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Change your mindset : stop asking wealthy men for money – nairabet founder Akin Alabi

Akin Alabi, Value selling,
Akin Alabi, founder NairaBet.

Reknown Nigerian entrepreneur and Founder of NairaBet, Akin Alabi has advised the entrepreneurs who often beg wealthy men in order to obtain favour or help from them to change their tactics. 

The businessman, in a video posted on his Twitter page, advised entrepreneurs to sell value rather than requiring free assistance without creating an avenue to sell their businesses. Selling value, according to him, will make entrepreneurs get more help. 

Change your mindset: Alabi stated that it is important for young entrepreneurs to change the notion of always asking for favour when they come across a “big man”. He said they should rather develop the mindset of adding value which will make them sell their businesses. 

“When an average guy meets a big man, the first thing that comes to his mind is that this guy is going to change my story or life. That’s a wrong thinking, what you should be thinking about is that how can I contribute to the life of this big man.  

Stand out from the crowd: According to Alabi, many people are used to asking wealthy men for favour and assistance. He said entrepreneurs need to ensure they stand out from the crowd so that they can be heard.  

 “Differentiate yourself from the hundreds of people asking for help. If you can separate yourself from the otherswhen he looks at his missed calls, He will always want to call you back. You should be ableto add value to his life. That way you’re going to be different rather than joining the hundreds of people asking him for a favour.” 

The business owner ended his lesson by asking entrepreneurs if they would listen to people who constantly ask them for favour or those trying to add value to their lives in exchange for a price.   

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He concluded by saying, “Always try to contribute to the lives of people and that way you will get more help.”  

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