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Swagbucks : Make Money Watching Videos


We all like to watch videos online be it movies, sport or funny videos. People are watching videos online that many people have made so much money from video streaming sites such as Youtube by being a creator while most of us are just wasting or rather using our money to watch those monetized videos just for catching fun. However, you too can make money from videos online even just by watching.

Sign up to Swagbucks to get paid just to watch a few short videos. These videos cover many topics including food, fashion and sport and there’s a fixed number to watch for each topic. Each video is between 30 seconds and one minute long.

Watching videos earns ‘Swagbucks Points’ (SBs). These can then be converted to cash, which is paid through PayPal or traded for gift cards from Amazon or Marks & Spencer (M&S).

As a rough guide, you’ll need to watch 25 short videos to earn 1SB and clock up around 700 points to make £5.

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