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PDP zoning: North can produce national chair, president – scribe


Kaduna State Publicity Secretary of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Abraham Catoh, has said that the nationwide reaction trailing the PDP zoning of the national chairman of the party to the north cannot stop the region from equally producing the President of the country in 2023.

Catoh in a chat noted that a precedent had been set when in 2006 both the national chairman and presidential candidate of the party came from the north.

“The zoning of the PDP Chairmanship position is a normal intraparty exercise within the PDP.

“In 2006, Col. Ahmadu Ali (Rtd) became the National Chairman of the PDP and the Late Umaru Musa Yar’adua emerged as the flagbearer of the PDP and went on to win the Presidential election in 2007. Ahmadu Ali served for 3 years.

“In the 2018 National Convention, all positions that were zoned to North were also re-zoned to the South, while the ones from the South were zoned to North.

“Thus, It’s a usual party exercise within the Party, so as to carry every zone and interests along.

“In any case, even when the PDP Chairmanship is zoned to the North, it doesn’t stop members of the Party from the North from contesting the position of the President, It happened in the past.

“The PDP has left the presidential contest open for all comers from the 36 States and Abuja, so as to bring the best person to emerged.

“The Party is giving a level playing ground for every interested candidate to contest for the office of the president.

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“The Party believes by doing so it will give Nigerians the best option against other Political Parties in the forthcoming elections in 2023”. Catoh explained.

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