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Apple seeking damages from Epic Games for breach of App Store contract

Epic Games said on Monday it was seeking to block Apple’s removal of Fortnite from its app store and has asked a judge to prevent any retaliatory action against its other games in the store.

according to Apple, it will seek damages against Epic Games for allegedly breaching its contract with the iOS App Store, in a new escalation of the two companies’ ongoing legal fight. The allegation was entered on Tuesday, alongside counterclaims for unjust enrichment and tortious interference with Apple’s relationship with its customers.

Apple is seeking monetary damages as part of the claim, although the precise amount is not specified in the filing.

“By all accounts, Epic has taken advantage of Apple’s support and services more than any other app developer for the past two years,” the filing reads. “But sometime before June 2020, things changed. Epic decided that it would like to reap the benefits of the App Store without paying anything for them.”

Apple declined to comment beyond the filing. Apple has already removed Fortnite from the iOS App Store, and a recent ruling on a temporary restraining order validated Apple’s right to remove the game, despite the ongoing financial damage to Epic. The same ruling enjoined Apple from taking additional action to remove Epic’s internal testing tools, including those supporting the Unreal Engine.

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