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Hugo Lloris: I’m not worried about signing a new contract with Spurs


Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris has revealed that he’s in the last phase of his career and won’t disturb himself over a new contract.

At 34, Lloris is trying to treasure every day he has in the game.

He said: “I try to take as much pleasure as possible. I am in the last phase of my career. As long as I feel good, I want to continue, but being honest with myself. My contractual situation, I am not necessarily worried.

“My priority has been turned towards Spurs and there will certainly be discussions in the coming months, but my priority is to remain efficient, to meet the expectations of the new coach, Antonio Conte.”

Lloris also insisted that Mauricio Pochettino was the right coach for PSG.

Pochettino and Lloris worked together at Tottenham before his dismissal last year.

“Even if the performance of PSG may not be up to expectations, the results are there.

“Compared to what he achieved at Tottenham, his challenge is not the same in Paris. We are dealing with two very high level clubs, but with different ambitions. Paris has even greater resources.

“Mauricio will be judged only in relation to titles and victories.”

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