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About the Dantata family, one of the richest in Nigeria


The Dantata Family is arguably the richest families in the country with the billionaire businessman Aliko Dangote also being related to this prestigious family.

Sanusi Dantata was a Nigerian entrepreneur and the son of Alhasal Dantata. His father, Alhassan was a Northern Nigerian trader in kola nuts, ground nuts and distributor of European goods. He used to supply the large British trading companies with raw materials. When he died, he was said to be one of the wealthiest men in West Africa.

The other members of the family include:

Ahmadu Dantata (1916-1960): son, a politician

Alhaji Abdulkadir Dantata: grandson

Alhaji Mudi Dantata (1918-2005), son, a successful Businessman

Aliko Dangote (1957- till date): great grandson, a billionaire

Aminu Dantata (1931- till date): son, a businessman

Mamuda Dantata (1922–1983): son, founder of the West African Pilgrims Association and a currency trader

Sanusi Dantata (1917-1997): son, a successful businessman.

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