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How To Make Money Being A Money Collector


This is one of the oldest job or business on earth. It requires going round to collecting and saving money for people and keeping records of the transactions. Money collectors usually earn a specified and agreed percentage of the money they collect. 

Money collectors earn in three ways: 

  • They earn a percentage usually 5 -10% of any money they save.
  • They lend loan to people and earn money from it. Though, this is risky and unadvisable.
  • The banks they save to usually gave them prizes and other benefits

To start you need to get a collector card for each of your customers and a notebook for keeping records of all their transactions.

For you to make quick money as a money collector requires a lot of dedication and honesty on your part and hardwork in getting new savers. Also you need to have a good reputation, someone people can trust with their money. Then you need lot of customers because the more customers you have, the higher the gain you make. Places to target include the market places, plazas and other business areas with lots of vocational workers.

You also need to be very careful while running this business since you’ll be dealing directly with people’s money.

The most important part of it is that you need to be good in calculation. Your head or calculation need to perfect like that of “alajosomolu.”

It is advisable you avoid lending or loaning out money to people especially your family and friends because people are not good when it comes to paying debts. It ruins banks talkless of you.

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Make sure you deposit people’s money in the bank in time to avoid stealing. Many money collectors are ruined by their wives and children they trusted through stealing.

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