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Barcelona new boss speaks ahead of Camp Nou presentation


Barcelona’s new manager and club legend Xavi Hernandez spoke to the media about his new position and his expectations. The Spaniard is set to take over duties as the coach from tomorrow and will oversee his first game in charge after the international break.

He first said that he was arriving at a delicate moment, but acknowledged that he was aware of it. He added that it was important to add order to the team and have maximum demand.

“I arrive at a delicate moment, but I feel prepared. I know that we are generating enthusiasm, it is necessary to put order and have the maximum demand.”

Xavi admitted that the team at his disposal was capable of achieving great things in the future, but said it would take time.

“The project is a medium-long term. There is a team to do great things.”

Barcelona’s relaxed training schedule has been a point of focus for a while now. The Spaniard said that he aimed to change things in that aspect.

“Training sessions will demand a lot. We have to recover many things, especially the pressure after a loss in possession.”

Xavi continued: “There is a team and there is talent, I will try to transmit my experience to the players to achieve titles.”

A lot has been made about the Spaniard coaching former teammates of his. Xavi said it was an advantage for him to have familiar faces as opposed to a constraint.

“I’m going to demand a lot from the players, but I will help them. For me, it is an advantage to know the captains, Busquets, Piqué, Alba, Roberto, and players like Ter Stegen.”

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The World Cup winner then spoke about how the job was his dream, saying, “Coaching Barcelona was my dream, and now that dream has come true.”

He also mentioned the various messages of support he received over the past few days.

“I am so excited! I have received a lot of messages from my family, my friends, my former colleagues as well.”

Speaking about his sudden appointment, Xavi thanked Joan Laporta for the opportunity and promised that he would work hard.

“I want to thank the president. I got a call from Laporta and they told me they needed me here. I promise the fans that we will work hard.”

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