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10 billionaires who have seen their fortune rises amid COVID-19


“When one door closes, another opens…” This quote by Alexander Graham Bell readily comes to mind in describing the rise of some during the on-going global economic downturn owing to the COVID-19 pandemic which the IMF estimates could lead to output losses of around 9 trillion dollars. The door of increase has certainly opened for some in no small measure. Here is a list of 10 billionaires who got richer over the course of this year according to the latest figures from Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index as of April 19, 2020.

#1. Jeff Bezos

The founder and CEO of the online retail company Amazon, has grown his fortunes by another $28.7 billion this year bringing his personal net worth to a whooping $144 billion.

#2. Steve Ballmer

Former CEO of Microsoft and the current owner of Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA. He is an American business man and investor. He also witnessed increase in his personal fortunes to the tune of $6.69 billion putting his total net worth at an impressive $64.8 billion.

#3. Larry Ellison

He is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Oracle corporation. His net worth also grew by an additional $2.04 billion this year to hit $60.8 billion.

#4. Rob Walton

The eldest son of Helen Walton and Sam Walton making him an heir to the fortunes of Walmart where he served as chairman from 1992-2015. His net worth grew by an additional $3.48 billion bringing his total fortunes to $57.7 billion.

#5. Alice Walton

Sister to Rob Walton and co-heir to the Walton fortune. She also grew in net worth by $3.98 billion to $57.0 billion.

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#6. Mackenzie Bezos

Former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, to whom she was married from 1993 – 2019. Her net worth went up by a good $9.96 billion to give a total of $47.1 billion.

#7. Eric Yuan

He is the chairman and CEO of Zoom Video Communications. The San Jose based company is the world’s biggest provider of video conferencing software to business. This year, he more than doubled his net worth from $3.57 billion to $7.80 billion. That’s is a staggering leap forward of $4.23 billion.

#8. Pony Ma

Whose official name is Ma Huateng, is founder and CEO of the internet company Tencent which owns the very popular WeChat app. Pony Ma grew his fortunes by an additional $3.15 billion this year to give him a total net worth of $41.8 billion.

#9. Elon Musk

An engineer and technology entrepreneur, he cofounded PayPal and formed SpaceX – maker of launch vehicles and space craft. He is also the cofounder and CEO of Tesla. His fortunes also grew by a substantial $12.1 billion bring his personal net worth to $39.6 billion

#10. Colin Huang

Also known as Huang Zheng, is a Chinese business magnate who is the founder and CEO of the e-commerce company Pinduoduo one of China’s largest e-commerce sites. His fortunes grew an additional $3.44 billion to bring his net worth to a total of $23.1 billion.

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