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How Aliko Dangote becomes the richest man in Africa

Aliko Dangote is just like all the rich Nigerians who have gone before him. His case and those of other Nigerians, including the late MKO Abiola is like “ kill a man and be labelled a murderer, but kill in thousands and become a conqueror”.

Corruption is identified by its beginning but the profit becomes legitimate at a point that no one dares to ask of the beginning again.

Aliko’s uncle supposedly gave a young graduate from one of the Islamic University in Cairo a starting capital. But was that it? I say an emphatic No! Aliko Dangote can not be ranked among the brightest five thousand Nigerians. He was not even a second class student at school.

But when you consider his origin and the type of politics-cum-business policies of the Military era, you do not need to wonder how Aliko’s “brilliance in business” earns him the title of the richest man in Africa.

Sole licensed importer of Sugar for over two decades; sole licensed importer of Cement for the building industries for decades; sole licensed importer of salt for another decade and similar other government -sanctioned monopoly in business, Aliko’s wealth is a classic illustration of how government patronage can influence wealth creation.

And having enjoyed such monopolies for several decades, (with an added Islamic endorsement by the Northern oligarchy), the rest is “brilliance and hard work” through setting up of industries all over the country to capitalise on the acquired wealth.

But the man is wise enough to always respond in cash to his constituencies. He gives back to any government in power and he is one of the biggest, but silent givers towards the Islamization of Nigeria.

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Just like the late Chief MKO Abiola, he is wise enough NOT to bite the fingers that raise him up.

Source: Quora

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