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Learmousine: the world’s first and only limousine jet on sale and can legally be driven down the road


It is officially known as the Learmousine, the world’s first and only limousine jet. Physically, it is the body of a Lear Jet perched on top of a four-wheeled chassis. And we’re told it is perfectly legal to drive it down the road.

Sometime in 2018, word broke out of the strange contraption being ready for show and road. It was the prototype Learmousine, designed by a guy named Dan Harris and put together by another one named Frank DeAngelo. It sure took them a lot of years – they say two years were needed for the research and development of the rear engine bay, drivetrain, suspension, electrical and computer systems alone – but now it is in working order and ready to be sold.

The Learmousine popped up on the Mecum auction site, awaiting to go under the hammer during the Indianapolis auction in May. 

Measuring 42-feet long and 8-feet wide, the vehicle has been build using the aluminum body of a Lear Jet, perched on top of four 28-inch wheels. The wings of the jet body have been chopped off, for obvious reasons, but for effect the side mounted jet turbine engines housings were kept. They no longer hide jet engines, though, but two 12-inch subwoofers that light up with neon lights.

Designed to become the ultimate party jet, the Learmousine comes with a luxuriously crafted interior, filled with more neon lights, screens of all shapes and sizes, and more speakers that you can count.


owering the contraption along is a Vortec V8 engine that can give it a top speed of 100 mph, despite the 12,000 pounds weight of the vehicle.

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There’s no telling how much the private jet on wheels would fetch at the said auction, if it sells, but we know it cost more than $1 million to build. Additionally, way back when it was unveiled, its makers said people should be ready to pay up to $5 million for it, so anything in between is as good of a guess as any.

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