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Google Adsense Vs WordPress WordAds


Google Adsense Vs WordPress WordAds – Major Advantages And Disadvantages
WordAds OR Adsense?

Comparing the pros and cons of two important site-monetization options can be daunting, especially if one powers one-third of the internet and the other one is trusted by 90% of the internet population.

I’ll put it in simple words for you 🙂

Simply put, WordAds is for those WordPress site owners who get overwhelmed by the thought of choosing, approving and negotiating ad costs. It can also be considered only if your site generates genuine traffic in thousands.

Google Adsense is for those anywhere on the internet with a site more than 6 months old and wanting to have absolute control over what money they want to be paid, where to place the ads, how many ads to be placed etc. As Google puts it—Your site. Your rules.

The advantages of WordAds are as follows:

You don’t have to fret about the grunge-work and that your ads won’t be super intrusive.
You will mostly see one or two maximum adverts.
You will be paid on the cost per impression basis, meaning you will be paid if anyone just sees the advert.
And from the user-point-of-view, ads relevant as per the user’s internet behavior will be shown.
The advantages of Google Adsense are as follows:

You have total control over the ads— how much you get paid, where you place the ads, how many ads you place, whether the ads match the personality of your site and how it stands out.
The highest bidders state their cost and you can choose from a wide range of industries.
You get more money in Adsense than WordAds because you can place a lot of ads on one page.
Regardless to say, the advantages of Adsense are the disadvantages of WordAds and vice-versa.

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If you want a good user experience and no headache over ads, choose WordAds.
If you want total control of your site with more money possibilities, choose Adsense.

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