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8 Steps To Create & Make Money From Youtube


No doubt youtube is a modern day money generating system for modern generation. Many artists are making it big time from the videos they uploaded to their youtube channel and likewise individuals. You should follow the bandwagon. It is high time you join the money making youtubers because time is going.

The following are the 8 steps you need to take to create a YouTube channel and make money from it.

8 steps to create a YouTube channel and make money from it

Step 1: Signup with YouTube

The first thing you need to create a Youtube account is Gmail ID. This should not be a problem i guess because many people have it but if you don’t have one then create a Gmail account. It is very easy to create a Gmail account.

Now sign up with your Google (Gmail) account.

Step 2 : Choose a niche or categories of videos that can make you money. Research on google to do this.

Step 3 : Create a YouTube Channel

The next thing is to create your YouTube Channel where you will upload your content (videos) after the completion of the sign up process .

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  1. On YouTube homepage click on the bar on the left side of the screen
  2. Click on ‘My Channel’.
  3. A form will be shown, enter your channel name in this form and click on create channel
  4. In the next box enter a catchy channel description that clearly describes your channel niche and click done
  5. Now, your channel is all set to upload videos.
Step 4: Upload videos

You should start uploading your videos from the option on the top right corner

On clicking this upload option you will be directed to next page.

Then Click on ‘Select files to upload’, choose your file and upload it.

Step 5: You Need To Add Video details 

You should try to put description and tag to your video, though not compulsory, after uploading your video as it will help search engine to understand your video content.

Step 6: Video Thumbnail

The step five is to select thumbnail from the options or you can upload custom thumbnail too. Customizes thumbnail means you can make a thumbnail of your own that you think suits best to your video. Thumbnail is the face of your YouTube video. So make it catchy so that people would be lured to watch the video.

Step 7: Make sure your video is Public

Though, this is usually public by default but if yours is not then select “Public” option from privacy settings, select the right category and save your video settings.

Step 8 : Making money from YouTube channel

The last step which is the essence of this article is how to start making money on youtube. You can only do this by setting up Google AdSense account. This can only be set up if your channel becomes eligible for it. To become eligible you have to hsve mininmum subscriber of 1000 and atleast 4000 watch hours. Meaning you have to be uploading useful videos that attract visitors. Don’t upload few videos and relax, rather keep uploading videos consistently to make money from youtube. You just need one video to make your popular.

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