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10 Step To Create And Make Money From A Wiki Site

Making money online is the ambition of many people. There are several ways you could make money online such as affiliate marketing, survey taking, blogging etc. However, you should know that you could make money online by owning your own WIKI sites. The purpose of this article is to show you how to create, manage, grow and profit from a wiki site.


1. Register A Domain Name.

The first step you need to take is to register your domain name.

2. Get Wiki Software.

The next step to take is to sought for your suitable wiki software.

3. Host Your Wiki

The next step is to host your wiki site. Find a good and reputable hosting platform with affordable price. A reputable hosting site is important because you should expect that your wiki site will be receiving huge amount of posts and traffic. If you hosting platform is weak, you will be disappointed as the site will not be able to cope during huge traffic surge.

4. Choose Theme For Your Wiki

The next step is to choose a theme for your wiki. This is the the design of how you want your wiki to look like. There are various wiki theme you could choose from but it is important to choose the one that will suit your type of wiki. For instance, educational wiki theme will be good for you if your are operating an educational wiki. There are also wiki themes that are good for niche wiki.

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5. Sought For Contents

Since your wiki is on and running the next step is to find people who are willing to provide contents for your wiki without  compensation.

This is a very tricky part because writing and providing articles is not easy and people want to get compensated for their work. Therefore, finding people who are willing to provide contents for free will be hard. However, you could find a way of compensating them other than financial reward.

You could let them know that they could benefits from the opportunity to place advert later on their posts when the wiki has grown.

6. Appoints administrators

The next step is to get administrators for your wiki. Prepare a clear goal and ambition of the wiki and let the administrators understand it. Some of the goals of your wiki is to get huge amount of contents that provide values, get huge traffic and then make money from the wiki.

Having a wiki could turn out to be very profitable especially if you have good administrators and huge number of content providers who are determined to make the wiki grow.

7. Monetize Your Wiki

The next step and purpose of having a wiki in the first place is to monetize it and make money from it. Therefore, look for ways to monetize your wiki. You could use Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, selling your own products such as eBook and more. You could also look for people that are willing to place direct advertisement on your wiki.

8. Get Traffic

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Look for ways to get traffic to your wiki. You could post comments on high traffic website such as Forbes, Newyork times and so on. Embark on building huge backlinks for your wiki. One thing i have observed is that, high ranking websites are the one having huge amount of backlinks.

9. Be rugged

You should know that building a wiki from scratch and make it successful is tasking and slow. You should be ready to weather the storm till you succeed.

10. Sell Your Wiki

When your wiki is doing well, you could get offers worth thousands and millions of dollars from people willing to buy your wiki. You could decide to sell it and start another from scratch.

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