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Hueman( Adsense optimized) Theme : How I Solved Post Featured Image Not Showing In Facebook Posts

Hueman theme

There is no doubt that Hueman theme is good for Google adsense earnings. When I changed my theme to the free Hueman theme with auto and maual ads, I experienced 100% increase in Google Adsense earnings.

However, the theme has one limitation: it does not show standard featured image from my blog when shared to Facebook. Meaning it doesn’t pick any of my images from my blog post when I automatically share it to Facebook which is saddened as we believed the featured image make our post beautiful, attractive and increase click-thtrough rate.

What happened is that some themes show the featured image in default “standard” post format while others including Hueman only show the featured image if a particular post format is selected.

In Hueman theme, you would need to be adding a featured image and select the image post format anytime you post if you want a large image displayed above the post content which will serve as featured image.

However, this is repetitive, time wasting and hard work.

Important update: you might decide to read this post further for the sake of gaining something, but i later discovered that all the methods i try below does not work. I have to change my theme to ‘vmag.’

If you decide to read on, then continue:

How I change the default image in Hueman theme to “standard” featured image in post and facebook page

When I searched online someone recommended “bulk convert post format” plugin and said it worked like charm. I tried it but I doesn’t work . That is, my Facebook page which I auto generated posts to, is still showing a default image from Hueman theme.

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Therefore, I continued with my research and found two plugins.

The first one is: Thumbnails plugin. The plugin enhances the WordPress thumbnail functions by generating and caching thumbnails of any size.

I installed and activated the plugin and I do no setting. The reason I used this plugin is that I thought maybe the sizes of my post images does not match that of Human theme that is why the theme picks Hueman default image as featured image.

Then the second plugin I used is: Auto Post Thumbnail.

The plugin automatically generate the post thumbnail (Featured Thumbnail) from the first image in post (or any custom post type) only if “Auto Post Thumbnail” plugin is not set manually. That is, you need to set the plugin to auto.

Therefore, i installed and activated the plugin. Go to the plugin setting on the dashboard drop down and clicked on “auto.”

That’s it. Though, i don’t the actual plugin that worked between the two but what I know is that I got what I wanted. My blog posts to my Facebook page started showing featured image on my posts.

You can try any of the two separately and tell us which one works or maybe the two worked separately or can only work together.

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