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How to make legit money online in Nigeria reading news on Rant money


Do you know you can make money in Nigeria reading news on some sites online. There are lots of sites doing that now. Rant Money is one of those sites claiming they pay their readers 2.5% of their affiliate earnings. Below is an excerpt from rant Money on how people can make money reading news on their site:

Joining Rant Money Income Earning Bundle cannot be over-emphasised, you would be earning even up to ₦45,000 to ₦75,000 Weekly or even more when you join Rant Money Earning Bundle Program at

YES! We meant it. Read on.

An automated, finger-licking platform where Nigerians and everyone come together to earn on the platform daily and get paid weekly to their Bank of their choi

We pay our readers 2.5.% affiliate earnings to their account which can be accumulated with your daily activities for you to earn an average of ₦45,000 to ₦75,000 Weekly.

There Are 10 Interesting and Fun-Loving Reasons You Should Join Rant Money Earning Income Bundle Now!

Rant Money Income Program started operation in August 2018 and we’ve been paying our readers ever since.

As of the time of writing this story on this post, we’ve paid out ₦1.9 Million Naira to our Active Readers/Members on Rant Money Income Program.

A lot of Nigerians have really benefited and still benefiting from this and some people have keyed into this business mostly the affiliate system by making it their steady ‘aside’ bonus earnings to their Bank Account. Interesting.

If you haven’t joined Rant Money Income Program right now, you’re missing something really big. No time to waste. The fun-loving part of Rant Money Earning Income Program is that, its not a quick rich scheme like others – you earn weekly in part payments and earnings.

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You are rewarded for being part of us and get updated, learn and earn with our topnotch articles, facts and interesting contents.

We have decided to outlined basic needs why you need to join our ever expanding community of Rant Money Income Program.

Reason 1

Rant Money Earning Income Program is a top-notch news platform, an amazing and premium way we also pay our members (readers). Who does that?

For visiting and contributing to our amazing news content. It’s registered as a registered business in Nigeria under CAC.

We share our advertising revenue with our active readers monthly. No other news website does that in Nigeria as at the time of writing this report unless one comes up tomorrow.

Our news content comes from reliable sources, curated and published with respective source link which in turn gives back-link and more traffic to the source.

All we’ve seen in the past are fake scam sites that run for a while and close down later.

This is one of the reasons you should join Rant Money Income Program. Its stable. Its reliable, sustainable and profitable and above all, its fun-loving because you get to enjoy yourself with the stories, make friends and earn.

Reason 2

You earn money when you login to your Rant Money Earning Income Account, read news, daily login, comments.

Reason 3

You get updated with daily update across the country. Not only that, we provide you with reasonable information and tips on what you need to know.

Reason 4

You earn money by contributing comments and issues regarding the story published on Rant Money.

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Reason 5

You earn money when you share our sponsored post on Facebook and Twitter. We assign sponsored post to members on daily basis which they can share on Facebook and also earn for it.

Reason 6

The best reason for joining Rant Money Earning Income Program is that, you earn a huge 60% affiliate commission which is ₦1,000 per referral you bring in to Rant Money Earning Income. I mean you earn ₦1,000 per each of your friends and family you introduce to Rant Money Earning Income. How sweet?

Reason 7

Don’t be afraid, referring people is optional and you must not refer before you earn and get paid

So its up to you if you want to earn and get paid faster and bigger, then introduce few among your friends, because its easy and convincing.

Reason 8

Registration fee / purchasing Rant Money Earning Income Program is very very affordable with just ₦1,600 – There’s no risk attached to it.

Reason 9

The CEO of Rant Money Earning Income Program is a Nigerian, a trusted entrepreneur, a philanthropist and CEO of Gabzy Media.

Reason 10

Rant Money Earning Income Program publishes her Income Report for transparency for members to see how revenue is shared and paid out to eligible members.

We also have Facebook support group where will carry all active members along and resolve issues. take: the purpose of this blog is to open people’s eyes on how they could make money especially online. Readers should also do their own research to know if some programs posted on this site is genuine or not unless otherwise stated by this blog. Our own is to bring you opportunities but you need to verify on your own side as our reputation is also valued.

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