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Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria & Net Worth


Below are top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria & Net Worth

1. Ali Baba Net Worth N3 billion

Ali baba is a colossus in the art of comedy and he is the wealthiest of all comedians in the country.

Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomere is his real name. He has hosted lots of events for Governors, presidents and other top dignitaries in the past. He charges averagely 4 million naira to perform in events.

In addition to comedy, Ali baba is also a motivational speaker. He owns streams of other businesses in Lagos. Forbes estimates his net worth as N3 billion this 2020.

2. AY Net Worth N2.5 billion

AY recently sprung up to become one of the richest comedians in Nigeria via the A.Y live shows all across the country.

The release of his best seller movies “30 days in Atlanta and a trip to Jamaica” has also contributed to his recent rise.

AY charges about 2m for performance in shows and events. Apart from other endorsement deals he has signed and establishments he owns, his estimated net worth is valued at N2.5 billion.

3. Basketmouth Net Worth N2 billion

Bright Okpocha, mostly known as basket mouth is a very talented Nigerian comedian.

Basket mouth is very popular and he is one of the funniest and most stylish comedian. He is also Globacom Nigeria and Amstel Malta brand ambassador.

Basketmouth charges about N2 million for each show that he performs in. He is always a fan favorite. He thrills and cracks ribs with undiluted comic lines. His net worth is estimated at N2 billion.

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4. I go Die Net Worth N1.8 billion

“I go Die” came into limelight via Opa William’s Night of a thousand laugh, a platform that exposed many of the successful comedians in the country.

“I go Die” is not only a funny and rib cracking comedian, but he is also a CEO of Revamp construction company, a real estate and construction company.

His real name is Francis Agoda. He is an ambassador to the United Nations Millennium Development goal. “I go Die” charges about 1.5 – 2 million naira for shows. His net worth according to Forbes is valued at N1.8 billion including his endorsements.

5. Julius Agwu Net Worth N1.5 billion

Julius Agwu is another hilarious and talented comedian in Nigeria. He is one of the oldest comedians in the country. He started comedy with the likes of Alibaba, but later lost focus to acting movies.

He has mentored and groomed lots of successful comedians in the country including Basket mouth. Julius Agwu is a book writer. To perform in your event, Julius Agwu charges between 1 million and 2 million.

His net worth is estimated to be 1.5 billion naira

6. Okey Bakassi Net Worth N800 million

Okey Bakassi is very old the Nigerian comedy industry. He started comedy when it was not paying off.

Okey Bakassi is not only a veteran comedian, but also an actor, MC and a TV presenter. He is also engaged in politics and he was the senior special assistant to the IMO state Governor on entertainment.

Okey Bakassi has organised lots and lots of shows for top class politicians. He is among the top earning comedians in the country. His financial worth is valued at N800 million.

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7. Bovi Net Worth N600 million

Bovi is also a wealthy comedian in the country and currently the reigning entertainer. Many brands are jostling to get him in their adverts.

Everything has been rosy for Bovi ever since he came into limelight. Bovi has made lots of money from organizing big shows and events.

His net worth is valued at N600 million including his cars, mansions and other assets.

8. Gbenga Adeyinka Net Worth N500 million

Gbenga is one of the biggest names in the Nigerian comedy industry. He is reputable for organising big shows for politicians.

He is the CEO and organizer of ‘laffmattaz’, a popular show that rakes in lots of money for him. Gbenga is involved in other businesses and he owns many assets in big cities in the country. Gbenga’s net worth is N500 million.

9. Gordons Net Worth N400 million

Popularly known for his jibes “Halelluyah!”, Gordons is a one of the most talented comedians in the country.

He also came into limelight via Opa William’s Night of a thousand laugh. His net worth is set at 400 million naira.

10. Akpororo Net Worth N350 million

Akpororo is loved by many Nigerians for his amazing comic lines. He has climbed up the ladder at a very fast pace.

Akpororo is only one of Nigeria’s richest comedians and has performed in many high-profile shows and has organized his as well. Akpororo performs in many church organized events, a feat which is rarely achieved by other comedians.

Akpororo net worth is estimated to be 350 million naira this 2020.

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