and anything that has to do with the office. My wife is also a good marketer. She has added tremendous value to the company. I thank God for giving me a wonderful woman and she’s beautiful as well”.

He also spoke about how he met his wife. “I met my wife when I was still struggling about 15 years ago, October this year would be 12 years in marriage with her. I met her when I just graduated from University and I was working for one Telecom company then. She just finished service also. She finished from the University of Ibadan, while I finished from Lagos State University. I went to sell the phone at her auntie’s shop at Alausa. So, we met through the course of work. I used to sell phones to her auntie but she was not around the day we met, I asked myself, who is this fine girl? Fortunately, she was holding Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s book and I told her that is my pastor too. That is how we became friends and love grew after then.

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Another thing he said sometimes ago was that: “I was once a truck boy selling Coca-Cola on the streets of Lagos. After my University, I had an opportunity to work somewhere and I was earning 20,000 nairas per month and now, today, I’m a big-time entrepreneur, an employer of labour who pays people millions at the end of every month and also making people happy”

By the third year of his company’s operations in 2017, he said, “I can tell you authoritatively that, we have moved from zero to hero, from nothing to something big. Our turnover has skyrocketed far beyond my imagination. We are hitting billion nairas now in turnover”.

Today, RevolutionPlus Property company is one of the few real estate companies is doing well.

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