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ClickBank is one of the best and largest affiliate platforms online.

ClickBank manages thousands digital deals every day and its affiliates

count into millions, meaning it is a well grounded affiliate website.

You can make money online through Clickbank either by selling your own

product or by selling other people’s product. The act of marketing

other people’s product in order to earn commission from sales is

termed AFFILIATE MARKETING while the people marketing other people’s

product to receive

commission from sales are referred to as AFFILIATE and the product

they are promoting is regarded as AFFILIATE PRODUCT.

Selling your own products on ClickBank is one of the best and

simplest way to make money online. What you will do is to list your

product with them and set the

commission rate you are willing to pay to any individual or affiliate

who promote and sell your item for you.

Try to make the best out of the traffic which people that are

promoting your product as an affiliate are sending to your blog or

website or any other page by having a good attractive, well structured

and well planned landing page with a good Call-To-Action words or

button. This will enable you to reduce your bounce rate and increate

your sales rate.

Put ‘ Subscribe By Email’ or ‘ Join Our Newsletter’ form to make it

easy for them to follow you. Surely, they will buy your product sooner

or later.

Another way you can make money online through Clickbank is to sell

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other people’s products as an affiliate. The commision an affiliate

receives from sales ranges from 5% to 75% depending on the rate set by

the owner.

It is advisable that an affiliate promotes a product he/she is

familiar with. A product you have used before or that someone you know

has used before. It is proper to do thorough research about the

product. This will reflect in your written, resulting in sales.

As an affiliate selling on ClickBank, make sure you are frank and

reliable about your product. When you sell or are selling quality

affiliate products, your buyers will be coming for more and you will

be making a lot of money from something called RECURRENT SALES.


Selling your own products and promoting and selling other people’s

product as an affiliate are the ways you can make money online through

clickbank. Putting all the advises above into practice will help you

to make that money from Clickbank.


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