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How to make money reading news on money land forum


“Make Money Online Daily From Referrals, Reading Latest News Online And Commenting On Featured Posts”

You Could Be Earning At Least ₦5,000 Daily From This Unique Income Opportunity. 

Are you a stay at home mum?
Are you unemployed?
Do you need an amazing income generating idea alongside your current job?
Are you a student?
Are you struggling in today’s economy?
Are you in need of some extra cash?
Are you ready for a life of freedom?


The Report You Are About To Gain Access To Has The Potential Of Transforming Your Income In A Big Way In 30 Days From Now If You Act On It! And Mind You, This Is Not A Multilevel Marketing or pyramid Scheme…..

It Is Simply An Empowerment Thing !

Let’s be honest: everyone wants to earn money easily and have no financial problems and that is why this program was introduced.

Dear Friend, 

The amazing website I am about to introduce to you is

What Is Moneyland Forum And Why Should You Become A Member?

Moneyland Forum is an online platform that allows people to earn money online from the comfort of their bedroom. You can also refer to this website as an empowerment forum.

Money Land Forum is a global entertainment, empowerment, business and internet marketing forum.  Money Land Forum was created for the purpose of providing you with quality contents on financial freedom and wealth creation in current economy. 

The income program that was recently launched on Moneyland Forum is to create an opportunity for all the forum members to earn money with ease from their engagements and interactions from the forum and this opportunity is available for old and new members. 

When you activate the VIP membership on Moneyland Forum, you would be given your own unique referral link. You get paid ₦1,000($5) for each person that you refer to be a VIP member. 

You don’t only get paid for referrals, you also earn from commenting on featured posts on the homepage, you get paid when any of the posts you create on the forum gets featured on the home page. You also earn from sharing sponsored ads on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. 


The Money land forum itself is absolutely free to join but upgrading your account to the VIP membership is not free. You only make a one-time payment of ₦2,000 to join it. If you are an existing member of the forum, you will pay ₦2,000 to upgrade your account to the MVP. 

MVP otherwise known as Moneyland VIP Package is a program aimed at dealing with financial problem of people, mostly the youth, students, middle class and whoever sees it as a good opportunity to boost his or her financial status. It is an advert revenue sharing platform and empowerment program. 

Ads revenue from advertisers are shared with the MVP members. If a user wants a post to go viral on social media, he or she can decide to sponsor that post. 

When a user from the forum sponsors a post, it would be visible to the VIP members. They would share the post on their Facebook or twitter accounts once in 24hrs. Whatever amount the advitiser is paying per share would be shared equally between the admin of the forum and any VIP member that shares the sponsored post. 

For example, if the advertiser is paying 10 naira per share, and you as the VIP member shares the post on your Facebook account and Twitter account, it means for that particular post, you will get ₦5 for Facebook share and ₦5 for Twitter share. That is ₦10 from that singular post. And you can share as many sponsored posts as you like, but it must be once per day for each of the sponsored posts available on your MVP dashboard. 

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Your earnings for each post you share, are immediately added to your MVP wallet balance and you can withdraw all your earnings at any time once you have up to ₦2,000 in your MVP wallet. 

When you share the post, it must remain on your Facebook and Twitter timelines because a manual review would be done on your social media accounts before your earnings are paid to your bank account. You can request payout in dollars through Bitcoin or in naira directly to your local bank account in Nigeria. 

If you have a lot of friends online or offline, you can capitalise on that by offering them an opportunity to earn a passive income, at the same time profiting off them. 

Apart from being an active member of the forum, you can also earn money by being an active writer. For every relevant and well-structured forum topic that you create and gets featured on the home page, you will earn ₦50 and it would be instantly added to your MVP wallet. 

Which means that, apart from getting the free exposure and traffic for your post when it gets featured on the homepage, you also get paid for that. 


To start earning from some of your activities on the forum, you need to upgrade your account to the VIP package(MVP)

To upgrade your account to MVP or to subscribe to MVP, you only need to make a one-time payment of just ₦2,000($10) and you will able to earn for life from the platform. 

Money Land Forum pay their members in both naira and dollars. Which means you can invite people to join from any part of the world and you will earn 50 percent referral commission from their activation fee which is ₦1,000($5). 


This is a very legitimate program and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Money Land Forum has been in existence since 2016 but the MVP program was recently introduced and it has helped to boost the financial status of some of its members who have embraced the income opportunity. 



Use my referral link below to register for a free account

When you click on that link, you will be taken to the page below


Fill the form correctly and do not forget your username and password. When you are done filling the form, click on Signup and you would be taken to the page below. 


