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How You Can Make Money With Instagram


Instagram is a famous online application for sharing photos and videos

with friends, family, colleagues, followers and business partners and

via social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Instagram application can only be downloaded and used on tablets and

smartphones but not on personal computer. Though you could check it on

computer by visiting instagram.com. Instagram is designed mainly for

sharing and editing pictures using different filters.

Instagram is simple and user friendly and you could share short videos

of 30-second duration.


The name ‘Instagram comes from the combination of “instant camera” and

“telegram”. Instagram was created in San Franscisco, califonia, USA,

by Kelvin Systrom and Mike Krieger, in October 2010.

Instagram, within short period of introduction, started getting the

popularity of online giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter. Why?

Because for the first time in human history, sharing photos could be

done instantly without the help of cables, software or flash drives.

Initially, Instagram application was made exclusively for iPhone but

due to high demand, it expanded to the Android world.

In December of 2010, just 2 months after its introduction, Instagram

reaches 1 million registered users but now has over 300 million

registered users.


Instagram is so famous that it has become the perfect social media

platform for turning followers to buyers. To make money from your

followers on instagram, you should aim to have a niche or targeted

audience and huge number of followers.


In order to have a targeted audience, let your account be meaningful

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and directional. I mean let people know you for one particular thing.

Though, you may diversify because is a social platform but let your

posts represent your brand 80% of the time. If you are selling product

about ‘make money online’ or ‘diabetes’ for instance, let 80% of your

post be on make money online or diabetes and 20% on other aspect of

life like joke and funny or insteresting pictures.

What i mean is that people that will be following your account will be

following because they want to make money online or solve diabetes


Therefore, whenever you offer a product to them it will be easy to

generate sales because your followers are interested in what your

offering and 80% of them are potential buyers.


Another way to make money with instagram is that after you have

established a brand for yourself or your company, then start building

a huge amount of followers with a minimum of 10000. You will surely

make money when you have minimum of 10000 followers on any social

media be it Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And when you build it to

50000 followers and beyond, you are a ‘king’ of your online kingdom

and you are made already.

Even if your instagram account is not niche or audience targeted, you

can make money from your account with 10000 and above. You just have

to study your followers and see what they really like.

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