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Bill Gates reclaims his title of being the richest man in the world from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos


Picture of Bill Gates & Jeff Bezos

It must be recalled that Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos took the crown from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates of being world’s richest man last year. Bill, who was the owner of that title for the last 24 years, was finally dethroned. But not anymore! Amazon’s stock saw a diminishing chart on Thursday, which resulted in Bezos’ total net worth taking a hit as well. This drop resulted in Gates becoming the world’s richest man yet again.

On Thursday 24/10/19 evening, Jeff must’ve left the office as the richest man in the world but when he came back on Friday morning, he lost the spot. Amazon’s shares fell nearly 10 per cent during the after-hours on Thursday. This huge plunge knocked Bezos down to a total net worth of $103.9 billion. This is also the worst loss the company has suffered in years. His previous $160 billion wealth, which made him the richest of them all, took a hard hit since last year.

Bezos overtook Gates last year when his total net worth was calculated to be $160 billion. Meanwhile, Microsoft co-founder’s income was said to be around $105 billion. The Forbes 400 from 2018 crowned Bezos as the first ever individual to be worth $160 billion. But after that, his stars didn’t align. His divorce, earlier this year, cost him a ton. He lost a total of $38 billion in the divorce. As part of his after-divorce settlement, he handed over a quarter of his total Amazon shares to his ex-wife.

But as Bezos lost his spot, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates soared up. He finally reclaimed his spot becoming the richest person in the world, yet again. His company has been doing well for since the beginning of this year. At the start of 2019, Gates’s fortune shot up almost $16 billion. His current net worth is around $105.7 billion, a couple of billions more than Bezos.

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