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Which currency is the highest valued in the world?


If you ask this question from the lay men on the street, many will say is the pound. But no. The highest valued currency in the world is the Kuwaiti Dinar. One Kuwaiti Dinar is equal to $3.54 in U.S. currency, 2.7 Euros or $3.84 in Canadian currency.

Kuwaiti dinar

The following are the list of most valued currencies in the world.

The second most expensive currency is the Bahrain Dinar, with one being equal to $2.65 in U.S. currency. The third is the Omani Rial, which equals $2.60. Latvian Lats are next in line because one Latvian Lat is equal to $1.97. The U.K. Pound Sterling equals $1.64, the Jordanian Dinar equals $1.41 and the European Euro is worth $1.37. The Azerbaijan Manat equals $1.28, the Cayman Islands Dollar is equal to $1.22 and the tenth highest currency is the Switzerland Franc at a worth of $1.12.

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