Click on login as indicated in the image above and enter the username and password you selected while creating your account. 



Once you have successfully logged in, you can now subscribe to the MVP program. To subscribe to the MVP program, you need to fund your wallet with at least ₦2,000($10). If you want to run a banner advert or sponsored post advert on the website, you can fund your wallet with more than ₦2,000 but you only need ₦2,000 to upgrade your account to MVP. 

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Also note that you don’t need to be a MVP member before you create adverts on the forum. Advert creation is available to all members of the forum. Both free and VIP members.


There two major ways to fund your wallet on the website. There is automatic and manual wallet funding. You can use your ATM card to pay online and your account would be funded instantly. That is automatic funding. 

You can do mobile transfer, internet transfer, ATM transfer to any of the bank account details on the website and you can also pay in dollars through Bitcoin. That is under the manual wallet funding. So let’s get started! 

After a successful login, this is what your dashboard would look like


Click on Fund wallet as indicated in the image above. You will be taken to the page below


If you want to pay online, enter the amount you want to pay in the image marked in red above and click on the Blue button. Follow the instructions and once your payment has been completed successfully, your account would be funded automatically. 

If you want to use the manual wallet funding option, make payment to any of the bank details you see on the website and click on send payment details to fill the payment notification form. Submit the form and once your payment is confirmed, your wallet would be funded within 24hrs. 

To check your account balance, login to your account and click on your username as indicated below


When you click on your username, you will be taken to the page below


Once your account has been funded, you can now subscribe to the MVP program. To subscribe to MVP, click on Join Moneyland VIP Package as indicated below or click the link below. 


When you click on that link or when you click on Join Moneyland VIP Package, you will be taken to the page below


You have already funded your wallet and you now have enough funds in your account to upgrade your account to VIP membership. Simply fill the MVP sign up form correctly, 

The Referrer’s username is infoqueen. Enter it correctly if it’s not already there. (If you use the referral link provided above, the referrer’s username should be there by default)

If you have an active Facebook account, enter your Facebook username or your full name on Facebook. Leave blank if you don’t have a Facebook account. 

If you have an active Twitter account, enter your Twitter username or your full name on Twitter. Leave blank if you don’t have a Twitter account. 

Enter your bank account number correctly

If you want to be paid in dollars instead, enter your Bitcoin wallet address.

Enter your bank account name

Select your bank name from the options provided

Enter your account password again 

And click on Signup for MVP

Your MVP subscription would be activated instantly! 

Once your account is activated, you can start promoting your referral link. You will also see the sponsored ads available for sharing on your dashboard. 

For each comment you make within a 24-hr interval on any of the featured posts on the home page, you also get paid.

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If you have questions to ask, please call any of the numbers below.

+2348136499063, +2347088102850 OR Whatsapp -> +2348179563409

You can also email me directly


Moneyland Forum is a business, internet marketing, empowerment and entertainment Forum.

Moneyland Forum is created for those who are interested in building successful business either online or offline.

Our mission is to provide a dynamic entrepreneurial environment that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to be inspired, trained, create connections and to share knowledge that lead to business growth and success.

We want to have a platform where we can interact, share ideas, advertise products and services, start a joint venture, make friends and keep relationships in the process. On MoneylandForum, we want members to support each other in business, professional and personal growth.

You can use Moneyland Forum to build your brand online. You can use it to build trust, you can use it to develop your writing skills by sharing valuable contents with other forum users. You can use Moneyland Forum to sell your affiliate or personal products.

Feel free to ask questions and the admin of the forum or any other member would gladly respond to your questions. We would provide you with a timely and useful response.

If you are a blogger, you can use Moneyland Forum to get traffic to your blog and here is how you can do that…

Simply share quality contents and include a link to your blog, if we find it valuable, we may feature it on our home page, that is additional traffic for your website/blog.

Join us today to get more tips on how you can improve in your current business. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Moneyland Forum is the right place for you.

MoneylandForum is for everyone. Everyone is free to start a topic or create post. Utilize it to your own advantage.

You can join Moneylandforum by visiting this page

You can also read Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossips, Sports News, Politics and More through our featured posts on the home page.

If you are thinking of starting a business and you do not know how to go about it, simply create a post and ask every relevant question relating to this business, the admin or any other member of the forum with useful information on this topic will gladly furnish you with every detail you need to kick-start this business.

On Moneylandforum, you can get all the information you need to start a business the right way.

After joining MoneylandForum, you will be able to avoid common mistakes people make when starting a new business. will give you access to what you need to know and do inorder for you and your business to succeed. 

Visit this page to join



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