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5 of the Most Expensive Watches in the World


Do you know that some watches worth millions of dollar? The following are list of 5 of the Most Expensive Watches in the World

Vacheron Constantin 57260 – £6.5million

There are a number of a hallowed names that make watch geeks drool and Vacheron Constantin is certainly one of them. The Geneva-based brand has been producing some of the world’s most intricate and complex timepieces since 1755 – so it’s had plenty of time to perfect its art.

This record-setter, the somewhat uninspired sounding ‘57260’ took eight years to build from 2,800 individual parts. A pocket watch – the earliest form of reliable portable timekeeping – might feel a bit outmoded today, but they were once the norm before someone had the brainwave of strapping a watch to your wrist for convenience. That said, they’ve had a bit of a revival of late – largely thanks to those dapper Peaky Blinders – with a lot of men seeking to get in touch with their inner dandy. But this Vacheron is one rare bird. Featuring a whopping 57 ‘complications’ – essentially, a function beyond telling the time – including an alarm, a Westminster chiming gong and a Hebrew calendar amongst others, it’s a true feat of horological prowess. And if you were to stand even a remote chance of owning it, you’ll need a cool £6.5million. 

The Affordable Alternative

Savonette MechanicalTissot


If your bonus doesn’t quite stretch to that, there are alternatives which are just as smart, albeit less complex. Take this Savonette pocket watch from Tissot – another highly respected Helvetic brand with a pedigree stemming from 1853. Ok, it’s not got all the bells and whistles of the Vacheron, (and what other watch on earth does?) but with a bona fide Swiss mechanical movement inside, and a handsomely engraved case, you’ll feel like Thom Shelby himself with this inside your tweed coat pocket. The best part is it’s a snip at £395, which means you’ll still be able to afford food.

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Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 – £9 million

Patek Phillippe is widely considered by those in the know to be the holy grail of the horological world. The brand has scored many firsts in the industry over the years, including patenting the first double chronograph function (that’s a stopwatch with the ability to time two events simultaneously) and garnering some of the highest prices of watches ever sold at auction. In fact, the record for the most expensive wristwatch sold is this Patek – the ref 1518, which went for $11,000,000 (£9 million) when the gavel fell in the 2016 auction.

The buyer’s premium on that alone would bag you a pretty nice house. But what sort of watch do you get for the price of a townhouse in Belgravia? Well, one with a few complications for one – including a chronograph, perpetual calendar and a whimsical moon phase disc – which, admittedly isn’t of much use in the 21stcentury, but it certainly looks cool. But given that this watch isn’t even made of a precious metal – it’s steel – what’s with the crazy price tag? Well, it’s as rare as a Galapagos tortoise. There are only four steel models in the world. If you like the look of this fancy ticker, there are other options that don’t require you to strike oil.

The Affordable Alternative

The Longines Master Collection Watch L2.673.4.78.3Longines


Longines – a watchmaker known for its classically elegant design and solid, Swiss craftsmanship has a range of perpetual calendar watches with the same complications. While the Master Moonphase range isn’t quite as rare, its aesthetic merits are plain to see – as is the far more wallet-friendly price tag.

Rolex Paul Newman Daytona – £14.4million

No article of this kind would be complete without a mention of the king of the watch world. It is indeed Rolex that holds the title for the most expensive wristwatch ever sold – the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona.

The Daytona is one of the most sought-after models in the Rolex portfolio today, but this particular one was previously owned by the Hollywood legend and went for $17.5million (£14.4million) at auction in 2017. Made in 1963 – a time that many say stylistically was the Zenith of watch design – was a gift from the actor’s wife, Joanne Woodward, who had the phrase “Drive me Carefully” engraved on the case back.

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The mechanics incorporate a chronograph stopwatch operated by pushers on the right-hand side of the dial, and a tachymeter scale on the outside, which allows you to measure the speed of a fast-moving object, like a car. It’s not the most complex of movements, but super desirable due to its one-of-a-kind status.

The Affordable Alternative

Black Bay Chrono


You’ve probably got more chance of winning the lottery several times than actually owning this one, but there are other alternatives which are equally solid aesthetically and mechanically, including this handsome Tudor Black Bay chronograph. Given that the brand sits in the Rolex stable, you can expect the same flawless quality and Swiss-made, bullet proof movement – this one is definitely one to pass down to your grandkids. And the fact that Mr David Beckham wears one means you can trust its style kudos.

Richard Mille RM 56-02 Sapphire – £1.6m

Mention the word ‘tourbillon’ to the average person on the street, and it would probably mean jack, but to the watch aficionado, it’s one of the most prestigious (translation – most expensive) complications. Meaning ‘whirlwind’ in French, in horological terms it is a small cage which houses the escapement and balance wheel – which are vital to making the watch tick – that rotates continually. The point? It was created to offset the effect of gravity on the watch movement, which would alter its time-keeping accuracy. Yes, it seems a bit redundant in our smartphone age, but the complication is still very much prized in modern watches.

So, take this complication and put it in a watch made by one of the world’s most consistently expensive brands – Richard Mille – and you have another record breaker on your hands. Favoured by the likes of Rafael Nadal, Pharrell and Kanye, this relatively young watch brand is known for its indestructible timepieces made from innovative materials. This skeletonised example is made largely from sapphire glass, so you can see straight into the ornate titanium mechanics within. Definitely one for the engineering geeks – if you have £1.6million to spare.

The Affordable Alternative

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02TTag Heuer


No tourbillon watch is ever what you could call a bargain with the average price of one starting around £40k mark, but this Tag Heuer model bucks that trend, offering a distinctive futuristic dial, an in-built chronograph and that all important tourbillon, for £13,650. Not exactly a snip, but a proper steal in the world of tourbillons and one that any collector would give pride of place to in his collection.

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Ulysse Nardin Classico Hannibal Minute Repeater –£620,642

The phrase ‘Minute Repeater’ – along with ‘tourbillon’ – would mean little to the horologically inept, but this insanely complex function allows your watch to sound the time at the push of a button in a series of mechanically produced chimes. Think of it as a considerable upgrade on that talking alarm clock that amused you so much as a child. Needless to say, the effort of engineering such a mechanism is painstaking in its detail. Tiny hammers strike fine coils within the watch, which act much like church bells, tolling the minutes and hours. These miniature coils need to be fine-tuned to within a hair’s breadth of accuracy to achieve just the right note. And all of this, of course, is powered by your own movement – there’s no electricity involved.

Ulysse Nardin which has been in the game since 1846, specialises in such novel designs and is regularly approached by collectors with orders to make bespoke minute repeaters. This beauty is a prime example of the brand’s technical and artistic prowess and features a scene of the Carthaginian military bigwig, Hannibal in battle, which also animates in sync with the chimes – a function known as automata. Obviously, all this intricate work takes time and comes at a price – £620,000 to be exact.

The Affordable Alternative

Citizen CAMPANOLACitizen


But of course, there are somewhat less wallet-obliterating options if you fancy a watch with a tune. This Citizen does a similar – albeit rather less romantic – job, with its minute repeater function, but being driven by a battery-powered quartz crystal rather than a mechanical movement, it’s considerably easier to make. But, that said, Citizen watches are known for their steadfast reliability and quality engineering – as you would expect from a Japanese brand – so you can depend on it to go the distance. At least until the battery needs replacing, of course.

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