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Suspected Fraudster Cut Off Woman’s Ear While Trying To Steal Her Baby



The police have arrested a suspect that allegedly tried to steal a baby in Idomu-Owo, Ilese, Ijebu

The suspect identified as Sikiru Adeniran allegedly chased a young girl identified as Rodiat Iskilu to where a woman Basirat Bakare was breastfeeding her twin babies.

The suspect tried to take one of the babies from the mother and in the process used a sharp knife to cut off the mother’s ear, Punch reports.

Neighbours came to the victim’s rescue and she ran to the kitchen where she locked herself. An eyewitness who identified himself as Tola Alawiye said that he called a vigilante who in turn called the Ilese Police Station which led to the arrest of the suspect.

The victim also revealed how she was attacked.

She said: “The incident happened last Wednesday. I was with my children outside the house when one of the children in the neighbourhood ran in my direction, shouting for help. She said a man was chasing her.

“I quickly took the girl and my children inside our house. But I was about to close the door when the man forced the door open. He started fighting to dispossess me of one of my twin babies; he used his teeth to bite my hands and neck, just to take my baby away.

“I was still fighting with him when he suddenly brought out a knife and cut my right ear. I was bleeding and shouted for help. It was my cry that prompted neighbours to rush to my rescue. As the man saw people coming, he ran into the kitchen and locked the door.

“He broke the window’s burglary-proof bars and was about to escape through it when neighbours got hold of him. He started pleading and requested an account number to do a transfer of N500,000. He said he was into Yahoo Yahoo (Internet fraud) and wanted to bribe us with the money to cover the case, but we refused.”

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