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7 richest club owners in the world


Sports business at the top level is exceptionally lucrative with billions in revenue, a wealth which clubs amass through broadcasting rights and corporate sponsorship deals.

It has become a major bait for billionaires around the world as they attempt to invest one way or the other, rightly because of the massive financial gains that comes with it.

The game has become so lucrative that it has continued to attract billionaires, luring them to, at least own a club, or somehow invest in one form or the other.

In the latest compilation by SunSport, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich who is worth £8.3billion is the fifth richest club owner.

Here are the 7 richest club owners in the world

7. Shahid Khan worth £5.4billion

Shad Khan Owner Of The Jacksonville Jaguars Looks On Before The Start Picture Id1181892108?k=6&m=1181892108&s=&w=0&h=j2 C7lO6F4ljmbqptq4RYc5lyYhHr__QjhD8agTWyLc=

The 69-year-old Pakistani American owns Fulham FC, Jacksonville Jaguars and All Elite Wrestling.6. Stan Kroenke worth £6.4billiion

Los Angeles Rams Owner Stan Kroenke On The Sidelines Before Playing Picture Id1172243126?k=6&m=1172243126&s=&w=0&h=aCQE1EzuvAKVUYVPlzJrHV3hQ9poeaoVg6kEUh6HCTY=

The 72-year-old American businessman is the owner of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, a company holding Arsenal FC, Corlorado Rapids, LA Rams, LA Gladiators

5. Roman Abramovich worth £8.3billion

Businessman Roman Abramovich At The Moscow Premiere Of The Solo Show Picture Id963208372?k=6&m=963208372&s=&w=0&h=l NCzGbkP1m25EKdKEq3r ELUrB243Kk79cmqzFLGm0=

He is a 53-year-old Israeli-Russian billionaire businessman and politician.

He owns Chelsea FC

4. Phillip Anschutz worth £10billion

Philip Anschutz And His Wife Nancy Attend A Basketball Game Between Picture Id907369750?k=6&m=907369750&s=&w=0&h=bgyGqXDFQhhOW2E WZNf3kHYXDQIzJM87EQgZqdxEug=

He is an 80-year-old American billionaire businessman who owns or controls many companies in a variety of businesses. He is the owner of LA Galaxy

3. The Agnelli Family worth £10.4billion

They are the Italian multi-industry business dynasty founded by Giovanni Agnelli, one of the original founders of what became the Fiat motor company.

They own Juventus FC.

2. Sheikh Mansour worth £17billion

He is the an Emirati politician who is the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, minister of presidential affairs and member of the royal family of Abu Dhabi .

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Sheikh Mansour Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Takes A Photo The Picture Id1128377589?k=6&m=1128377589&s=&w=0&h=VdJJD5nhGf_Qh Aj0jjpD_9T3IP35pgTHduVV0xsbGQ=

He owns Manchester City, New York City and Melbourne City

1. Dietrich Mateschitz worth £17.8billion

Dietrich Mateschitz Red Bull Owner During Day Six Of F1 Winter Picture Id1127802625?k=6&m=1127802625&s=&w=0&h=3oqEf_fnEsnj2a6HuN_HU2MVpjLOI8XlTj7DFHXXkMw=

The Australian businessman is the 53rd richest person in the world. He is the owner of New York Red Bull, Salsburg and RB Leipzig.

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