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10 Tips To Make Money From Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an online advertisement program that display ads in accordance or in relevancy to the type of contents on your pages. Though, there are times that Google display ads not relevant to your content but their main aim is to display ads as relevant as possible to your web contents.

Let us see some of the ways you could Google AdSense properly and make money online through it.


1. It is important to display a quality and related contents in your pages. What i mean by related contents is contents that could be linked to each other. For instance, contents put on a site dedicated only to diabetes will contain contents that could be easily linked to each other. This sought of site is generally referred to ‘niche’ site. It will be easy for Google AdSense to display ads related to diabetes on your site if your site have enough contents.

2. It is not encouraging to design your website or blog mainly to earn or make money from Google AdSense. It is true that Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your website or blog but creating your site mainly for Google AdSense will make you a slave to Google AdSense and you will suffer the consequences of being a slave.

3. Make sure you like the topic you are writing about and that it is profitable online. Then focus on producing quality contents on a consistent basis. Blogging for Google AdSense will make you loss interest in your online career in short time because it will take time and lot of effort to drive enough traffic that could make you enough money from AdSense. For example, if you have chosen to blog about diabetes, make it a target that i want to have 365 quality articles at the end of a year, rather than targeting to be making lot of money from AdSense at the end of the year. It is that lot of articles that will make you earn from AdSense not your aim of making from it.

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4. It is important to know that you can not make enough money from AdSense if your contents is not quantitative enough and on a particular niche. My advice is for you to target 365 articles per year on your blog or website and see the result. Don’t base your achievement with Adsense on 50 or 100 articles and on 6 months duration. Target longer number of articles or contents and longer duration. If you post articles consistently on a daily basis for 2 years on a particular profitable and highly searched niche, you will make money online and from Google AdSense.

5. Google AdSense is good for sites that use English as its language. Try as much as possible to avoid non-English characters on English pages. So that irrelevant ads on other languages won’t be showing.

6. Try to submit your blog RSS URL feed to blog ping services such as blogdigger, Technorati, Ping-O-Matic. Submit your articles to like 10 articles directories every week. Submit your post to Stumbleupon which is a powerful traffic driving website. Also use Flixya to drive massive traffic to your site.

7. Create a social media accounts for your blog. Try to build large numbers of friends and followers on Facebook especially as is a powerful traffic driven social media platform. Focus on one social media account that is easy for you to build followers at first and when you are successful at that jump to another.

8. Don’t encourage people to click on your google adsense ads and do not click on it yourself otherwise your account will be suspended.

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9. Don’t mislead visitors by tampering with ads to look like contents.

10. Text ads is better than image ads. Text ads i think is better than image ads because text ads usually display ads that is relevant to your contents. And if your ads is relevant to your contents, it will be easy for readers to click on it. That is one of the advantages of WordPress blog because i notice that it is easy for Google Adsense to better read the content on the page and display relevant ads than on blogger platform. However, if you use only text ads  on blogger especially right when you are creating your Google adsense account, it will be better than using only image ads or image and text ads.


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