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Mia Khalifa’s Net Worth

Mia Khalifa also known as Mia Callista, is a Lebanese-American social media personality, webcam model, actor and sports commentator.She is popular for her adult movies and religious controversies. Mia Khalifa Profile  Mia Khalifa's profile Native name: ميا خليفة Stage Name: Mia Khalifa Other Names: Mia Callista Date of birth: 10th February, 1993 Age: 26 years Relationship status: Divorced Nationality: American, Lebanese Occupation:

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20 Wealthiest Owners of Major League Sports Teams In The US

According to CEOWORLD magazine, the follwing are the 20 wealthiest owners of major league sports teams in the US with a collective worth of $182.6 billion.  20. Stephen Bisciotti Net worth: $4.4 billion Team: Baltimore Ravens Source of wealth: Staffing, self-made 19. Henry Samueli Net worth: $4.5 billion Team: Anaheim Ducks Source of wealth: Semiconductors, self-made T18. Terrence Pegula Net worth: $4.9 billion Team: Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres Source of

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Monthly salaries of US governors

Do you know that despite holding the States governors' salaries varies depending on the state. According to data from The Council of State Governments (CSG), current annual earnings range from a low of $70,000 to a high of $201,680 Alabama < > Governor: Kay Ivey (Republican) Salary: $120,395 Alaska < > Governor: Mike Dunleavy (Republican) Salary: $145,000 Arizona < > Governor: Doug Ducey (Republican) Salary: $95,000  Arkansas < > Governor: Asa Hutchinson (Republican) Salary:

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