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Adewale Ayuba (Mr Johnson) Net Worth


Born on the 6th of May 1966 in Irene, Ogun state. Ayuba is one of the oldest and most popular Yoruba musician in fuji’s genre of music. He attended Remo secondary school but couldn’t further his education despite gaining admission into the university.

He started his music career in 1983 but had to wait until 1986 before releasing his first album which was titled Ibere (beginning) at the age of seventeen (17).

He was recognized in 2004 as the best entertainer of the year in America by the Nigerian in America community association.

Net Worth of Ayuba
He is one of the richest fuji musicians in Nigeria. His financial/ net worth is estimated as over 1 billion naira. Among his released album were igida, ife(love), ijo fuji(fuji dance), Mr Johnson and award winning, bubble.

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