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Prof. Diogu: Nigerian government out to destroy successful Igbo politicians, businessmen


Former President of the World Igbo Congress and Texas, the United States of America-based Professor of Electrical Engineering, Prof. Kalu Diogu, has described as Igbophobic, jealousy, discriminatory and affront to the Igbo nation the actions of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government against successful political leaders and businessmen from the South East region of the country.

Also, a card-carrying member of the All Progressives Congress, the professor questioned the joy Buhari derives in such.

Diogu said Buhari derives joy in victimising the Igbo by using the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to witch hunt their leaders

In an interview with, Diogu, who campaigned for Buhari in the three senatorial districts of Abia State for his election, asked the President to dump his alleged Igbophobia and salvage his nearly destroyed legacy as a nationalist by burying his hatred for the Igbo tribe.

According to him: “The level of hatred this government is displaying against a section of Nigeria at such an advanced age is untenable and unsustainable.

“Mr President should stop hating Igbo-speaking ethnicity.

“We are a very fascinating and hardworking people who love other people of our nation.

“Stop demolishing all the fabrics of our national cohesion and integration by openly and brazenly victimising Igbo people and denying them their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

“We are concerned that for a very long time, there seems to have been deliberate attempts by a group of political hawks to humiliate and demoralise key political and business leaders from Igboland whom they consider as threats to their ambition of holding the country at the jugular by impoverishing them.”

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Linking Obi Cubana’s current EFCC ordeal to tribal vendetta, Diogu recalled that it’s not the first time Igbo successful businessmen have been victimised.

He said: “We all remember how Cletus Ibeto’s businesses were grounded.

“We remember how Orji Uzor Kalu’s Slok businesses were targetted and many others.

“Today, the most formidable politicians from the South East are under attack.

“The government is working so hard to neutralise the likes of Anyim Pius Anyim, Orji Uzor Kalu, Rochas Okorocha, Peter Obi with the EFCC.

“The Igbo in Diaspora and youths cannot continue to watch idly while our successful leaders are used as scapegoats for the endemic corruption that has eaten into the fabrics of the country’s public governance, while the main culprits are allowed to continue walking free because they are not Igbos.

“This Igbophobic, jealousy, discriminatory and affront to the Igbo nation must stop.”

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