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Abass Akande Obesere Net Worth


Born on the 28th of March 1965 to the family of Pa Abass, Obesere has emerged as on of Nigeria’s wealthiest Fuji act. He had his primary school kwara before diving into music at early stage of his life.

His first music album was “introduction” but broke into limelight with the album titled ‘vulgar’ and since then, he’d recorded numerous albums. During his active days, many criticized him for displaying too much of woman’s ‘secret body’.

Abass is a Yoruba musician that never jokes with the spiritual aspect of his life as he had been to Mecca(Islamic holy land), it won’t be out of place if we call him Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere. He featured Olamide Adedeji(baddoo) in his recent hip-hop single which was released earlier this year.

Net worth of Obesere
Obesere is one of the richest fuji musicians in Nigeria with an eatimated net worth of over 1 billion naira.

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