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Restaurant review: Ranking 8 menu items from Burger King Nigeria


I remember the first time that I watched a Youtube review on Burger King (BK), this was sometime in 2019 and I had just seen a movie where Burger King was featured, so I was really curious (I am sure most of us have seen or heard about Burger King in one or two movies).

The Youtuber said,  “It’s tough to imagine a world without Burger King”. When I heard this, I laughed and thought to myself, “he has NO idea”, because I did not have to imagine this, it was my reality as a Nigerian who had never had the opportunity to experience BK’s numerous varieties of burgers.

So imagine how excited I was when I heard that BK had opened in Lagos, on Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, to be precise. The smile on my face was inexplicable and I just had to go there and share my experience with you all.

I bought a variety of 8 items on  BK’s menu and I will be ranking these items based on preference, but first, let’s talk about my experience.

So if you’ve read my previous articles, you would know that I rank my restaurants based on the following; the ambience, the service and the food. So, I will be explaining my experience based on these criteria. Sit back and enjoy;

  1. The ambience: I’ll describe the interior to look how you would expect a typical burger restaurant to look; the white walls, with the dark brown wood finish, very well lit with bright lights, and picture frames lined up on the wall, just like you would see in the movies. I definitely liked the interior, it was neatly arranged and it gave me abroad vibes. I’ll rate this a 6 out of 10.
  2. The service: The service was not bad, even though I cannot describe it as great service and this is due to the fact that  I had to wait 2 hours to get my order. I would not blame them because the restaurant was really crowded, I was number 333 on the line and there were still so many people behind me (lol Nigerians don’t joke with their tummy). I also ordered 7 burgers but they only gave me 6 burgers. However, the staff were very polite and happy to assist, so I’ll rate the service a 5 out of 10 because I believe that the waiting time would improve after a couple of months of them being in Nigeria.
  3. The food: Now as a certified foodie, you all know that this is my favourite part. I’ll say for a fact that in all my years of being a foodie (which is all my life), I have never had this many varieties of burgers. I bought a total of 7 burgers, a pack of chicken wings and chicken nuggets. Each burger came with a drink and a pack of Irish potato fries. If you want to know what’s in each burger and how many calories they contain, you should definitely check out my youtube video ( I will drop a link to the video at the end of this article). Most of the burgers were near perfect; the right amount of cheese, mayo, tomatoes, onion, etc. My number one was the steakhouse burger. This burger has pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, meat and something delicious that I could not explain. Steakhouse burger tastes like you’re having a steak that’s fresh out of the fire, with a very smokey sweet taste. I also had my friend taste all the burgers and this was his favourite. One other thing I really loved from their menu was the chicken wings, it was neither too soft nor too tough. The skin was golden brown and also very juicy. So I’ll rate the food an 8 out of 10. Here’s the ranking order of all the burgers that I tasted;
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Ranking order from the least favourite to the top

6. Big King XXL (least favourite)

5. Chicken Tendercrisp

4. Cheese Burger

3. Whooper Jr

2. Big King

1. Stake house (My favourite.)

Conclusively, it is a lovely restaurant with different varieties of burgers that you can pick from. They also have low-calorie burgers, so even on a diet, you can eat something delicious. If you have tried any of their burgers out, let me know which was your favourite in the comment section. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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